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Pokemon X and Y? Thoughts on it

Pokemon X and Y has been announced, and I love the whole 3D graphics of the game, and the new battle look, It reminds of Pokemon colosseum on the N64 what I loved, so I am one for this. But after reading peoples comments got me pretty annoyed, comments like "oh its just going to be the same pokemon". To be fair, pokemon will always be like this, how do expect them to change it, make it a FPS instead of catching the pokemon? try and get my point here. I could say the exact same thing about CoD, no change to the game what so ever, just new guns, new maps. Could say the same thing about pokemon, new pokemon (guns), new area and gym leaders (maps). It all plays out the same and this is what I'm trying to get my point across, How could they change pokemon? You can't in my eyes. I think this one looks fantastic, and I am not a pokemon fan boy as I have only played Red, Diamond and Black 1. But tell me what you think?

Will Dead space 3 be the same survival horror? or has it turned for the worst?

With Dead space 1 being very jumpy and having a gorgeous atmosphere to the game, It was one of the most successful horror games what came out for the consoles at the time. Then Dead space 2 came out, Don't get me wrong, Dead space 2 was a fantastic game to play, but I felt it lost that horror feel to the game, nothing really made you think 'Woah That made me jump', but of course that is my opinion, people may think different. Then Dead space 3 was announced and more game play was released for the game, looking at the game, I really don't know what to think, because I can't really judge what the game is going to be like after watching 20 minuets of game play, but watching this, it looks like it has turned into a shooter, rather than a survival horror. I really do hope this is not the case, because Dead space is known for is scary atmosphere, It's horror elements, it's fantastic twisted story, but Dead space 3 I did not see none of this, just diving about shooting everything that moved. Please say I'm wrong, because it will be a shame for the Dead space trilogy to sink. Tell me what you guys think, I know we all have different opinions, so please no arguing about the subject. Thanks Jake Coe

Zelda: Majora's mask remake? What do you think? Do you want one?

For the past year now, there has been a lot of rumours of a remake of The legend of Zelda: Majora's mask coming to 3DS. I know that this is all rumours, but I want to believe they are true because Majora's mask was my favourite Zelda game of all time along with Ocarina of time. Tell me what you think? Do you want them to make a remake? Do you have proof that it may be happening? Let me know.