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Came back from my vacation

Hi guys. I know I know I have not been on gamespt for very long. Well you see I finally went to England. So I just came back. Sorry but I will right about England on my next blog for now I am very tired.

wow I have not been on gamespot for pretty long :(

hi everyone. How is everyone. I am doing fine. How are your holidays? Well about that, I have not been on gamespot since july 2nd and now it is the 11th of july. Fail.

and last time I was on gamespot my level was at 16 55% and look at my level now. I know I missed al lot right? I am pretty mad because I promised I would not be that busy, but I have al lot of plannes this summer.

But for now why don't I review what I did on my holiday in the past few days.

July 1st - wow it was very fun. I went to Niagra falls. It was a 5 hour drive but it was fun. My sister got sick in the car, my mom was speeding witch made my dad freak out and my mom got a ticket. But that didn't stop our trip. When we reached there we couldn't find a parking place so we had to park somewere really far and then we had to walk all the way for an hour. Then at 10:00 the fire works started for Canada day. It stoped at 10:45 then we had some ice cream. Mine fell on the floor and I couldn't get another one. And then my dad started yelling at me because he wasting his money on my ice cream. Then we watched the falls for an hour and then we had to walk back to our car and then we went home.

july 5th - Well Ijust bought Toney Hawk Shred on the wii. It is allight. I mean like atleast I got a board with it. When I let my sister try the game. SHE BEAT MY SCORE. Well it is oviouse because she is older then me so that soves my problem. Nut she is not a gamer like me so that is a MYSTERY for now.

july 7th - I went to my friends house. I took my mario game ( wii ) and my 2 controllers with me. So we played 3 players becaue they have 1 controller but we played with his little brother too. He is in grade 6 right now. Yeah he owned me in mario.

july 11th - I just made a blog on GS about my summer holiday and what I was doing so far.

not busy anymore (for now)!

hi everyone.Well today is the second day of my break.And I finished my project 2 days ago. So I am not that busey ( for now ). I am sorry if I have not written a new blog or I haven't read your blogs. I am going to today. I am pretty much done grade 9. I am now in grade 10. Well I will be in grade 10. Can't wait. I remember in grade 9 when I first cae in high school. It was hard. But now I am not going to be in grade 10 so it will be my second year in high school.

walking alone

From childhood's hour I have not been
As others were- I have not seen
As others saw- I could not bring
My passions from a common spring-
From the same source I have not taken
My sorrow- I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone-
And all I lov'd- I lov'd alone-

Then- in my childhood- in the dawn
Of a most stormy life- was drawn
From ev'ry depth of good and ill
The mystery which binds me still-
From the torrent, or the fountain-
From the red cliff of the mountain-
From the sun that 'round me roll'd
In its autumn tint of gold-
From the lightning in the sky
As it passed me flying by-
From the thunder, and the storm-
And the cloud that took the form
(When all the rest of Heaven was blue)
Of a demon in my view.

Response to: "Alone", by Edgar Allan Poe.

I, too, was born of a world not the same,
Amongst white snow, a raindrops' shame.
In life's garden, a dormant seed.
A heart held of dissimilar need.

I, too, was awed by lightning's flash,
Embering in mind even after the crash.
Followed closely by silent rain,
Blood-red, falling from the sky in vain.

The wind chimed and the earth shook from thunder,
And my mind was but befixed to wonder;
How could I stand amidst this storm,
Seek shelter not, yet still seem warm?

But I, too, take my sorrow at a site-
Other souls would nonchalantly slight.
And I, too, have felt the need for love,
But could only love that need which I dreamt of.

And as I peered deep through the skies,
The clouds grew black to shut my eyes.
The demon that came in your view,
Now's taken from me what he took from you.

In the garden the seed has sprang,
A nameless child unearths the pang.
Felt for the flower, both eyes in close.
Took twenty thorns to touch the rose.

A wondering mind looked to the sky,
So beautiful it had to die.
Laid it to rest upon the stone,
And turned away a man full grown.

Singing the same song at a different tone,
In thoughts, destined to die, unknown.
Born unto a world not of our own,
We walked together, walking alone.

sorry everyone for not reading your blogs and not going on gamespot al lot.....

It's because I have 3 profcts that have to be done on the same day so I have to get them done. But of coure I can still make a blog.

