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I'm So Hype About FFX / FFX-2 HD


So Square-Enix confirmed that Last Mission will be included in Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster. In additional, Final Fantays X HD remaster will include 60 rearranged sound tracks from Masashi Hamauzu and both FFX and FFX-2 will have trophies support. I'm so excited about playing this game in high definition. Final Fantasy X will always have a place in my heart maybe because i played it on the Playstation 2 about 300 hours of playtime and completed everything.

I hope square-enix doesn't change anything like they will make dark aeons immune to zanmato lol of course I'll be playing the international version. I'm also excited about the trophies, i hope defeating Nemesis and Penance are not mandatory heheh. Are you guys also excited about Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster?

~ Nadz ~

Why Do We Love Anime? (Re-post)


This was my blog post way back from 2007 i think. I just wanna bring it back :)

Alright. People always ask me this question "Why do you love anime? It's kids stuff" or "Anime is boring. It's just like boring old cartoons" or even "Why waste your time watching anime? You might as well watch a movie or a TV series? It's much interesting." People think that anime is just an animated character doing some on the screen & we are the dumb people who watch it. I mean.. What's up with that?! Anime is not something boring or lame or even stupid. They say things like that because they have never experienced anime the way we do. Have you even encounter things like that before?

I think its mainly because the people saying such things are stereotyping all anime with anime like Pokemon and Dragonball which you could say is childish. Imo, some anime is much more in-depth and thought-provoking than many movies. love to watch animes, it is one of the greatest inventions that Japanese people came up with. many of my friends too tease me about watching "cartoons" however these are way more than any cartoon ever can be. To me anime is what i get high on, it is what i use to get away from it all, i just love anime. Anime is the best. It frees me from stress. Childish it may seem, but it's a lot better than any other programs.

~ Nadz ~

"Five Amazing Health Benefits of Video Games"


Everyone keeps going on about how bad video games are for you but they are blind to the fact video games actually have positive health effects that's right positive as in good! I'm going to explain five amazing positive effects of video games to you right now! If you can't hack the fact video games might actually be good for you then stop reading now.

1. "Video games damage your eyesight". Well I'm sorry but they actually improve your eyesight! Playing video games and watching the screen; trying to find the guy who's trying to snipe you improves your eyesight. This is because your eyes react to the fact they are being worked hard and become more efficient so that next time they won't have to work as hard to perform the same task!

2. Video games can improve your logic and ability to solve problems. This is because most games involve some sort of strategy that you need to find out and improve as the game progresses; this is effectively training your brain's logic and strategic abilities thus making it more efficient and effective.

3. Your hand eye coordination is greatly improved playing video games. Nearly all video games require continual fast, accurate and precise hand, finger and thumb movements. This strengthens the muscles in your hands and greatly improves your hand eye co-ordination.

4. Reaction speeds increase hugely from playing video games! In nearly all video games you often need to react fast. Obviously if you do something a lot then you are going to get better at it and it is for this reason that video games improve your reflexes and reaction speeds.

5. Last but not least video games improve your concentration span. Because in most games you need to concentrate for extended periods of time; the slightest lapse in concentration will be punished in nearly all games. If you concentrate lots then your concentration span will increase!

Video games are good for you! However I am not saying that playing 5 hours of video games a day is good for you because it is not; you will become unfit, tired and lazy all of which are detrimental to your health. But in moderation video games can be good for you!

Credits to dodie53 from pinoyps.com

Now Playing: 2nd Super Robot Wars OG (PS3)


Hi guys. Been playing this game recently. It's Banpresto's latest Super Robot Wars game only on the PS3. For those who din't know It's a strategy role-playing game and it has a dynamic action for the in-game battle sequences. I'm surprised that the 2D sprites in high-defenition is pretty amazing then rendered over 3D. If you wanna take a looke here's the promotional video.

Progress - So as usual i don't know what's going on with the story lol. I just love the mecha designs and i learned playing it at akurasu.net. So I'm halfway through the game probably at scenario 34, definitely loving every scenarios and then finally able to make my favorite character "Sanger Somvolt" the top pilot with 59 kills. Spend a bunch of money to fully upgrade Dygenguar, well not really.. Still have to upgrade the weapons to the maximun level but the mecha parts was all upgraded to the max. Will probably play a lot more tomorrow.


So i bought three PS3 games yesterday..


I'll start with Catherine after I'm done playing Super Robot Taisen OGII. Umm.. I have no more money hahaha. *sigh* time to save money again i have a lot of PS3 games to buy this year. Anyway, game on guys! I'ma play LoL with my friends later :)


What Happened To Gamespot?

So i just came back a week ago and noticed a lot of glitches. My previous blog comments are gone.. I can't update to a union.. I can't watch user videos and when i post a comment to some gamespot user's blog, my old icon shows up hahah. Really now they have to fix this bug. Oh yeah, what's up with "Fuse Profile" anyway? Anybody going there instead of gamespot profile?

* I'm Back *


Okay.. So I'm back. How's everyone doing? I've kinda miss gamespot for some reasons.. Yeah i miss blogging here and the forum community. So i read some of my previous blog that i posted here and i'm really dissapointed with my English grammar heheh, shame on me but i think my English grammar has gotten better don't you think? Correct me if i'm wrong, please. Right now, i'm more into PC gaming because that's the only way i could play new games from this generation and it's not my PC, It's from my brother hahah.

Been playing Assassin's Creed series it's actually pretty amazing. Yeah i'm the late gamer.. *sad*.I'm so excited about Assassin's Creed III but i think I'll just play it on the PS3. Hopefully i could get my money borrowed by my mother this coming Christmas and buy one.Oh! Been watching these awesome trailers like The 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG and Project X Zone damn their just too awesome! Check it out if you haven't watch it yet.


(Finished Games)

Devil May Cry 4

Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed II

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Assassin's Creed Revelations


(Here are my other accounts)





That's it for now nothing much to say.

~ Nadz ~

Gunpla To Get After Christmas!

Super Deformed 00 Qan[T] - From the Gundam 00 Movie. Of course you all know how much i love SD kits so bad, i can't wait to get that guy after christmas! I feel sad about still not be able to watch the movie and i have to wait next year for the released of the DVD. There is a site which you can watch the movie but it is a cam rip. Yuck! So yeah, i'll be expecting much about the SD 00 Qan[T] how the the GN Shield can be build in super deformed mode and just heard it has a free action stand for the kit, so yay for SD 00 qan[T].

Next is the Full Saber weapon for my HG 1/144 scale 00 Qan[T]. Now that is a must get if you want your 00 Qan[T] to look more awesome. Specialy you can put the saber to his right shoulder. The full saber will cost about $20, i think. I'll be sure to post some pictures and videos after i bought them. I'm really excited because i haven't bought a gunpla kit last month. I'm really sorry to say i won't be buying games for now.

Now Playing: Megaman Anniversary Collection (PS2)

Alright.. Time to play the old Megaman! I bought it from my friend two days ago. I wanted to play the old Megman games again because i really really miss them so much, I was so addicted to Megaman when i was in Grade School. Thank god for the Anniversary Collection i can go back to the past hahah!

I already beaten 1 and 2. Now going for the 3rd game. Just a rant for Megaman 2.. I will never ever go to Quickman's stage again! Ever again! That's it for Megaman 2. Another cool addition from the collection is the Navi Mode were you have the option to change the BGM to a remix version but i still like the old music. Remix version is cool though.

Well, that's it, Time to play more.