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MAG 2 Concepts and Ideas!

I hope most of you remember MAG. You know, that game that walked the extra mile with online multiplayer with having 256 player battles.

On a console.

I know most found it mediocre when compared with other top shooters, but I actually ranked it among big FPS's such as Halo or Battlefield. However, even I can't escape the fact that it did have some problems. Dated graphics, crappy DLC, not a whole lot of guns, and some balancing issues are just a few.

But I also noticed that Zipper missed out on some good oppunities for making this game pretty great and innovative. Here are some of my ideas that should be implemented in "MAG 2", or whatever the next MAG game is, assuming Zipper or some random company is actually developing it.

1/new, better graphics engine

MAG's graphics held up pretty decently, considering the game had to deal with 256 players in a single match on a console. 32 players is miniscule when compared to a whopping 256 players, but just look at Killzone 3's multiplayer. It held up nicely, especially with the high quality graphics.

I'm not asking for Zipper to make MAG 2 have as good graphics as Killzone 3 while still keeping 250+ players, but I'm asking them for using as much power the PS3 can give to them to give players the greatest FPS experience as possible.

2/more factions

The 3 factions in MAG were great, but each faction had their own feeling. Raven had their technology, intelligent thems with finesse and greater stealth; Valor had a similar feeling to the U.S. military with modern, realistic weaponry and decent technology; and S.V.E.R., with their overall badass gangster awesomeness, like a rebellion or anarchy, which also meant pretty poor technology and weaponry, but brute force.

Now, adding factions has a risk. More factions means further dividing up the player base, making for more factions, but with less players. Zipper would be taking a risk, but would be worth it if MAG 2 is as popular as FPS's like Call of Duty.

3/more free character slots

Originally, MAG only had the one character you could play as, which meant only one faction to choose. After fully developing your character, to play as a new faction, you'd have to delete your character and make a new one, flushing all progress made with that character down the drain.

But overtime, Zipper allowed us to have two other character slots, allowing us to have a character per faction. However, this came with a price.

Literally. You had to pay for extra character slots, and it wasn't just a one time fee. It was a subscription, just for some new characters. For MAG 2, there should be an equal amount of character slots as factions, and for free.

4/more weapons

MAG had a pretty decent amount of weapons, but there really needs to be tons of weapons for a massive game like this. I'm talking at least 70 different weapons, not including the different variants that can be made with attachments and upgrades and such.

Playing in a single match with over 200 players, it got really boring see the same guns with the same attachments over and over again. If Zipper is making a game with 256 players, you'd expect the rest of the game to be as big as the player count.

5/change the locales up a bit

We primarily had the U.S., some areas in Europe and some in Asia to fight on. This is cool, but imagine playing in other countries where the weather is different. Imagine fighting in Antartica, or in the Saharah Desert, or in the Amazon Basin. Or even on Mt. Everest.

Wouldn't that be awesome? Zipper could make some interesting maps and battles with different locales. Maybe you have to climb up Mt. Everest to get to the enemy base. Imagine sneaking through a jungle in the Amazon and then jumping at an enemy.

6/bigger maps

Maps in MAG were huge, length-wise. Going from one end of the map to the other would take a pretty long time without some kind of transport. The thing is, making the maps even longer would be boring. Flat maps are usually looked down upon.

So why not make the maps higher. Like what I said with Mt. Everest: not just with mountains, though. Imagine having to climb entire skyscrapers, or massive towers to finish objectives. Wouldn't that be awesome?

There's really only one more thing awesomer than that.

7/destructible environments

Let's bring those towers down. I have dreaming of MAG with destruction ever since I first started playing. The airstrikes and mortar attacks would have an even greater effect on the game if they actually put a dent in the environment, instead of just making a few big holes in the ground.

Let me give you a scenario.

You're climbing up a skyscraper overlooking a huge battle on the ground level. As you get higher and higher, you experience many costly battles. Teammates die, you get wounded. The top of the building seems almost impossible to reach, but the top means victory for you and your team.

You fight through the enemies, reaching the very top. You complete the objective for your team, allowing them to take another step to victory.

But then the skycraper begins to tilt, and before you know it, it starts to fall. The building is coming down after experiencing too much damage. You can't get back down through the building for the elevators are probably destroyed and the staircases would be impossible to traverse.

