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rad racer and clay fighter

i'm level 7 now - rad racer! anyone remember 'clay fighter' for super nintendo? that game is probably my favorite fighting game of all time. i think that would be a good name for a level on gamespot.

diggity debt free yall!

i drove to madison tosay and paid off my $1200 in medical bills and instantly became debt free. it feels so good to have everything cleared up. next up - buying a house!

money and new toys

got my taxes done the other day and found out i was getting $4,000+. so i went a little crazy - i bought an ice auger (for those of you who dont know, its a large drill type mechanism that makes holes in the ice for fishing), a propane lantern, a pair of skechers for $15 (what a deal!), a bunch of things for making beer. the hard cider i started making about a week ago is coming along nicely, only 2 more weeks to go.

a death in the family

went ice fishing yesterday, caught NOTHING! I did buy an ice fishing shanty though, it is awesome. The playoffs are shaping up pretty much they way they should, it dosent count for much now but back in week 13 I picked the Falcons and Steelers. I suppose i should have put that down on paper or something.


went ice fishing again today, didnt do all that well, but a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work!

my first review!

I just got to level 6 and did my first review, for deer hunter 5. i'm looking forward to writing lots more. my back is still killing me from yesterday, hopefully it will miraculiously heal in time for work on monday - 12 hours is a long time to be on your feet with a sore back. i've got to work on metroid prime again, i'm just stuck and have to wrok through it.

new beginnings

happy new year. i need to get some new shoes, mine smell like cats. whats even more disturbing is i dont own cats. hurt my back today putting the christmas tree away. packers last game of the season is tomorrow. i go back to work on monday. the depression mounts...

time to make the beer

last year around this time i brewed my own beer. it was not very good. i think i am going to try it again but in order to do that i need to buy more stuff, but in order to do that more money is needed. aghh! i'm excited to do this again though!

an it continues

just obtained prince of persia for the GBA. excited to get to level 6 on my account so i can actually write some reviews and stuff.
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