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PSN Maintenance 1/17 - 1/19.

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PSN Maintenance 1/17 - 1/19. looks like the Playstation Network and The PSN Store are down till tomorrow morning for everyone. so if you try to get on your PS3, you won't be able to get online. good thing i have X-Box Live, seems Live never has the issues that PSN has. remember 2011? yeah, i thought so. so enjoy your your night without being able to play PSN Plus games and have fun not being able to play online games like Call Of Duty and other online games. good thing Live is still up and running. Steam is also up and running. just wanted to rant on Sony and it looks like i will be ranting till tomorrow.

Games I Got Today And Other Stuff.

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    got Rumble Roses and World Series Of Poker TOC 2007 off a friend for $10 bucks. renewed my X-Box Live for a year and bought it on for about $47 bucks. i got The Breakfast Club Blu-Ray/DVD Combo at Wal-mart for $10 bucks new. plus i got Sorry Sliders for Family Game Night on the 360 for 400 M$ Points.

The Video Games Of 2012.

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got to admit that 2012 had some good games that came out this year. lets recap on the ones i played. DISCLAIMER: i did play a lot of games so a few may go missing, so be patient as i will add parts to this Blog. thank you. also almost all the games listed are for the X-Box 360. Mass Effect 3. Shepard returns to save Earth. the game was amazing despite its crappy endings which EA and Bioware added more and the online was amazing. Halo 4. Master Chief is back and better then ever before. 343 Industries first full attempt at a Halo game really pays off as the story was fun and the online is beyond amazing. Borderlands 2. another trip on Pandora pays off as you play as 4 new Characters looking for treasure in this amazing followup to am already awesome game. Assassin's Creed 3. one of the best games i played last year. the story takes place during the Revolution War and Connor is smack dab in the middle of Politics and Assassinations. imo on of the best Assassin Creeds games made so far. Street Fighter X Tekken. two worlds collide in this 2-D fighting game that brings a lot of fun and controversy. Capcom did a great job with the game but failed with all the paid DLC charging gamer 20 bucks if they wanted the additional characters that were free on the PSVita version. good way to rip off your fans Capcom. Call Of Duty Black Ops II. Activision brings its famous series back but this time it takes place in the future and that is what makes this game fun. the MP is about the same before but the Single Player rocks as you go from the 80's to the year 2025. The Walking Dead. by far one of the best games ever made by Telltale games. this games i so amazing. you play as Lee, a man with his own struggles as he tries to save those close to him in this point and click adventure that will bring a tear to you eye and leaving you wanting more. my Game Of The Year. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Sega does it again. adding returning characters to an already fun fighting game. this was one of the best Downloadable games that came out this year that i played. Resident Evil 6. the reviewers here are idiots as this game was a lot of fun to play and never let up with a gritty and bloody story and great characters. Lego Lord Of The Rings. another fun Lego game that puts the Lord Of The Rings Trilody into Lego form and brings us one of the best Lego games to date. Minecraft 360 Edition. another fun Downloadable game where you build and explore. this game was a blast to play and the fun never endied as they added a lot of content to an already fun game. Dust: An Elysian Tail. another great Downloadable game. this 2-D hack and slash adventure was fun to play. Rock Band Blitz. this was one fun game that used all the DLC from almost all of the Rock Bands games. you use your controller as you switch between different instruments. a fun game if you love Music. WWE 13. THQ and WWE are back again as you can wrestle during one of the best Eras in Pro Wrestling, The Attitude Era. though the game had a few bugs it is one the best Wrestling Games since No Mercy on the N64. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition. one great RPG that i need to play more. the followup to one of the greatest RPG's on the PC. so there you go, those are the games of 2012 that i played and enjoyed. lets hope 2013 brings more fun games like Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite.

My Rant On The NRA, The Governemnt, And Violent Video Games.

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so the NRA condemns games in wake of Connecticut shooting. are you serious? this is not the first time games, especially violent Video Games have been blamed for a school shooting. remember Columbine? they blamed Doom II for that and it was NOT Video Games, the real culprit in all of this is the Parents. honestly, the Parents are to blame in this. why Jedi? why blame the Parents? it is simple, did the parents see the content in the games we play today? did they look to see what the rating was for the game or if it was too violent for a kid or someone underage who doesn't know the difference between Fantasy and Reality? did the parents watch the games in action and determine if the game was the right game? i doubt it. there is a Game Ratings system and yet most Parents don't care to look what the rating is for a game and get the game anyway. the Government has tried to act but is should not be up to the Government, it should be up to the Parents on what games they buy for their kids but in this day and age, that doesn't happen much since most Parents work or don't have time to see what their kids are doing when they are not around. but Jedi, what about the stores the break the rules and sell the violent games to kids and get away with it? well that rarely happens since most places like Wal-Mart, Target and Gamespot ask for an ID these days to avoid this from happening but there are ways around like, like a friend or an older Family member that is willing to get the game anyway. is it the right thing to do? no. not in my opinion. the best thing to do in this situation is sit the kid down and ask them if they know the difference between Fantasy and Reality. most people don't know there is a difference and think what happens in games and movies can happen in real life and that is where the line is drawn. now the NRA wants to blame violent Video Games for what happened in Newtown when we all know that was not the case at all. for years the Government has been trying to pass bills banning violent Video Games and have failed every time, then you have Jack Thompson who tried to ban Grand Theft Auto and failed. games are a Fantasy. they have been that way for years and nothing will ever change that. Parents need to have better control on this issue. we don't need the Government taking over and deciding what we can and can't play when it comes to Video Games. so Parents, think twice before you buy your kid or teenager a violent Video could save a life or two.

Stuff I Got This Past Week.

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      got the Turtle Beach Headset as an early Christmas Present. won Ultimate Spider-Man Collected Edition and Spawn #1 from Listia. got Forza 4 as another early Christmas Present and bought Lost Planet Colonies Edition at Gamestop. i also got Duke Nukem 3-D Atomic Edition for not a bad week at all. i also won Silver Surfer # 1 on Listia. i love Comic Books.

Black Friday Deals I Got Today.

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   i got Lego Lord Of The Rings for $30 bucks at Gamestop. got Lego Batman 2 for $15 bucks and Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition for $10 Bucks at Wal-Mart. i also got Sega Vintage Collection Golden Axe and Streets Of Rage for the X-Box 360 and the Walking Dead Episode 5 for the 360 and Marvel Civil War Table for Pinball FX 2 for the 360. i also got both the Heroes and Villains Packs for Lego Batman 2. i am broke now.

Got Halo 4 And More.

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 yes i finally got Halo 4 last Friday and it has been a blast so far.  i also got The Amazing Spider-Man on Blu-Ray with the Combo pack. i also got the War Games Season Pass, The Assassin's Creed Season Pass and the Fan Axxess for WWE 13. i also got Battlefield 1942 of my laptop since EA/Origin is giving away the game for free. i also won more Auctions on Listia but i am saving that for another Blog.

Games I Got This Past Week.

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  i got WWE 13 and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on the 360 this past week. MW 3 is in the mail since i ordered it from and i should get it next week. WWE 13 is a fun game so far and it is a lot better then WWE 12 since it has a better Roster and more Customization then any WWE game since Here Comes The Pain for the PS2.