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orange penguins

eooo, eooo, eo, eo, eo ... my team in the final{netherlands} orange vikings will win the cup for sure.

netherlands is the champion

go orange vikings go.

netherlands is the champion 2

spain will suck.

netherlands champion

its all orange now.

all orange

we will we will rock you 1..1

rock you

and you are the champion , aaaaa ... haaaa haaaaa.


winner 2asdgasdsfgsdfh

winner 4

ooooo ... we will we will rock you ... ooooo ... we will we will rock you.


the returns of batmans is the second movies of batman that tim burton done a great job on it.

the story begin when a reach family born a unusual boy ... he wasnt bad, he could live like others but ... but forhis parents he was a danger and shyme, so they escape from the fate and give the boy to the river... but after a long time ... .

the boy grows and he didnt trust humanity world, he watch people from close view but from long rang! ...he wanted respect but he didnt know how?! how he can take it ... so he start for what he want and he was like a monster ... attack the gotham city but the big devil was waithing for him.

when he saw that with his actions people just start hating him he robb one of the biggest man in the city ... he want the big man help him but he refused to help ...he just do for fame ...nothing less, so the boy who is a old man now,show him some of his files ... so big man had no way but to help but he start making him an evil and he made another one too ... he thought that a poor girl cant stand agains him but she did that ... stand tall with cat lifes.

now gotham is full of unusual super human{ cat woman, bat man, penguin }, penguin couldnt stand in human worlds because he didnt realise that he came to the human worlds, he think like a kid but others know how to turn theyre back to him ... make him fool {because penguins live so far from people so they dont know much }... so he came back and start his revolutin ... and he stand until the last brith ... so penguins never foger him ... he was one of them.

cat woman knows her way better and took what she wants ... she knows that how she could make mans fool because cats have enough experice in this case ...


this project was so complicated because burton had to show 4 main character in this movie, not just batman or joker and he had to show all of their life without confusing the crowds and fans.

this batman is one of my fav because i was a kid when i saw it and from that time a couldnt forget this movie because the character of penguin was so exciting for me but now i can compeletly understand whats penguin wanted ... respect but respect pleasuremaks the biggest devil.

one especial thing about batman story for me is that every character have an animal power.

batman and elven woods


next movie from tim burton collection is batman which i wrote alittle about it a week ago.

the best grey character of all the times is joker for me and the important thing about batman world and joker world is that no one is going to hate any characters because they all have great reseon for what they are now! joker, batman, fears ....

anyway, in this movie joker was born{in cinema world i mean}and it was a great born for him.

the story begin from the times that no one knows anything about joker or batman ... when joker was young, he made a bad mistak and that mistak was the reseon of a man to be batman, to scare the dark forces with dark, so joker was the creator of batman.

long time after that mistak, batman made a bad mistak, he didnt want to make that mistak but like every moment of life, its hard to realis good from bad so joker was born by batman mistak.

as you see these characters are the creator of each others and batman dies means no more joker and joker dies means no more batman.

like all of batman comic, this story finished with batman win but joker is an immortal character.

tim burton don a great job on this movie and its still a great movie for many peoples.

what do you think about batman movie?


as you see i changed my blog again and i make it dark again because im not good with day or light most of the times but i tried to dont make it like a devil blog so i put one of my fav place in the world in blog.


its a forest in germany, all the skandinavia and netherlands which have many secret in the heart, like: secret of elfs.

i love elfs and mostly night elfs and my banner shows one of them too and blog pic is elfs town in the elven woods.

*orange vikings{netherlands} victory is close, tomorrow they will beat orogue*

winning strick.

hey?,im back .. whatever let roll on!

winning strick:

just when i was out of hopes for soccer world cup, my fav team{ netherlands } start shinning ... who was thinking that holland will win agains the brazil?! nobody but me and this mean alot, this mean i won 50 dollars,lol... wow that was awsome and im still so happy from the time that holland sccored the second one.

i speak alot about soccer with nach_lobo{ his from brazil } and he was programing a party in his blog for the time that brazil will win the cup and a program for me because i said to him my team{ netherlands } is so better than brazil but he sai: holland is good but they will loose the game to brazil, believe me, ... but i said: no, i dont believe, you have to believe me because holland is the winner and now its the time but ...

as we all know he is on a vacation and i dont like he missed the party so i will have a program{ maybe a comic } for brazil team when he come back ... it will be so much fun,lol.

winning strick 2:

onother resaon for me to not able to be online is that i had the biggest exam of my life today, it was about all the study books of my last 4 years and its a very long exam, about 5 hours and i had to made a great mark on it if i wanted to go to a good university and i think i did it today, so: heeeehaaaaa.

winning strick 3:

2 day ago i bought singularity and batman"arkham asylum" for pc and 360 and i already wrote a review for singularity{ i played it about 17 hours,lol. }, anybody who is interested about it?! read the review my friends!

winning strick 4:

i was checking out some new albums and video clips.

eminem new clip from his new album"recovery" and it was awsom, looks like eminem is a new man right now.