So you jump from the top with your parachute, and as you are in mid-air, you witness the building fall down onto the battlefield, destroying anything under it.

Wouldn't that be freaking awesome? The new engine would make it beautiful, along with the different weapons and tools to be used. Zipper could make some awesome moments in MAG 2.

They just need to start developing it. Assuming they haven't already started.

Thanks for reading!

:D 8)

Considering Buying a New iPad!

My original iPad is, for some reason, starting to show its age. Many games like Infinity Blade 2 are starting to refuse to work on it, and watching iPad 2 advertisements are starting to increase my envy of a new iPad.

iPad's are expensive technology, but nonetheless, I'm putting a new iPad into consideration. By the time I have a good amount of money stored for one, the iPad 3 will have probably release, so I'm aiming for the iPad 3.

What do you guys think?

Happy New Year! End of 2011 Awards + 50th Blog Post!

Happy New Year!

2011 was one of the best years of gaming. We saw a plethora of amazing games like Uncharted 3: Drake's Deceptionand The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and we saw new, innovative technology like the Kinect start taking a greater hold on gaming.

But that was last year. Now it's January 2nd, 2012. It's a new year, meaning new games, technology, and fun.


I didn't make an end of the year awards for 2011 blog post yet, so now would be the perfect time for it. I'll make it pretty simple and just list the award and which game won the award.

Genre Awards

Best Action/Adventure: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Best Driving: Forza Motorsport 4

Best Fighting: Mortal Kombat

Best Platformer: Little Big Planet 2

Best Puzzle: Portal 2

Best Role Playing: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Best Shooter: Gears of War 3

Best Sports: FIFA Soccer 12

Best Strategy: Total War: Shogun 2

Platform Awards

Best Xbox 360 Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Best PC Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Best PlayStation 3 Game: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Best Wii Game: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Best Handheld Game: Super Mario 3D Land

Best Mobile Game: Infinity Blade II

Game of the Year Award

The Best Game of 2011: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Thanks for reading, everyone! Remember that this was all in my opinion. :D

Let's have a great new year.

The Holidays Are Coming!

Ah, Christmas. That beautiful time of year where you get and give presents. If you have an account on this website, video games are probably very common on Christmas. They definatly are to me. So, Happy Holidays, everyone! What are your Christmas plans?

And I leave you with a Christmas cat. You're welcome.

Can i haz... BIRDS

Happy Holidays, everyone! :D

The Last of Us - New Game Being Teased, Full Reveal at VGA's!

There's this trailer circulating around the Interwebs for something called "The Last of Us." No one knows who made it, what it's all about, and really, if it's even a video game, besides the fact that it's being revealed at the VGA's.

Here's a link to the teaser:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=csubsCk86sw

And here's a link to the website, with another teaser:http://www.lastofus.com/

So, I'm going to assume that you've already seen the teaser beforereading this.

Basically, what you see in the first teaser trailer of "The Last of Us" is kind of a montage of different riots, attacks and such being not really narrated, but being talked over by a man. Other than that, we don't have much information to gain from the trailer.

However, what I did notice was that it had its own channel, so of course I checked it out. That's when I saw that the channel was made in 2006. This shows that the game could have been in the works for a long time now.

(Also, forgot to mention that whatever it is, it's going to be PlayStation 3 exclusive.)

Now, with the website and the other trailer, you'll seen an insect crawling on a plant when suddenly, the back plant starts growing like crazy. And then that's really it. No information to get there.

Just to wrap things up, something is going to be revealed on December 7, 2011, 3 days before the VGA's.

What are you guys thinking?

Game Matchup: Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3!

This year was full of shooters. We had Homefront, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Killzone 3, Gears of War 3, and many more. But none of them really stood out like Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. The two rivaling video games took in millions of dollars and sold millions of copies. Both were extremely successful.

But the two were already being compared way back in 2010, when they were first teased. We already knew that the two were going head to head this year. Now, this would be a perfect Game Matchup. So, for today, we have Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3.


I was so surprised at how boring Battlefield 3 can be. The campaign is just terrible on its own, but the game is just so boring at times that it makes you want to shut off your console. However, the multiplayer is good fun at times, but those downtimes when you're rushing from one area to the next is bland and really not fun at all.

Modern Warfare 3, on the other hand, feels like it's always bringing in something new and exciting. The campaign is probably one of the best this year, and multiplayer is still tons of fun. But the real fun to be had is the co-op mode, Special Ops.

