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#1 Posted by jamers (662 posts) -

I currently have the following, and am looking to buy up any others:


Grizzled Veteran

The Hawk

Gallant Grunt

Rogueish Renegade


Radar whatever

and the stupid Borderlands 1 crossover helmet.


#2 Posted by jamers (662 posts) -

I'm pretty far along in the story missions (at "Where Angels Fear to Tread", pt 2...just took down the BUNKER ship). I'm worried about moving forward as I don't want to hit a point of no return as far as using the fast travel kiosks go. I'm looking to complete all the side missions in one go, and I've left the final rounds of the Creature Slaughter Dome and Bandit Slaughter Domes unfinished so I can rerun them to grind gear and xp (btw for anyone looking to do this, just fight your way through wave four then save and quit, repeat).

Is there a point coming up where I will no longer be able to use a travel kiosk to eventually return and sweep those clean so as to knock out all the side missions? Thanks!

#3 Posted by jamers (662 posts) -

It does, apparently. That's what worries me; that's definitely happened to me, but I can't remember if I reloaded afterward or let it slide, assuming it didn't count.

#4 Posted by jamers (662 posts) -

Just bought the Ultimate Edition and I know the level cap was upped to 50. I remember being fairly close to maxed at lvl 30 (the useful stuff for sure) with high INT. I have to imagine that maxing out skills would happen well before 50, maybe level 40 or so? Is this the case?
Just wondering if I should forego the usual points in INT at character creation, as I'm sure I'll hit the level max.


#5 Posted by jamers (662 posts) -

My local game shop is closed for the night, but I was planning on buying this and starting over. If I start a new game with my original disc, then go trade that in for the Ultimate Edition, will I be able to load up my save when I eventually get the Ultimate Edition disc, or will it read as a separate game?


#6 Posted by jamers (662 posts) -

I'm in a bit of a bind here: I've bee sticking to SL 120 for the longest time because I wanted to remain active in multiplayer, but I'm walking around with 3.5M souls and obviously don't want to lose them all by doing something stupid. I'm about to go into my third playthrough to wrap up the Knight's Honor achievement, and I'm wondering if I'll be able to let other players join my world on boss fights if necessary, if I go ahead and level well past 120 SL.

I know that there are different rules governing level ranges when trying to invade using the Red Eye Orb versus the Forest Covenant Ring, etc., so can anyone please break down what the stipulations on regarding letting other players join your world for boss fights?


#7 Posted by jamers (662 posts) -

Actually I finally made my way out of whatever area I was in and was able to use it in the Demon's Ruins / Lost Izalith area without ever contributing humanity (on this playthrough). /shrug

#8 Posted by jamers (662 posts) -

I'm playing on NG+ and still have my Red Eye Orb from my previous playthrough. Just joined the Darkwraith Covenant and noticed my orb is grayed out and that I can't use it. Do I have to offer up another 10 humanity to gain +1 standing with the covenant just to be able to use it again?

#9 Posted by jamers (662 posts) -

Phew! She still spawned. Just went back to Anor Londo and followed the necessary steps as normal.

Thanks for the reply!

#10 Posted by jamers (662 posts) -

I'm at Seath but just realized that I forgot to talk to Siegmeyer a second time after defeating the Silver Knights in Anor Londo (to receive the Tiny Being Ring and have him move on), therefore Sieglinde's Golden Golem didn't spawn.
If I move on and kill Seath, then return to Anor Londo and talk to Seigmeyer, can I return to the Duke's Archives and free Sieglinde, or do I have to handle that first? I'm going for all the achievements, and thus need Siegmeyer's Emit Force.


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