I will try to make this blog a little longer because I am getting pretty tired even if it is like 8:30 and even if it is going to be sunday tomorrow....

well right now I will just show you some of the games I always wanted and also the systems I wanted.

call of duty: modern warfare 335084_call_of_duty_modern_warfare_3.jpg (320×496)

need for speed hot pursuit PS3

Need-For-Speed--Hot-Pursuit-2010-Pal-Front-Cover-43644.jpg (596×400)

nba 2K11

XAB7tPK89zSGaQxLHDkYsjNTiuMT81Li0xJzM3MqGTJKSgqs9PVz81P0MnMT01PT9fJSS_TTixILMjKTi_ULivJTSpNL4sFyQK6FuYmlmblRiaGxgV5WQToDAwA* (150×150)

rockband wii

the_beatles_rock_band_32.jpg (768×432)

Well if you always wanted these games too tell me in the comments and why.

Well now I am just going to just show you some of my favorite blogs. Can you guess whos they are?

hello my fellow gamercans tomorrow we are going camping but first i need to get this out of my system HITMAN SERIOUSLY?? why was that your choice for the game of the show and many people were disappointed that there was no skyrim WHAT THE HECK! ARN'T YOU DISAPPOINTEDfirst i am going to do an update on my life nothing has changed that's all though i do like to watch adult swim i started watching squidbillies eagleheart and superjail hear are all the other shows that i watch on adult swim: childrens hospital, family guy, ghost in a shell, i tried out home movies hated it so i don't watch that anymore, started watching oblongs when i was younger i now think the jokes are bad so i stopped watching that, full metal alchemist, bleach, aqua teen hunger force, aqua unit patrol squad 1, robot chicken, i forgot to record freaknik hope that comes on again next up is boondocks

ok now to camping

we are going somewhere near lake erie (i think idk) (or maybe it's lake ontario) well we are going (or maybe its a river) somewhere (or maybe it's a OH SHUTUP nvm) we are going someplace where water is because we love camping near water! and for this special occasion WE BOUGHT A CANOE

eskimoe shoe canoe

this isn't what mine looks like at all it's garbage green with dark green interior inside made out of plastic with a cup holder and a cooler it's pretty cool we are also going with are airstream i will also be gone for atleast three days from GS also if you haven't checked out my E3 blog here is a link:My E3 Blog

song of the day:rick ross mayback music

question of the month: what is you favorite place to camp?

mine i think is by pensyllvania by the resivoire

i am also doing comment's saying READ THIS so read that comment thumb up if its a yes thumb down if it's a no


Along with Sharia Law another set of laws exists that further subjugates non-Muslims in Muslim majority regions;the Pact of Umar. The Pact of Umar was a set of rules created by the Muslim Caliph, Umar ben Abd al-Aziz, who reigned from 717 AD to 720 AD. This pact forced non-Muslims (i. e. dhimmis) to promise to obey guidelines such as not bearing weapons and not building houses higher then Muslim houses. The Pact of Umar was followed by al Aziz's successors and is still adhered to even today in most Muslim countries.

The Pact of Umar

· We shall not build, in our cities or in their neighborhood, new monasteries, churches, convents, or monks' cells, nor shall we repair, by day or by night, such of them as fall in ruins or are situated in the quarters of the Muslims.

· We shall keep our gates wide open for passersby and travelers. We shall give board and lodging to all Muslims who pass our way for three days.

· We shall not give shelter in our churches or in our dwellings to any spy, nor bide him from the Muslims.

· We shall not teach the Qur'an to our children.

· We shall not manifest our religion publicly nor convert anyone to it. We shall not prevent any of our kin from entering Islam if they wish it.

· We shall show respect toward the Muslims, and we shall rise from our seats when they wish to sit.

· We shall not seek to resemble the Muslims by imitating any of their garments, the qalansuwa, the turban, footwear, or the parting of the hair. We shall not speak as they do, nor shall we adopt their kunyas.

· We shall not mount on saddles, nor shall we gird swords nor bear any kind of arms nor carry them on our persons.

· We shall not engrave Arabic inscriptions on our seals.

· We shall not sell fermented drinks.

· We shall clip the fronts of our heads.

· We shall always dress in the same way wherever we may be, and we shall bind the zunar round our waists

· We shall not display our crosses or our books in the roads or markets of the Muslims. We shall use only clappers in our churches very softly. We shall not raise our voices when following our dead. We shall not show lights on any of the roads of the Muslims or in their markets. We shall not bury our dead near the Muslims.

· We shall not take slaves who have been allotted to Muslims.

· We shall not build houses overtopping the houses of the Muslims.

· We accept these conditions for ourselves and for the people of our community, and in return we receive safe-conduct.

