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Gamspot Is Crap.

well we all know changes are coming to this site and non of them are good. Unions and UCB's are getting the axe. sigs will suck. Forums will suck worse then ever. this site is crap. the shit has hit the fan so bad that users who post at Unions are leaving. it is sad that this had to happen, what makes it sadder is that without Unions, this site is going to suck ass. oh and did i mention that Blogs are also getting the axe? yep, no more Blogs. i have no idea if i will ever post here like i used to now that Unions are going to be gone. all i know is that this site will suffer in the end.

What I Got At The Thrift Shop Today.

went to the local Thrift Shop and i had some money to spend and i got 3 Comic Books while i was there for $3 bucks.    the X-Files #1 is worth $25 bucks. so that was a good deal for me. the other 2 are not woth much but they are great additions to my already huge collection of Comic Books.

What i Bought Today At Gamestop. August 9th, 2013.

   went to Gamestop today and i was looking for a couple of games for my Sister-In-Law and i the associate there informed me that they were having a Buy One Game, Get One Free. i picked up Fable II and Fable III, got Killzone 2 for Free, then i saw Rage on the PS3 but i didn't see any copies for the 360 and the Associate looked and he found a couple of copies for the 360 so i got Homefront for free. i spent $20 bucks on 5 Games. what really made me happy is that Homefront had the Online Code inside and i redeemed the code online and it worked. not a bad day at all.

Stuff I Got Today. August 7th, 2013

   got Spider-Man Web Of Shadows for $14.99 on Xbox Live during their Deal Of The Week. i used to own the game but i got rid of it and i felt it was a bad decision since the game is hard to find at Gamestop where i live at. got the two Heroclix Marquee Figures off ebay for about $4 bucks a piece which is cheap since i got free shipping on both figures. my Heroclix collection keeps growing and i plan to get a couple more when i get paid again.

Top 5 Favorite Comic Book Based Movies.

i decided to make a Top 5 Favorite Comic Book Based Movies. now before i begin i am going to get to an Honorable Mentions that didn't make the list. Honorable Mention # 1.  The Amazing Spider-Man. it was a great movie and Andrew Garfield was really good as Peter Parker. i can't wait to see Parts 2 and 3. Honorable Mention # 2.  The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger was amazing as The Joker. though it was also his last great performance. Honorable Mention # 3.  The Punisher. Thomas Jane was amazing in his performance as the Punisher and John Travolta was awesome as the bad guy. now until the Top 5. #5.  Iron Man. this is where the Avengers begins and shows us that Robert Downey Jr. is one hell of a good actor and is worth all the money he is making playing Tony Stark. #4.  Thor. this was another great movie and we got to see more of Agent Coulson and Loki was really bad ass. we also got to see Hawkeye for a few seconds. which was awesome. #3.  Captain America. Chris Evans has done Superhero movies before as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four but he really shines as Steve Rogers in Captain America. #2.  The Avengers. yeah i know, it was not # 1 but i have my reasons. it is a great Movie and the acting was superb. the Special Effects were truly amazing and i can't wait to see The Avengers: The Age Of Ultron. #1. now onto the best one ever made.  Kick Ass. this movie rocked and showed us that Superheroes can well.... Kick Ass. i can't wait to see Kick Ass 2. oh and the Jet Pack with Gatlin Guns was really Bad Ass.

Got Another 360 Game This Week.

 saw it at Wal-Mart for $19.96. i had been waiting for the price to drop since i wanted to get the game new since it came with an Online pass and i am a Tekken fan, now i need to get Tekken 6 for the PS3 since i played the 360 version and unlocked everything.

I Love Steam Sales.

 bought Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on Steam during the last day of the sale they are having right now. got it for $3.74. it was a good deal i could not pass on. i had the game before on the PC but it was the DVD-Rom and it didn't like my laptop at all. i also had the game on the PS2 before it was stolen. i am a big Vice City fan but San Andreas does have a few features like riding bikes and a really good soundtrack, that and Samuel L. Jackson is one of the voices in the game so you can't miss out on this game. now i need to get Grand Theft Auto III so i have all 3 games on my Laptop.

Level 57, Again.

finally made it to Level 57 again here on Gamespot. remind me not to anger the Mods here, they still have a lot of power here on GS.  also Assassin's Creed II is now free for the 360 as apart of the Games With Gold service. i am still waiting to see what games M$ will make free next month but i am hoping one of those games is Halo 3.

Stuff I Got From Ebay.

     got all the items for about $5 bucks a piece. got all three Heroclixs in the mail earlier today. i am waiting on the Comic Books and i won 2 more Comic Books on Listia. i will post the pics for them when i get them in the mail.