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400/ Exams

I won't be on alot because my exams are starting soon and I need to study :cry:. I think this might be my last blog for the next few weeks, I'll probably only post a blog if something really important comes up, or if I'm really bored and have nothing to do. I will be on everyday to check my mail, and maybe even post in a blog or two.

Well on a brighter note, a couple of minutes ago I realized that I have 408 friends on my list. Whoohoo!!! 8)


My idea of Procrastination

Starting time? 8:35 P.M

Name? Can't say. If you want to know, P.M me.

Nicknames? I don't have any.

School? High School.

Eyes? Black

Height? I don't know.

Siblings? a big brother

Ever helped somebody cheat? Not intensionally.

Missed school because it was raining? Never

Set any body part on fire for amusement? No. I'm not that crazy.

Kept a secret from everyone? I keep secrets from everyone except my best best friend.

Had an imaginary friend? Still have them.

Wanted to hook up with a friend? Yes

Cried during a Flick? Yes. Everytime I watch Titanic.

Had a crush on a teacher? Yes. But in my defence he was only 6 years older than me.

Ever thought an animated character was hot? Yes

Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape? I have no idea what that is ?

Prank called someone? No

Been on stage? Yes

Favourite shampoo? I'm not sure. As long as it smells nice.

Favourite colours? yellow, orange, lime green

Day or Night? Day

Summer or Winter? Summer

Like anyone? Yes

Known the longest of your friends? Crystal

Name your best friend(s)? Lenika, Natalie

Who's the loudest? Me (But only when it's just the three of us.)

Who's the shyest? Me

Who do you go to for advice? No one. I'm to busy giving my friends advice to ask for it.

Who do you cry with? No one.

Cried? Last night

Cut your hair? When i was about nine it cut the front of my hair out of anger. But it wasn't that bad.

Worn a skirt? Duh. I'm a girl

Been mean? Unfortunately yes.

Been sarcastic? At least once a day.

Missed someone? my cousin (R.I.P)

Hugged someone? Yes everyday at school.

Fought with your parents? this is kinda a sore subject for me but yes, more times than I wish to remember.

Wished upon a star? No. It seems like everyone has seen a shooting star but me.

Laughed until you cried? Yeah. I do this way to much.

Played Truth or Dare? Yeah, back when I was like 9.

Watched a sunrise or sunset? Neither.

Went to the beach at night? No

Read a book for fun? Yes. It's my hobby.

Are you lonely? No

Are you happy? kinda

Are you talking to someone online? No

Do you believe in God or the Devil? Yes

Do you believe in love? Yes

Do you believe in The Closet Monster? No, but I believe that there's a monster under my bed.

Do you believe in The Big Bang Theory? idk

Do you believe in Heaven or Hell? Yes

Do you believe in superstitions? Kinda

What is your full name? again, I can't tell you.

Who named you? My uncle

Backstreet Boys or N Sync? neither

What is your computer desk made of? wood

What is your favorite state? I don't have one

Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? It doesn't really matter where I go, as long as I'm happy

Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? I don't know yet.

How many buddiess do you have on you list? 159 friends ( + 98 people i'm tracking and 3 people tracking me)

How's the weather right now? i don't know

What did you do last night? watch tv, sleep

What's the best thing that you find about the opposite sex? He has to have a great personality, is funny, know when to be serious, has respect for me and my friends and much more.

Favorite hair colour in the opposite sex? doesn't matter

Pizza or ice cream? ICE CREAM

How do YOU eat an Oreo? I don't know. I haven't eaten an oreo in years.

Dream car? lime green porche, with rear spoilers, chrone rims and custom leather interior.

What do you want to be when you grow up? idk yet.

What are your future goals? Not sure

Favorite music? Rap, Hip hop and R&B

Least favorite time of the year? Allergy season

Did you notice that number 90 was missing? There are no numbers.

Fast or slow? What????

If you could change your name, what would it be? I love my name. It's one of a kind, so why would I want to change it?

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Not anymore

Have you ever been in love? yes

What will your first son's name be? idk

Favorite drink? Fanta

Do you like scary or happy movies better? Happy. It gives me a good reason to cry, and waste tissues.

Lust or Love? LOVE

Do you consider cheerleading a sport? No

Do you want your friends to do this survey? yes

When's your birthday? 25th ________ 1991 ( guess the month if you can.)

How old will u be? 16

Time done? 9:36 P.M

So Not Worth It

For those of you who read my last blog, you know that I was in desperate need of a miracle to help me with me homework trouble. And I got that miracle.

So if this is the big miracle I've been waiting for, shouldn't I be relieved??? Well guess what I'm not. Here why :

1. I actually got out of bed before dawn. Before dawn!!! The sun wasn't up yet so why should I be!!!

2. I tried to finish some of the work before school and I lost track of the time, and ended up leaving the house 5 minutes before school was supposed to start.

3. The sun was so brutal on me that I was hyperventilating when I reached school. And I don't even have asthma!!!

4. I ran out of the house in such a hurry that I couldn't even eat breakfast. I had to wait until 9:30 to eat breakfast.

5. I skipped lunch so that I could get some extra work done. And on top of not eating, I missed the biggest lunchtime gossip of all time.

6. And then I ended up falling asleep in my craft class, which wasn't so bad, except for the fact that I was in a room full of rowdy teenagers suffering from PainInMyA** itis. And we all know that that's the worst thing for a teenager to suffer from. (LOL)


So that's why I'm mad. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for the extra time to polish up my work, but I just don't think it was worth all the pain and suffering I went through.

And do you know what the most upseting thing about this whole situation is? It seems that teachers usually ask for homework whenever you don't do it, and whenever you actually make sacrifices and try to do the work, they forget all about it.


What was I thinking

Uhh. Just when I think today can't get worst, it does, and I haven't even left for school yet:roll: .

I just realised that I have THREE huge homeworks due today and I haven't even started two of them yet. As if dragging  myself out of bed at 5:00 clock on a Monday morning isn't bad enough, now I actually have to try and complete all three assignments by lunchtime. And I'd ask for an extension, but on Monday's most of the teachers at my school are usualy cranky.

The one time I need to remember something my brain lets me down. Uhhh. I mean how could I forget something so important. Well at least I got alot of the work due today out of the way over the weekend, but the stress keeps taking over my life, or at least whats left of my life.

*gets down on my knees*. Please pray for me!!! Please. :cry:


I've gotta go. 

The Jonas Brothers

If it was a crime for being so damn fine, then you need to alert the media, the police, the F.B.I, and the Navy, cause these three boys are definitely guilty.

Where do I start.

I guess I'll start with Nick

Nick Jonas

Isn't he gorgeous ??? Plus he has the voice of an angel. He's the youngest in the group, but he doesn't let that stop him from shining. He share's lead vocals with his brother Joe and he plays the guitar.


Next there's Joe.

Joe Jonas

Ain't he cute !!! He shares lead vocals with his brother Nick.


And last but not least there's Kevin


Kevin Jonas

He is so HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's the oldest and he plays guitar in the band.



Here are some more pics of my boys.

Aren't they Cute !!!!!