Survival mode and Mission mode, both extremely well thought out and completed, are simply one of the most fun times you'll ever have playing a video game.

Winner: Modern Warfare 3


We could tell that Battlefield 3 would be the best looking game of 2011. It might be even the best looking game of all time, beating out other games like Gears of War and Crysis. While the console version (which is where the comparisons are being made) doesn't look quite as good as its PC master, it still looks beautiful, better than Modern Warfare 3. While Battlefield 3 is full of visual glitches and Modern Warfare 3 seems to be without glitches, Modern Warfare 3's graphics can't reach Battlefield 3's graphical fidelity.

Winner: Battlefield 3


One could argue that Battlefield 3 is the best looking game of all time, but you can't argue whether or not Battlefield 3 is the best sounding game of all time. 'cause it is. It even beats out its predecessors Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 2. Modern Warfare 3 sounds nowhere near as good as Battlefield 3.

Winner: Battlefield 3


Battlefield 3's singleplayer is so atrociously bad that it shouldn't even be mentioned. Ever. The story is terrible, the game is very linear, the gameplay is boring, and it's completely forgettable. Modern Warfare 3's singleplayer is a bit better, but not by a whole lot.

Modern Warfare 3 has a short-and-sweet singleplayer campaign with a half decent story and plenty of memorable moments. While it doesn't reach the amazing campaign awesomeness in its predecessors Call of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3's campaign is still pretty fun.

Winner: Modern Warfare 3


Battlefield 3's multiplayer is where you really should play. Screw the terrible campaign and random co-op missions: you've got a war to fight. And that's why the multiplayer is so awesome. You feel like a true soldier in the middle of a warzone and you have to work with your teammates to gain victory. It's amazing. Modern Warfare 3 features more of a arcade-like run and gun multiplayer mode with plenty of rewards, but it doesn't feel as cool as the gritty, intense multiplayer featured in Battlefield 3.

Winner: Battlefield 3


Battlefield 3 has nothing extra to really play. There's absolutely no reason to play the worthless singleplayer, and even if you did and finished it, there isn't a reason to go back. Co-op is pretty pointless, too, only featuring 6 levels. Multiplayer is there, and that's it. You won't find anything extra in Battlefield 3.

But in Modern Warfare 3, you see that the campaign has 48 different intel pieces to grab, all for some extra replay value in the campaign. And completing the campaign on Veteran awards you with a couple achievements. And then there's Special Ops, a completely thought out, well executed co-op mode that pits you and someone else in either a) missions from the campaign that have been slightly edited or b) a multiplayer map that has you survive multiple rounds of enemies. And then, the multiplayer is still tons of fun and has plenty to unlock.

Modern Warfare 3 has a ton of extras, and Battlefield 3 has none.

Winner: Modern Warfare 3


If you've read the Extras section of this Game Matchup, then you know that Modern Warfare 3 wins Lasting Appeal. Sure, Battlefield 3 has pretty awesome multiplayer, but you can only level up to level 45 and really, that's kinda it. There are no reasons to play the campaign and co-op, and if you did, there's no point to replay it.

Modern Warfare 3 is the complete opposite of that. Spec Ops is a ton of fun and will last you more than 40 hours of play. Campaign, if you really want to replay it, will last you another 10 to 15 hours of replay for Veteran and Intel pieces. And then finally, there's the epic multiplayer with 80 levels and 10 prestige levels that will surely last you months and years past the release date.

Modern Warfare 3 has a reason to keep playing.

Winner: Modern Warfare 3


Modern Warfare 3! I'm probably one of the biggest Battlefield fanboys out there, but even I have to admit being slightly disappointed in Battlefield 3. It's still a great game, but DICE still has a ways to go before they can beat out Infinity Ward's juggernaut franchise, Call of Duty. Congratulations, Infinity Ward and Modern Warfare 3.

Thanks for reading! :D

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, all of you Americans. Today is a fantastic holiday of eating, playing video games, and buying cheap stuff. I mean, I bought Fallout New Vegas for $5 on Steam! This is a great day!

Here's a random picture of a turkey for celebration!


No Battlefield 3 for Me (PC Not Working)

Well, that's unfortunate.

