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10 Things you should know about me...

1. I hate walking and no I'am not lazy I just don't, think god for cars oh yeah.:D

2. I have a sister thats the same age has me (yeah my pops was getting around lol).:lol:

3.I only drink when its the right time yall know at partys,clubs,cookouts...8)

4.I hate stuck up people you have to have fun sometime its a BIG world out there baby.:shock:

5.I had my first kiss when I was 13 man my heart was jumping god she was pretty,and since I'am 20 now lets just say I don't do the jumping anymore..8)

6. I love my family too death I will do anything for them because most of them have my back well some of them..:?

7.I do flirt alot it just so much fun it and plus I love females with a passion:oops: think the lord....

8.I love people that I can trust if I tell you something you better not tell no one else...:twisted:

9. I do have goals you have too have them its something you work hard for in life right...:)

10. The first time I made out with a girl I was 16 and man I thought she was trying too take my face off oh I like that one..:lol:

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20 going on 21...

Hello everybody its been a while since I posted up on here, right now everythings cool enjoying the single life my last girlfriend was how should I put it.....just plain crazy:lol:but I still got love for her.Now my baby brother he just girl crazy got all these girl on him I told him too slow down, hes goin too the highschool this year and yall what things can happen in there everybody start growing up in there and friends become lovers..:roll:

In gaming news in the last few months I got GTAIV & MGS4 so far the best game for me is MGS4,not only I'am a big fan of MGS its because kojima can tell the best stories and a game without a great story is pretty much boring to me just look at assassin creed:|.Back on MGS4 this game is over the top the sh*t so much fun from gameplay,cutscenes,graphics,story,online what more do you need,right now I'am on the last act I'am going to finishes it toinght when I get home..

Now on GTAIV I think I was caught up in the hype becasue its GTA I guess the game is good but not great,alot of thing was missing they took out just about everything that was in GTASA which mean too me it pretty much got boring to me after me doing the samething over and over.I can't be that upset about it because it does have online which is very fun to play,overall I happy with the games I got so far and now I'am looking forward too is FallOut 3 which comes out at the end of the year...

Favorite Games:MGS4,ES OBLIION,COD4...

Favorite Song:Lil wayne-Comfortable....

Favorite Anime: Case Closed,Fullmetal Alchemist,Initial D Second Stage...

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Well I'am out LIVE EAZY PARTY HARD...8)

I just got COD4

I just got COD4 well.. I got it on friday I had to make a choice between that UT3 & DRAKES I really wanted UT3 because that game look so much fun to play online,then I seen COD4 mission on youtube and the first mission made me go WOW:o.If anyone else got this game please add me online or I just add you..;)

Back to COD4: and to tell yall the truth I hate all army games thats why I look past this game last year,come to think of it I pick Assassin's Creed over that game and that game kept making my PS3 freeze I think it need it an update or something.But right now COD4 is my number one game, the leveling up online is so much fun, gamers like me enjoying game on a rainy day is a good feeling.8)

But I really want UT3 I'am asking myself is it worth 60 dollars ever time I see the videos its look more fun to me while someone get blowing up right in the air :lol: and then they have mods that really looks great to.I'am just wondering how many people play this game because I don't hear anything about it while I'am on gamespot everyday.

And now I need some help with two games I really want to play the most Drake and UT3.Drake's looks good I love games with a great story and it also looks good I played the demo and really loved it,but for what I heard the game is too short I think that thay said it was like 6 hours long and thats too short for me.Now UT3 I see great online play but I don't see is a story mode but knowing a little history with Unreal on the PC I know that was not going to be one,but if theres is one is it good or just plain boring.:roll:..I really need help on this