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The R4i is something more advantageous version of the R4i v.2. The main difference between this new version of the R4i and older one is only that I have found is the previous one can hold the data up to 2GB. While this new version of the R4i can hold the data up to 32GB. So it's great one.

Now you have feature to store the data up to 32GB in single R4i card. That's the reason why people are attracting with this latest version of the R4i card. 32GB capacity means you can store any number of images, files, videos and your important data.

r4i sdhc user view

Storing such amount of data in single card is easy to manage. You have never worried about to store the data in more than one card and replace one with other one when you have to need that one. So your work for managing your important data is becoming too easy as well as nice.

For me this one would be nicer. So I have already buy this one for me. These cards work best with Nintendo range of products. So that would be nicer to use with your Nintendo products such as your gaming console as well as other one. Thus, wide variety of the features which people may found in it is awesome and it that's the main reason why people may choose it more.


R4i SDHC 3DS has their own benefits. That's why it becomes more popular compare to other gaming card. The main use of the R4i SDHC 3DS is used to take the backup of your video game which you are enjoying your console.

The R4i SDHC has the variety of the uses. You can use the R4i SDHC for playing the musical file, taking the backup of game which already you have, read the ebook and store any other data which you have.

r4i sdhc 3ds user view

It can also provide the same facility as you can used with your Micro SD Card. In the market there are variety of the size available for R4i SDHC 3DS. So you can use according to your need.

Here you can also plug your R4i SDHC 3DS card with your computer. So now you can share data which are located in your R4i SDHC 3DS directly in your computer. So you can utilise it fo your computer. You can also downlaod the data from your PC to your R4i SDHC 3DS card.


R4i Card one of the most popular card for playing the game. It is the Nintendo's storage devices which is used to store a licensed developer's work which can include the images, video games or any active downloaded commercial games. R4i Card is a type of flash card which look like small chip with great capacity and support to do speedy work in Micro SD card and allows you to use the benefit which is support that includes browse favourite pictures, watch movies from it, playing online music, learning from e-Books. Nintendo is considered it to be the next decade gaming cards in which R4i Card is the more concentrative area. R4i card is a great device in the world of great gaming industry which have lots of fun, thrill and excitement. If you do not have a Micro SD Card then you can use the R4i Cards for storing your data and information. It is the most general way through which you can store your gaming detail in it. It is the proffered way which is used by so many game player. It is also necessary for your R4i card to function correctly R4i firmware must be installed on the card. It is the first requirement which you have to full-fill for enjoy your R4i CARDS. To download latest stable version of the R4i software then r4isdhc-r4ds is the ideal place for that. r4isdhc-r4ds only one sources genuine which can provide the original cards from the official supplier who can guarantee about the authenticity and also assure our customers that they can shop safe.

Gaming with r4 card

R4 card, as we know these types of cards are used to store any kind of information. They usually Nintendo DS DSI-like devices are also used for video games. Indeed R4 is a name that is very common and it is a very unique DS. Also known as the revolution takes to the brand. General Home-brew games of this type of creative cards or some kind of amateur sports like play to use. In addition to playing games on these devices but we can use them for storage purposes. The size of a regular DS The game consists of a cartridge-like but the advantage is that these devices can be used to PC Mother and Macintosh. You have to enjoy the real gaming and experience your self with the real thrill and adventure then you have to use the r4 card. It is the best one which you can use for your gaming and enjoy it much more. There are different category of the r4 card. You have to choose the best one according to your need. This can makes your gaming experience well and nice.