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my secret of getting 900 friends

i almost have 900 friends...the way i got so many friends is i had cheated gamespot yes u herd me i had cheated gamespot and no 1 knows how i did it cuz about 30 ppl ask me how i get so many ppl...but if u want 2 know how 2 get 900 friends just ask me and i  MIGHT tell u how 2 get them but not sure itte...keep it up ppl....commet me itte

2100 post

PARTY finely 2100 post at level 23 i will be know the 1 who will have level 25 and oly 3000 post cool...

i had bean invited to a call of duty 3 Challenge.

Activision wants you to be a part of the Game Head: Call of Duty 3 Challenge. Sixteen finalists will be selected to compete for bragging rights and cool prizes. To enter, be prepared to upload video of yourself indicating why you think you have what it takes to make the cut. Finalists will be whisked off to a secret military installation in NYC for a first ever Call Of Duty-style boot camp gaming event!

but i can't go cuz i'm not 18 yet dame and i live in new york.