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PC gaming decline:why?

Consoles are domianting the gaming industry but why PCs have superior capabilities, you can play mods and run dedicated servers, why are consoles so dominant? Is it the costs involved with purchising a good rig, it just seems odd.

Gaming Industry Stagnating?

What's gone wrong with game developers these days? Characters are no longer binge-eating, yellow almost circles or Italian-American plumbers. It seems like in every game the protagonist is a macho space marine with testosterone so densely packed inside of him that it seeps out of his body at regular intervals. I'm a sci-fi fan but even to me the space marine formula is beginning to seem bland and repetitive {at least Interstellar Marines might get it right}. Also, every plot has the same evil aliens/terrorists/North Koreans/mutants invading some where and its up to you to stop them but the evil aliens/terrorists/North Koreans/mutants have some big nasty bomb/laser/worm that has to be destroyed or everyone will die. Then the good guys win { of course some enemies survive for the identical sequel} and the developers get massive amounts of money. Wait maybe its not the developers fault maybe its just the majority of gamers want identical, bland stories that don't get in the way of slaughtering aliens/terrorists/North Koreans/mutants

Top 5 games of the decade

I do a podcast called batch42 with some friends and we recently did a top 5 games of the decade vote here are the results{in no order}:

1.Team Fortress 2

2.Halo 3

3.Cod 6

4.Age of Empires 2


BF2 modding

Finally school is over! I've got some awesome modding ideas for bf2 that I wan't to do now

Starcraft 2:WOL

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty is approaching release{fingers crossed}. I've been waiting for this game so long. I guess the lenghty development time means they want to perfect the game{let's hope this game doesn't go the way of Duke Nukem Forever}.

Heavy Rain

The new game Heavy rain is looking awesome. Finally a game that gives players the freedom to do anything


Reading my earlier blog posts I realized I sound like a really angry and whiny guy and a bit of a jerk. Well sorry to everyone.

Yet another complaint

I recently purchased the BF2 complete collection and I am really annoyed that EA and Dice didn't even bother programming AI for 2 of the maps{ which happened to be the ones I was looking forward to the most}. Why? Sure the Battlefield series has always focused on multiplayer gameplay but just disregarding the singleplayer component seems stupid and rather pointless. Surely developers would want to make their game as fun and appealing to everyone as much as possible? Why do developers do things like this again and again it doesn't gain them anything?

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