"florence and the machine" its a new band and they have rock melody on their music but they already have a new genre ... its a great band with a red hair girl singer! hayley williams have an enemy right now,lol... but hayley is the winner, why?!

paramorewas mading a new video for their song "carful" and video is about their new tour "spring tour" and they already mix it up with their summer tour so it was the right time to make a new video... nice job.

muse and their new single for eclipse{thirth member of twilight series}movie "neutron star collision", its a rock song with beautiful klassik piano at the first and the end of the song{clap for muse new single}

30 seconds to mars and their new video for "closer to the edge" from their last album "its a war", its a live clip and they showed their power of fans in this clip which made in their world tour.

and some others that i dont remember them all,lol ... all the video are avalible in MTV rock channel{charts} in HD quality and in you tube with good quality, enjoy if youre a rocker or metal head.

winning strick 4:

i got tim burton collection 3 days ago and i watch many of them so hears the first movie:


tim burtom movies and animations are all rated "E" if you asking me because when my mam watched the beetlejuice, she liked it and when a 5 years boy watched it, he liked it too and when i watched it 3 days ago, i liked it too.

tim burton is an gothic director and its clear when you watch all of his works.

beetle juice is about two young person who were married and they already in a vacation and they have a "sirish"{somone who will not leave you if you ask him/her to leave 1000 times a day!} and she want to make them sell the house but they love their house.

one day a bad accident will happend and both of them died on that moment but they didnt know and after a few hours they will understand that what was happend and they not survived the accident.

they find a handbooks which have method of living for dead people ... they want to start working with those methods but its a bad time ... that woman did what she wanted to do, she sell the house and our ghosts have some new guest now.

they all like modern people who dont like old fashions except the daughter of that family, she's an alone girl and she's tierd of the world but she can see those ghostes and this is the moment that the real story is begin ... .

as i said it was time burton first movie and he made hisstail on this movie which make him an ecpesial director.

your turn!, what do you thing about beetlejuic my friends?

until jul!

my pc have prob right now and i cant get online until "jul1".

anyway i will go to mountain and if my pc was ok, i will not able to be online again,lol.:):D:lol::twisted:

sorry/ oh america/ and tim burton started.


im sorry for being late for what i promissed{ tim burton movies },:oops:, my pc had a prob and i fixed it so here we go:):

oh america.

last night i was watching america soccer game VS gana:twisted: ... my money was on america win but my uncle said gana will win,he put 30 dollars and i put 30 too:twisted: and i said danovon{ number 10 of america } will sccored the first goal for america, he said i knew:|, but his daughter said: ok, ten more?! i said ok:D ... 40 dollars of my moneys was there:shock: and i just could get ten dollars back:cry:, america lost 2-1, i lost 30 dollars:(:cry:, danovon sccored and i win 10 dollars:|, this time america didnt answer for me,lol ... i was thinkink about: ok, if i win, i will beone step closer to 3DS:twisted: but now i have to go one step back,lol... america always was a good choice for me: i did that on vancouver winter games for many american atlets and i won but not this time.

and tim burton started:

creating a commedy movie by tim burton in 1989 which called:beetlejuice was the time that burton showed what he can do.

beetlejuice was a little scary but its not rated on scary titles and tim burton made his working sail of making movie on this movie.

beetlejuice got famuse very fast and concessionaire of the batman frenchise in warner company got intrested about burton working stail so they put one of the biggesst titles of the world in to the burton hands after bob kane* showed the green light to burton movie.

