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Its exam time!

Just 7 weeks or so until I sit my exams, and I can't wait, (ahem). I've decided to make a deal with myself which is if I don't get GTA 4 until after I finish the exams then I'll automatically perform well. I need 4 'B' grades to get into college, I'm a bit nervous but the required grades are definately not beyond me.

Anyone because of these f**king exams I wont be on Gamespot much (if at all). Not that you'll care but I thought I'd post this blog so you can celebrate.

Wish me luck.........! :?

Has anyone had a ban for no reason

I got a ban on sending messages for a whole week because I supposedly sent an abusive message to some guy who didnt like one of my reviews.

If anyone has had a ban for any reason at all please share it with me.Cheers.