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I have been a Madden player since it came out on the PS1 system. Loved the game on the PS2 system because of all the choices a player had and hates the next gen stuff because the controls were so different. Last year I made the switch and it wasn't as bad as I thought so I pre-ordered Madden this year only to find out the ONLY mode I play in now gone. I only played franchise mode versus the cpu. I also controlled all 32 teams to keep everything as realistic as possible with players number changes, position changes and team changes. That option has now been taken from me and as a result, until it is put back in. EA will not see a dime of my money for any of their games. I am so angry about this it isn't even funny. Plus, this game seems a lot harder this year too. I can't throw a completion to save my life or run past the line of scrimmage. The cpu on the other hand is making plays like nobody's business. Whoever did these changes should be fired!