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Goodbye, Microsoft.

Three. Three xboxs. Three failures within five years. You know, I've put up with a lot. After the first xbox, I just said to myself; "These things happen, but what are the chances of it happening again?". And after the first defective unit, it wasn't so bad, easy to replace, thanks to a Gamestop warranty, and it was forgotten in a matter of weeks.

Fast forward two years later, and my second xbox red-rings. Once again, I just told myself that it was worth it, that Microsoft wasn't so bad after all, just a little dysfunctional. And then came my third xbox, bought as a gift with my brothers cold, hard cash. A year later, another error, and this time, no warranty, no brother buyout. I was on my own. For a while, I thought that Microsoft and I could rekindle our relationship. After all, Halo Reach had just come out, and Mass Effect 2 still had new DLC.

But then I realised, it's just not worth it. Over five hundred dollars and nearly five years later, Microsoft has pushed me over the edge. No Halo, no Mass Effect, no game could justify me purchasing another defective console from a company that seems to not care for their customers. Now, you may argue that the "new" xbox 360 fixes these errors, but knowing Microsofts track record, I'm sure another error will show up soon.

So, Microsoft, this is our goodbye. I've dumped my money, my time, and part of my life into your products only for you to betray me. I feel, as a customer, ripped off. And I dare anyone to argue differently. I refuse to pay for the "new" xbox 360, instead opting for a Playstation 3.

Yes, I am betraying my former console loyalty. Microsoft has finally drained all of the forgiveness out of me. And really, I couldn't have picked a better time, with the live rates going up the next time I renew. Playstation 3's may not be super fancy, but it's free. I've sold my xbox games and controllers and hard drive. Microsoft has made me a Sony/Nintendo loyalist.

While that may seem harsh to some, a company, a world renowned company, mind you should be a little more proffesional with it's products. But no, no. Charge me $150 dollars for a repair, or $299 for a new console instead. You'll make more money.


On a personal note, I am getting a Playstation 3 for Christmas. Game suggestions?

Gridnhouse Union

Ive created a Grindhouse Union. My problem is that I need 4 charter members. Is anyone interested in this union?

Basically it is about Indipendent movies, specifically exploitation or "Grindhouse" flicks. Does that mean you cant talk about games? Not at all. As you can probably tell by me being on Gamespot, I love games, and love to talk about them.

Main discutional focusses on this union are:

Exploitation flicks "Grindhouse films"

Independent films


Top Ten MM Characters

I have constructed a top ten coolest MM chartacters from the original series

I can tpost it here, because Gamespots text editor is atrocious, so please enjoy it at my blog, post comment on this site or on my blog, just say who you are if you go to my blog.

My blog

WARNING: Contains naughty language throughout site

My top ten VG villains pt 1


go now my pretties! Muhahhahahahah! Comments highly appreciatted. (in case your wondering why I just dont post it here, I have firefox, so I cant c&p and I really dont feel l ike rewriting it.)

Pee Ess Toooooooo

Well, I got a new 360, in case nobody figured that out yet, and I also got a ps2. Im very nappy with it. It makes me smile, except I bought it used and theres a tupid parental lock on it D=

Expect Reviews on:

Syphon Filter: Omega Strain

Metal Gear Solid 2

RE 4

RE: Code Veronica X

RE: Outbreak

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

Soulcalibur (360 Arcade version)

Tekken Tag Tournament

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

in the coming weeks. Stay classy San diego ;)

My xbox red ringed.

Yes, how the mighty have fallen. Its alonf story, but I think I know how it happened. I may be getting a new one in afew weeks, so until then, expect my reviews to be slim.... er.


There is this game on Gamespot called Shade (cant post URL because of Friefox) for Xbox and PC that came out about Oct. 29, 04. Now, Gamespot doesnt have a revew for it, neither do any users. Has anyone played this game? Is it any good? Is it even possible to find? If you can answer any of my questions, either comment on this blog, or simply PM me.