Battlefield 3 and Battlelog refuse to work. Everytime I try something, it won't work. After spending hours and hours trying to figure out how to get it to work, I have decided to just return the sucker and get it for the Xbox 360.

So, my review won't be for the PC version, and I won't be able to get anything out until I actually find the time to exchange it for the Xbox 360 version.

But, it is somewhat fair do to the fact that I will be playing Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox 360 as well, so it'll make the final Game Matchup much more "do-able."

In the mean time, here's a nice picture of a walrus. Enjoy and thanks for your patience.

Epic picture of a walrus.

Battlefield 3's Coming Out Tomorrow!

Ah, I remember, around 8, 9 months ago, seeing the Battlefield 3 Teaser Trailer, and being amazed. DICE was finally bringing us the game we've always wanted, ever since 2005 when Battlefield 2 released. Us Battlefield gamers just needed it.

And then we saw small snippets of gameplay to a full 12 minutes of gameplay, and then huge trailers showing off things from multiplayer and the Frostbite 2 engine at E3.

And now, finally, the wait is over.


Everyone who has played a Battlefield game knows how it feels to finally bring one home, to put it into the tray and finally enter the Battlefield.

I'll see you on the Battlefield.


Game Matchup: Killzone 3 vs. Crysis 2!

So, a while back, I was considering a game matchup between Crysis 2 and Killzone 3. Finally, I played Crysis 2, and Killzone 3, so now, here it is.


There's something about Killzone 3 that makes it tons of fun. Maybe it's the intense shooting mechanics. Maybe it's the fantastic control scheme. Maybe it's the lengthy multiplayer mode. But I know that I had more fun playing Killzone 3 than Crysis 2. Crysis 2 is fun, yes, but something about it just makes it not as fun.

Winner: Killzone 3


Crysis 2 is obviously one of the better looking titles on consoles. Never have I seen such a beautiful, well designed game on an Xbox 360, graphically. Killzone 3 is a fantastic looking game on its own; however, it doesn't have the perfection that is Crysis 2's graphics. Some things aren't designed. Some things have graphic drops and don't look as good as other things. Crysis 2 keeps a level of graphic perfection throughout the entire game, never dropping.

Winner: Crysis 2


Both games sound great, no doubt, but Crysis 2 doesn't have the booming sense of awesomeness with its sound design that Killzone 3 has. Explosions rock your ears, gunfire bursts around you, and slowly sneaking up on an enemy while invisible, and hearing your footsteps move slowly to your prey is just simply stunning. You won't have any moment in Crysis 2 has many great moments, but they aren't fully realized due to the fact that the sound design isn't at the same perfection level as its graphics. Killzone 3 does.

Winner: Killzone 3


The Crysis 2's singleplayer campaign is just a must-play. The story is great, the sense of place and time is realistic, and the characters are fantastic. Killzone 3's singleplayer is littered with problems, ranging from annoying characters to bad voice acting to a poorly written story.

Winner: Crysis 2


Killzone 3's multiplayer is the better part of the game. Crysis 2's is not. Crysis 2's multiplayer is a seemingly poor copy off from other popular video games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, and is just not fun. The game is poorly balanced and the maps are terrible. Killzone 3, on the other hand, features massive, unique battles that are thrilling and will hold your interest for a lot longer than Crysis 2 can (and the great stat-tracking and leveling system is a great bonus, too).

Winner: Killzone 3


Killzone 3 doesn't feature a whole lot besides the 2 main game modes, other than a fun little bot mode. Crysis 2 features a whole plethora of extras like in-game collectibles, extra videos, unlockable soundtracks, and more. Crysis 2 has tons to offer outside of single- and multiplayer game modes.

Winner: Crysis 2


Crysis 2's singleplayer is long and fun, and has plenty of collectibles to find. However, the multiplayer is just terrible. Once you finish the singleplayer, you really won't have a reason to keep playing. Killzone 3's multiplayer will hold your interest for months and years. You will find yourself playing Killzone 3 for much longer than Crysis 2.

Winner: Killzone 3



Killzone 3 is a fantastic PS3 exclusive game, and just a fantastic game overall. It's an unforgettable and thrilling experience that you will always be finding yourself playing. Crysis 2 is great, too, and is close to the thrilling experience of Killzone 3. But now, Killzone 3 is what to play.

Thanks for reading! :D :) 8)