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New Guitar

Got a new Fender Mustang electric guitar with a Mustang I amp and cool gree n picks. :cool:

and no i dont randomly hit notes like some of you may think :| :P


Regarting to my last blog, I will hardly be on and if you want me to make sig, avy, etc (thats if you cant get anyone else to do it) the you can contact via Chatango, username: darkjak10 or if you wanna chat. >_>

A blog.

I'm probably not going to post anymore, but I will still be on and probably take sig and stuff requests, so yeah. :| >_>

My Computer.

My computer is acting weird so I might be less, but I'll try to stay on as much asI can.


Just wanna know how important graphics is to you guys. Like is it more important than story, game play, controls and such.

I think its near the bottem of the list.

What do you guys think?

Got FF13

Got Final Fantasy 13 today and it's awesome, but it's to early to grade it.Opinion tend to change when you play through a game.

FFXIII: X360 or PS3

I'm debating on getting Final Fantasy 13 on Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. I wont to get it on the 360 because of the achievements but i dont wont the 3 or so dics and 1 somehow end up being broke

what do you guy think on which system i should get it on?