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E3 and whatever.

Hello GameSpot its been a while! I decided to make GS my E3 destination this year. Looks like a lot has changed around here, so different than when I started back in 2006. I miss the old days lol this place was like the wild West.

Anyway, E3 was pretty good this year. The launching of new consoles always makes for good fun. I was amazed how bad Sony spanked Microsoft this time around. It looks like they learned a lot production-wise from the last time... I think one of the biggest shockers for me was the partnership with Bungie really good move on Sony's part, speaking of which, a ton of great games coming down the pike along with some decent survivor horror titles it looks like. 

Overall, I'm pretty excited to be a gamer. I a lot has changed since I was on here last, finishing school was the biggest thing and back then my time was pretty eaten up. I feel like I didn't miss much though. I have not been that impressed with the current gen really but alas it needed to happen the exact way it happened. Not to say some great games didn't happen but I am much more excited about this next gen. 

At any rate, I hope everyone is doing well I be in and out I suppose, its so hard to justify this place when the immediacy of other social media sites make communicating much more efficient BUT I love this place since its where I sort of started out lol. Anyway take care! :P

Your unions

Hello, Please don't ask me to join your union; I won't do it. No idea why the recent uptick in union requests but I'm just deleting them. Thank you :)

New Games

Well I'm finally able to buy some "new" games. I hadnt been able to purchase anything since Demon's Souls and Dragon Age which I beleive was back in November. The choice was hard because there are many I want.

I settled on Bayonetta and Uncharted 2. The runners up were Assasins Creed 2, Darksiders, SH:Shattered Memories, and Valkryia Chronicles. So I'll put these on the wait list and pick them up later.

I'm also picking up Pandorum and Moon on BR two sci-fi movies that I've been waiting to see for a while I guess.

Its been awhile...

...so here it is. Most recently I've played Infamous, Prototype, BatMan: Arkham Asylum, and now playing the original Silent Hill. (Thank you PSN!!!) For next week; I got in on an early screening of Paranormal Activity so I'm looking forward to that and for you horror fans into shlock, a stellar Plan 9 trailer made itself known last week. I normally hate remakes but you can't really go wrong remaking Plan 9 from Outer Space.

So, Infamous was good; overall I liked it. Although I almost gave-up during the first half of the game; I couldn't stand Cole's BFF, he sounded too much like a Parody of former president Bush. Don't get me wrong I'm all about making fun of the guy but at that point I wanted to forget the whole administration.

Next up, I played Prototype; not a bad game either and in some ways a little more dynamic than Infamous, game play-wise. However, Infamous's story was a lot better fleshed out imo.

After that I got ahold of Batman Arkham Asylum; I was truly excited for this one and was sort of let down. I was hoping it would feel a lot more like the Graphic Novel written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Dave McKean. While it was somewhat dark it still had too much of a Joel schumacher feel to it. Harley Quinn looked stupid, there I said it. I thought the game play was all over the place trying to be the best of stealth and action and neither mechanic felt at home in the game. There where some pluses. I'll give high marks for puzzels, and inventory.

Finally, the original Silent Hill. Thank you PSN!!!!! Wow, I havent played this game since it was released in 1999. When I first started playing; I was like, holy hell what is this pixilated mud on my beautiful 40" 1080p LCD, lol. After my eyes adjusted and I got used to the controlls, which took about a half hour. I was going strong. Man, It just goes to show you story and a good soundtrack is everything, in a game, in my opinion. Silent Hill still delivers the chills guys. I was playing till about 1:00 am this morning, and I was s***ing my pants on a couple of occasions, amazing. A game hasn't done that to me since, well 2003 or 2004 and I'm thinking Fatal Frame II. This generation for gaming is a let down in some respects or I'm just old and crochety, idk, they just dont make like they used to.

What the?

Well its two blog posts in the same month for me; what can I say?

First thing is what the hell? Alone In the Dark Inferno for the PS3 was awesome here's why. (I know I'm behind the times, been busy :P)

1. Nice mix of free roam and 3D maps, environments were thrilling whether you were in central park or the NYC museum.

2. Switching from 1st to 3rd person

3. Really, really liked that inventory system, one of the best I've seen for a survival horror game and the freedom to build WMD's with flares and 3 bottles of gasoline taped to a car's gas tank, then jumping out right before I explode a nest of Humanz.

4. Roots of evil side quest, boosting cars, killing Humanz in Central Park = fun

Man; I guess I went into this game with some really low expectations considering the broken thing that it was for the 360, couldn't even finish, but boy was I surprised. After seeing how it was "supposed" to play I realized Atari did a great job bringing Alone in the Dark back. The game is not without flaws though. They never did fix the wonky melee. It wasn't dynamic at all nothing felt like it had weight to it and there was no power behind the attacks.

Also graphics were not that great imo; then cycling through your inventory was awkward on the fly too.

Anyway I could go on and on...

Then there was Shellshock 2? Who remembers the first one and when the hell did it turn into a survival horror FPS? lol Talk about random its not like the first one was that great and I guess it went from being a 3rd person shooter to an FPS that came down with a touch of the Jacobs Ladder vs the zombies.

Been really busy so haven't been gaming as much as I would like but I feel that I haven't missed much I did pick up LOTR Conquest and it was garbage how many times can they re-invent the wheel with that franchise? KillZone2 this weekend looking forward to that. Then of course RE5 soon after.

What can I say, surprised that AITD:Inferno was awesome and surprised that someone thought ShellShock should have a sequel so I thought I'd write about it. My surprise to GS is writing two blog posts in the same month...Its February wohoo!

I think RE5 is alright

Its not that bad in my opinion. Granted I've never been that big a fan of the over the shoulder view and the camera sucks but over all its built upon the action premise that RE4 started quite nicely. Is it survival horror? not really, but its still does alright in my book.

Happy Halloween!

Definately my favorite time of year! Watching horror and doing some gaming. Finishing up on Dead Space and will start Fable 2 been so busy... Anybody planning on watching any horror movies? Which ones? Let me know haha. Have a happy and safe Halloween all!

My most wanted games for 2008 and beyond

Here are my picks; let me know if you can think of anything else that I may like and that I should add to the list based on what you see here :D

Alan Wake 360

Alone in the Dark PS3

Darksiders: Wrath of War PS3

Data-Fly PS3

Dead Island 360

Dead Space PS3

Fable 2 360

Final Fantasy XIII PS3

Fracture PS3

Fumito Ueda (Shadow of the Colossus, ICO) reveals plans for his next project to appear on Sony's next-gen console. PS3

Gears of War 2 360

God of War III PS3

Heavy Rain (working title) PS3

Infamous PS3

Infinite Undiscovery 360

KillZone 2 PS3

The Last Remnant 360

Left 4 Dead 360

Mass Effect 2 (working title) 360

Motorstorm 2 PS3


Ni-Oh PS3

Prototype PS3

Resident Evil 5 PS3

Resistance Fall of Man 2 PS3

Seikan PS3

Shin Megami Tensei (working title) PS3

Silent Hill V PS3

Siren: New Translation PS3

Star Ocean: The Last Hope 360

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PS3

Tales of Vesperia 360

Too Human 360

Wet PS3

White Knight Story PS3

Lots of JRPGs comming to 360 :o