MR tim had a difficult job, he must make a better batman than the last one{last batman in 1940}... 49 years after first one!

he had a harder job too, making joker!

he done his job very well, directing the movie very good and made joker so well and after that a nostalgice feeling for the fans ...

this was what i was interested to tell before starting reviews.

heres some links for you to find more info:




i wrote stail like that because GS didnt let me write "st#le"!

make it white

ok, i was thinking about changing my page alittle.:):D

first: i think it was very dark:evil: and i put some new pics on it:twisted:.

banner: its HIM{ a gothic metal/rock band }, its a new pic from them and its white, i was thinking about white because its make everything clear and eyes like to watch somthing white:P.

blog image: its amberian dawn { an opera gothic metal band}, both of these bands are from finland and again this pic is white and i was ... .:lol:

profile pic: these are the last characters with new clothes and another genre of drawing and its white again and i was ... .:lol::lol:

i will get all of tim burton movies and animations in this week or next week8), his my fav director and his a legend for me.

i like to make a line of reviews of his works:idea:, does any of you intrested about it? i will review one movie or animation of him every 3/4 days!?:twisted: what do you think?

remember me

its 3:08 AM here and im here to speak with new york...

new york...youre a nice city but i know how dirty you are.

new york... youre a happy city but i know how sick you are.

new york...youre a big city but ... look at these people!?

new york ... you have strong building but i know your heart beaking many times a day.

one day there was a boy, he had a sister, she was very nice, boy name was taylor, he take care of his sister because his dad have many work...he cant be there always.

taylor sister love drawing, she draw many nice pics from her father, her brother and many things...

artists are not like others, they can be heart broken by a very little wrong move from you but his father did somthing very bad....

taylor is realy angry of his father now...if you give him a gun, for sure he will kill his father, but...

one day after somthing bad happend to his sister he find out that he has a great father...but why? why always must that bad thing happend to us to understand that we have good people close to ourselfs... why they dont act like good people to make us believe that theyre good.

taylor do a bad thing too... but this time for saying... dont let that bad thing happend again.

no one can tell the story of this movie for anybody...you have to find it by yourself... i just try to tell a little of story by a kid language.

... from 10, ... taylor from 10.

where the wild things are is where the van helsing doomsday is, goemon!

i saw some new movies these days but they all not new and i try to get some old great movies too like van helsing.


it was the greatest eastern movie that i ever seen, i saw some others too but they all finished very bad but this one is realy great.

genre is action and its not completely movie and you will see many anime tems durring the movie.

storyline is awsome and last 30min of the game you will have a special feeling...its about 2 guys who will be the great wariors of king but one of the closest king mans kill the kin gbecause he want the power of goverment, he was a poor man and king helps him but when a poor man see this power...

all of you will like this one and im sure that:GelugonBaat, NeonNinja, Dustwalker, uglypinkmoose and grunt will like this movie so much.

its a 11 from 10


its an old title but it was great.

story is about deracula and he's demon ladys which will do everything for deracula and van helsing must destroy them and helps the village peolpe which live near the deracula castle.

durring the movie van helsing felt in love and a werewolve bit him... and some other reseons make a great movie.

first van helsing movie was born in 1937 and director of the movie got helps from that old movie.

the only thing which makes the movie a little bad is the funny consepts which is unusual in this movie.

its a 8.5 from 10.


a deadly vairus start to kill people in scotland and other countrys goverments and scotland goverments see no way and no antivairus to help the people and they make a wall all around the scotland and people cant get out and now one can come in too.

story begin many years later and a special group is going to scotland to looking for survivers and they felt in a big trubble...so many people survive and they making big groups now and live on their ways...some like 1000 years ago and some others like very old south american people { before discovering america }

main character is from scotland which is in the special ops who went to scotland....

it was a great movie but storyline wasnt realy good.

0.8 from 10

where the wild things are:

story about a small boy who like to live like a dog or a wolf like every child and one night he scape from home and he find himself in a new world with some unusual animals...

hesaid to them he was with vikings and he's a king and know many magic just like other childs do...and they believe him.

they making many story togethers and do some child funs like: making a war or making a home by they hands.

but things turn wrong and they .... ok, it enough,lol.

0.8 from 10.


press cons are over and i think ... no ... im sure sony was the winner...big stag,long time show,great games and we see newell from valve in sony press and portal game.:shock::shock::o

i dont like to say which con was better because i always like E3 and all the press con.:P

i like this years con of MS too and i like nintendo DS parts because i realy like DS and dont intrested in wii.:D

so, what do you think...who was the winner?

russia+america=boommm!!?! i like it!



NAME OF THE MOVIE IS: undisputed III: redamtion.

its about a russian boxer who want reveng and he's a prisoner who's the champion of prison boxing... in his way, he find a american boxer and they was enemy first but then american help russian then russian help american then russian save american life and then american save russian life... wow ... it was a nice movie and shows that if this 2 will get together no one can stand agains them.

all of you have to watch this movie... its very great and this is just what im looking for, they even didnt know each others name until last secunce of the movie but they realy match together... im not saying every thing because its start to get spoiler but please watch this movie... all of you will like it my american friends and friends from other countrys,lol.

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