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Scarface the game: are you going to rent or buy?

When I heard the idea they was making Scarface into a video game I thought it was an cool idea who wouldn't want to be Tony Montana screaming " Say hello to my little friend" as you fire rounds in people? But the only down size of the game I can see if saw the movie you know what's going to happen at the end and what's the payoff getting to the end and have an 12 gauge blasting you in the back and you ending up face down in your pool? I love the movie and I'm curious will the game do the movie justice or it's going to be an GTA vice city rip off with Scarface title slap on it. What you Scarface fans think buy or rent?

Do reviews really matter?

Do review of games really matter? No because gamers have different taste like movies and music you might hate one thing but others love it for example I wouldn't play an RPG if you paid me, then there others that would throw a rock at my window for saying I don't like RPG. If you base your selection of games on what somebody else say then why are you playing games for? playing games should be fun for you and if you not sure about the game here's something simple rent the game instead of shelling out 30 to 50 bucks pay the 3 to five bucks at your local video store if you like it buy it and if you don't take it back and be glad that you didn't buy it. And if game reviews matter what the hell happen to ICO?