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First Review coming soon....!

Alright, so I think I'm going to start with written reviews. I may do one today (the gmae will be a surprise) but I am planning to do a big review of rockband 2. I have not owned rockband 1 before but have played a few songs. The first song I played (Forget the title, it's the nirvana one) I aced it with no problem. I am going ot do a first mpressons of all the instruments as well as a review on the package as a whole to see if it is worth it. Will post more later, keep watching for that review!

Post something you would like me to review?

Hey, I'm looking to start reviewing things (most likely to do with video games or movies or whatever) but I am looking to broaden my grounds. Most people either focus on video games or just movies, but I want to start making up reviews for pretty much anything and see how good I am at it. Now, not everything will work, but I just want some suggestions of things you want to see me review or haven't seen people review. I would put all of this in my new union if TWO PEOPLE didnt mess the whole thing up (I won't say who it is but they didnt accept the charter member thing) and yeah, let's go from there!

Prefer games before online gaming?

Hey guys. I've thought about it lately, and in a receng forum post, I posted this:

Everyone has their own preference. I myself prefer to play mostly 2d games. It seems that the extra steps taken to ensure a game was made to high standards is not met nowadays.
I mean, one prime example is gta4. Gta4 crashed HARD when it was first released, making the game unplayable. Soon enough a patch was made and everything was decent for a while. That alone is my biggest gripe nowadays. It seems that publishers focus on making the game look good instead of focusing on the fun factor.
Think about it, anything wrong with a game can be fixed later on with a patch. Look at warhawk, it was released an unfinished game and we are still getting "new levels" that should've been included in the first place. Back then, once you released a game, all you could do is recall the defective ones and send it the fixed copies. It tooka ton of money to fix that problem and was usually avoided by two simple things: passion and carefulness.

I thought about this to the point of making a new union, something that would point out all of the gems in consoles. This to me seems to be something that hasn't been done too much, considering all the videos out there bashing games.

So what do you fellow gamespotters think? Do you share the same opinions as I do?

Hi, the name's Jeff. Here's some more about me

A little about myself, I'm:
18 years old (yes I'm legal meat now ;) )
Canadian, but still finding out what else I am (belgium, native and
I don't play an instrument anymore, although I have played the drums and a tenor sax once
I am employed, I work in construction making sure the site's clean for the boss
I do need a job closer to home, right now I get a ride but later on I have to drive so forget it
I have a ton of game systems, I've collected alot over the last 4 years.
Although I love games, I also love going outside and mountain biking
I love to play mario games
I'm not a fanboy, I own systems from almost every company and I look more towards what games I like to play rather than which console is better than the other in what way
I do have a 360, wii and ps3 but I am selling my wii soon due to the need of money
and yeah, I'll post more later. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

What is retro gaming?

Recently I was in a forum here in gamespot, and here's a little that was said.


I could list off a ton of things related to this, but for now, I'll just share with you guys just one thing.

Well, to me it's pretty shocking, it sounds wierd, but here it is.
Some kid actually came into my work and said that he 'remembered where he left his games for his dreamcast. Man, that this is RETRO!'

I shudder everytime I think about it. There were so many things that I could say and not even in a way to insult the kid. I mean, what do you think about when someone says retro? I think about anything NES and back, hell, even super nintendo can fit into there simply because it has a ton of C-word games.

What do you guys think about it?


When I was in a gamestop, these two middle school kids called the Xbox "Old School". I'm 24, grew up on the NES since 1988 and been gaming ever since. the Xbox is not old school. How can a system with online multiplayer be old school? Old school is turning your TV to channel 3, blowing on the dusty connecters, etc....

I totally agree! Hell, to my knowledge it wasn't that good, but even the dreamcast had online. I think the term old-school is used too much for everything nowadays. I've been a gamer since 1990, and with all the new stuff and all these kids coming into my store running their moths off about all the stuff that this console doesn't have and all these firmware upgrades to our consoles, I feel really old. Hell, I'm barely even considered an adult, and I feel ancient. It isn't right!

What are your guys' opinions. What is retro gaming to you and why?


Hey everyone! Haven't done a blog in a long time, I plan on doing more in the future. I just wanted to say that I've found a site that actually works for trading games. Basically, they give you what the game's actually worth (rather than the eb games rule of giving you less than half) in points, and with those points you order games right to your house. It's really cool, I mean, I started off with 100 points and right away I got dungeon seige.
Oh yeah, by the way, I quit eb games and this has been my biggest source of getting games so far. I traded marvel vs capcom 2 for xbox and in return got a ton of games. I love this site. The only thing you have to pay for is postage and you have to pay $1 per trade (because they have people working there that find the people to trade with for you)

If you want to join, click the link below and I will get 100 points and so will you!

Considering making a video blog...

About working at eb games, playing the new games that come out and the old ones. I do plan on making it funny, filled with both swear words and intellectual humor. I will do game reviews upon request, even though I have a good list lined up already of both good and crap games to do. But first things first, I need a couple of things:
1) The name of a good recording program
2) The name of a good video editing program
3) Some requests and.....
4) Suggestions on what I should include.

Now, don't get me wrong, this won't be the usual corny crap posted everywhere on the internet. I do have standards on what I release. The reason I came here first is because I wanted to see what my fellow gamespotters thought on my idea, and if they had anything they would like to contribute. If anyone would help in anyway with the making of this video reviewing/blog/everything series, anything would help. Anything from giving myself an online name to giving suggestions or names of programs or even helping me to do the editing itself! Credit will be given where credit is due, so don't worry about that.

THAT, and I'm planning on being more active on gamespot! Yeah!

Decisions decisions...Crap...

Hey guys, short blog here. I'm broken between two gaming decisions. Here are my choices:
1) Buy a Wii points card and get Super mario bros. 1 2 and 3. I had promised myself a long time ago that when Super mario brothers 3 comes out on the wii I bould immediately buy it, even though I have the nes, snes and gba version (not to mention those same versions on my laptop and psp).
2)Castlevania: Dracula X chronicles. Oh man, ever since I saw this game coming out for Psp I started to drool. I've gotten into the castlevania series and damn, I really want this game and daaamn, it just looks amazing.

I am buying other games too (super mario galaxy anyone?), and eventually I will buy both of these too. I was just wondering which one I should get first. Should I stick to my promise. or should I go straight for the eye candy?