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I only recently discovered this truly wonderful website called trueachievements.org. Before long, I have completely and utterly been addicted to it. I am an xbox achievement whore, thusly I enjoy seeing my progress and boasting it before my xbox comrades (plus the rest of the world!). Come and join my horde. Use my gamertag 'deutschzuid' as the referral when you register and add me as a friend!...

Games for Windows - Live - Revisited

Version 3 was released a while back and it fixed one of the most vexing annoyances when using Games for Windows - Live - the hotspots on a button weren't where you expected them to be. You needed to click about 2-3mm below where you thought the clickable area was. Not a software-breaking bug - but annoyance all the same. This has been fixed in version 3 of this utility. God bless MS - finally managed to fix something.

King's Bounty

This game is very much reminiscent of the Heroes might and magic series, but even better. Improved graphics, and gameplay are what make this game stand out from other games of its genre. I've been playing it for the last 3 weeks now (not continuously obviously) and I have just reached level 19 with my paladin. In my opinion, in late game, the paladin is probably the most troop efficient as it starts out with the resurrect spell, which, with the correct talents and plenty of Intelligence, can be used 6-7 times per battle +1 more with inquisitors. Anyway, I will keep playing and see it turns out.

My first look at Fallout 3 and Game for Windows - Live

A few words can sum up this game nicely - worth A LOT more than what I paid for it. THe graphics are adequate. The voice acting is vivid and realistic, although the characterisation is a little too bland over all. The storyline has always been a strong point of the Fallout series and this sequel has made no attempt to become the exception. All in all, beautiful, stunning, lively and engrossing - 9.5.

Now onto something more interesting. I only just discovered Game for Windows - Live, which allows you to store you game achievements online (only valid for selected Windows games, but still) following the success of its parallel in xbox360. Hey, Microsoft's got it right finally! From their point of view, it's, in fact, a brilliant way of retaining its customer base and keeping people wanting to come back for more. I, for one, will be replaying this game, just to get all the achievements. (I think the hardest in this game being the KILL ALL SUPERMUTANTS achievement. I will probably need a guide for this one.

This Live feature will (if not already) also support challenges over the Net that accept players from both platforms.... wonderful... although Xbox players will be at a disadvantage due to its clumsier controls.

Anyhow, this is it from me today. Keep fighting the good fight, Fallout players... enjoy the game!!

Murphy's law

Ahaha.. *laughing cynically and hysterically to himself* yes.. this is totally Murphy's Law. Just as you think that today is the release date of RA3 in New Zealand, they.. they.. the blood-suckers, the money launderers, decide to postpone it to next week... So another week of sleepless nights, how will I survive the coming week?

Luckily.. Fallout 3 has been released on schedule. I am on my two knees with tears streaming down my cheeks and hands holding up towards the firmament in gratitude. God, you haven't failed me completely and uou have made my life whole....BUT you were that close from crossing the line, so watch it next time, you! If it wasn't for that, i'd stage a protest against the gaming industry for playing relentlessly with the mind of fervent gamers such as myself.

I will let you get away with this time. In the mean time, Fallout.. here I come.

Long wait is over..... not....

So the long wait is finally over. The long-awaited Red Alert 3 has just been released yesterday..... - for those living in the States that is!!... The release date for Europe and the Australasian regions, as I just found out disappointingly yesterday as I made my merry way into the local gameshop, has been set to the 31st Oct. ... I left the gameshop like a deflated balloon... That is a lot more devastating than the expression of an expectant father pacing up and down the hallway of a gynaecological ward only to find out that he has to wait for another day for the baby..