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Some new consoles and stuff...

Hey, So I heard that a new handheld console will be released and it's from Nvidia! What a surprise this is, I never expected them to come up with a console. It's called "Project Shield" right now. I'm not sure if that's what they'll call their console, but probably not. Anyway here are its features: Nvidia - Project Shield

5-inch 720p retinal multi-touch display

I've gotta say, it looks sick and its features are amazing. It's both an Android handheld and a PC controller, PLUS you can redirect the game screen of your PC to it and use it as your controller, kinda like the PSP's Remote Play.

There's another new console, a home console at that, called Steam Box. As it's name suggests, it's by Valve, the creators of Steam. Somehow it's a PC/console hybrid. You may install Windows, upgrade it (I mean the inside itself like RAM and stuff, if I am not mistaken).

Xi3 at CES

It comes with Linux OS preinstalled (which is why I said you may install Windows) and it's so small that almost the whole box fits in your grip.

Having talked about those two, it makes me feel sad I couldn't have them. I don't have teh moniez. :cry: