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Mafia II , what a disappointing game for me this was!

Brief thoughts!

First let me tell you that I played the first and original Mafia for PC
and played it so many times and still love it, the game was great
and fantastic in everything for the year and limitations that
were obvious on those days and years!

Mafia 2 was at least for me a must have game, and was waiting for
it since it was announced with great joy!

Mi review of Mafia II


I thought after finishing the game that the graphics are one of
the most strong points in this game, it is obvious that they are very
good and were carefully improved during the games dev, from weather
to the all city and details like clothing you can see the fantastic
pixel work it was done here, I loved it.


I liked this part of the game, and disliked also another side of it,
I think in this field the original Mafia game had a much more builded
and real approach then this Mafia 2, in fact I think the story runs to
damn fast and goes mission after mission faster to its ending giving
the impression that something it is missing in the overall story or
argument, I miss the middle missions, small car stealing missions,
guys in trouble that could ask your help to solve it, etc...

If you follow the story and missions you have no time at all to enjoy
the city life and day by day city leaving, I feel the story itself is
to rushed and takes you one way into the game, thought it is a good
argument in mi opinion it is missing a lot more chapters in the middle
to really complete the all plot.

I remember the original Mafia story and specially the part that he took
the Barman's daughter home and had to defend her from a group of
low lifes...

Another thing is the Sex stuff, a lot of woman around half naked but
no real sex engagement , could be our main character gay?!


I am very disappointed with this part of the game,
Basically you have the same stuff as in the original game to interact with
apart from the garage and clothing and food stores nothing else is new.

You have a telephone at home that only works when the game story
haves use for it, radio it is OK, clothing stores are a joke, since you have
limited number of clothing to buy and every store sells the same stuff,
gun shop it is the most useless shop in the game, cause every gun can
be found during mission, food stores are all the same...

You can not do anything else, but steal cars, fix them buy a limited
number of clothes and heat a limited number of meals and drinks.

For the guys that played and still play GTA game this is a huge
disappointment and the open world (city) is rather a closed world were
you get sick of wondering around once you made everything this
city haves to offer you.


The original game offered the so called Free Ride in the main menu
and it was God Damn awesome to play it.

Mafia II game longevity

It is just to short to be real.

I finished it in just a day and in the end you feel that you wanted more
of it, and that this looks just to rushed and brief to be the game we
all wanted.


I have bought the Mafia II collectors limited edition.

Resume of mi opinion

I was waiting for this game for a lot of time and believed that
this Dev team guys would make this game a perfect one taking
in consideration and example games like GTA and from there
make a perfect game that this title Mafia deserves.
Apart from some innovating facts there is nothing that really
makes me say that this game as fulfilled what I was waiting and
wishing for years, yes the game haves good things, but some
how it looks incomplete to me and even rushed in its final that comes
surprisingly stupid and obvious.

The missing stuff like more middle missions or more city interaction
or more stuff to spend your money leaves you the sensation of
having played half game only...

Not everything it bad but this bad things really take the game

Maybe next time, or a remake of this could really give the deserved
credit and place to what could be a brilliant game.