· If we in any way violate these undertakings for which we ourselves stand surety, we forfeit our covenant [dhimmi], and we become liable to the penalties for contumacy and sedition. [That penalty is death--ed.]

In the Middle East, except for Israel, such regulations are routinely enforced and they play a big part of the culture there. The vast majority of these rules above resemble segregation laws that used to exist in the South of the United States. Point number one allots itself to what is happening in the Middle East. In Egypt, Christian churches are being burned to the ground and does anyone think that they will be rebuilt anytime soon? Point five plays a role in the church burnings as well. Where is the Christian community going to gather for services and prayer; sometimes it takes place in the streets right outside the demolished house of worship, and Muslims do not take kindly to such actions. It is already happening in some parts of Egypt; Christians gather publicly to pray and converse and the military is called in to either protect the Christians from the Muslim mob or join the mob and terrorize the Christians.

The Pact of Umar, though not physically present or known in the Middle East by its proper name, is a big part of society in the region especially in regards to the interaction with other religions, most notably Christianity and Hinduism. The Pact of Umar represents the long history of oppression, enslavement, and violence in Islam; first begun by its founder, Muhammad.


Not Racist

Not violent

No longer silent

_____ out

what are you planning to do in the summer?

hi everyone. How is everybody? Well June is like almost done...okay not really there is still al lot of days, but I don't really care about that al lot.

So what are you planning to do when it is the summer break? I love the summer break because there is no school, and in the winter break you are always stuck inside the house. In the summer break you will be outside the house most of the time. And of course because it is more longer then other breaks.

what I am planning to do in the summer is:

1. go to England for a week or two.

2. play video games video games video games

5. buy some video games video games

7. play outside outside outside

10. and do the same thing again except going to england.

The wii wheel

guess what. Today I just ordered a wii wheel. And it will come with mario kart. I am prrety excited cause you know I am a mario fan I have not played mario kart for long.

Sorry for such a short blog. But wait for my next blog. It will be even longer the this blog. I know that.

what do you think of rebecca black's song "Friday?"

Well, I have watched rebecca black's Friday today. Have you guys heard it? Well you can here it at the link at the end of this blog. But, I know I am late because I should have made a blog about her song like afew months earlyer but, I didn't really care about her song so I just dicided to just make a blog about it.

Well only one word comes to mind when I hear her song. What the heck is that????????

Okay. I will be honest. THAT SONG IS THE WORST THING EVER!! I think she is like 14 or 15, so that is why her song is not that gr8. I mean like, I think she should get a little more experenced. I mean like, SHE CAN'T SING! Her lyrics are the worst! Well I made this blog a little weird because I want to show you that this blog is even better then her song. That is why this blog does not make sence cause I did it on purpose.

I will ask you 5 questions and you can answer them in the comments.

1. What do you think of rebecca black's Friday song. My answer: Friday

2. Can you make her song better by just changing the lyrics. And you can show me your lyrics. My answer: Yes I could Here are my lyrics. 7:00 A.M. and I go back to sleep!

3. Do yo think rebecca black is her real name? If not what do u think it is? My answer: I think that is not her real name. I think her real name is Friday.

4. Would you subscribe to her is ashe had her own youtube channel? My answer: No

5. How many views you think she gets every second? My answer: 250 million.

5efe398c4913b04597e1ee43ba82.png (400×300)

well well well...

it's June now you you know what that means. Yup summer is comming. Well, when you ask me, I say that summer is now, even it is like raining today. But it is still getting more hotter, and I have 3 days off from school, so more fun 4 me.

There are going to be plenty of games to buy and play. But in the summer, less people are going to be outside instead os playing video games. So there is nothing wrong with that.8)

Well you heard on my last blog that I got need for speed hot pursuit on the wii. On youtube, I don't know why people don't like hot pursuit on the wii. Who cares about the graphics. People say that the graphics are better on the iphone then on the wii. Witch is a lie. I think the wii graphics are way better then the iphone. Well it doesn't matter if you don't like it on the wii, because it is just my opinion.

heavy_melody_wii_nfs_hotpursuit.jpg (300×300)

need for speed: hot pursuit(wii )


I am all most at level 13. But you know what, that is not why I am going to wright to you. It's mybirthday.


I just got 2 gifts for my birthday from my parents and 6 presents from my frends. I don't mind telling to you some of my presents.


skatboard ( getting used to it )

need for speed hot pursuit ( wii )


ping pong machine.

a new dwight howard jersey ( NBA )

a book called harry potter

nba 2K11