Im afraid that its time... To leave Gamespot. Forever.

by on Retraction to what i said... Here is what i believe i should do. I think its time for me to leave... You all have been wonderful, the only time i shall ever log on with this account is if need to rate. You all have been wonderful friends, but i must go along with happy_cloud. Fox_11, my right hand man. You have done wonderful dude, i never will forget you, not even one bit. Most members that i wanted to come back to, only what i found was a bunch of empty husks of accounts... This has saddened me. Making me decide to leave Gamespot, im sure none of you will miss me. Considering while ive been gone you all had to deal with the possibility that i might have left... This is the confirmation of those absences. I am sure that none of you needed, nor wanted me to be your friend, if that is not true, just leave it. i will check this account out time after time, but on various occasion. It will not be for a incredibly long time that i send my friend here... GeneralMoon, and HexenWarrior... They can tell you what ive been doing recently, they have stayed true to friends just as you all have. And i am deeply grieved that what i came back to was just a memory of the well made people that formed my inspiration to be here. Obviously, my friends might join this site. They will tell you what i do, i think Moon has already signed up, im not sure. But i think i saw his name somewhere... I just hope he hasnt gotten banned, he always had this idea that SSBB characters shouldve been edited to talk... So did i, but i wouldnt get the idea of going on a rant about it. I think ive been talking too much, and at that. This might very well be my last transaction here on gamespot. I will miss you all............ But before i leave in a cold manner, I have not forgotten that i need to pay my respects here. and that is damn right. Let this be a message to all those people who wish to hear thankyous and sorrys from me... Fox_11, i owe you a great debt to being a pwnage friend, And you will be remembered. Pikachutwo, you two were a excellent friend, and shall be missed just as much as Fox... Nghtcrwlr821, you were never on much, but i think i should have been there to judge that, sorry for my mood in that situation. ffxjunky06, im afraid you were a great inspiration torwards me staying how long i did, but your efforts have shrunk to the point where i can no longer resist my desire to persure other oppertunities. nightclaw, you were nice, great at cheering, and i appriciate it in every sense of your name. Lordlinuxes, though we have only recently become friends, i have to go. This is a tradgedy to you all, but i believe that a short friendship such as this i cannot end so abruptly. These all are adressed to my fellow members... Including the ones that were nice, truely friendly, and needed to be friends, you know who you are. And grats to all your success. To all of you, this shall mean hard damage as to my absence, and i hope that either you all join me in other sites, or find the resolve to move on without me. This i find true... these are my contacts. The sites i have found expand each passing day. And i hope it comforts you all to know that wherever i go... I continue to pwn... Goodbye forever, feel free to message me in the previous links. As for my last words............ I am the Alpha, and the Omega.