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Shogungamer.com, new gaming site you should visit.

Hey everyone, I am going to talk about a new gaming site called shogungamer.com. It is in beta form and constantly evolving, but looks and works better then GS. It is mostly has news on PS3 or Multiplatform games because most of the people that are on the site are PS3 owners but the creator wants to make it an all gaming website, that will include Microsoft and Nintendo. The forums are active and always buzzing with news and many topics to talk about. Click the link above or click the link right here to join: http://shogungamer.com/. If you do join let them know I sent you the invite and I hope to see you there.

Found ICO!!!!!!

I finally found a used copy of this game. I got it for 17.99 with my edge card and to me that is a steal. I usually find it at least 30 bucks online and I got it for almost half. The copy is in excellent condition and I hope to play it soon. I didn't think that finding a rare game would be my first blog entry here, lol.