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Playstation Portable.

Enjoying my playstation portable for quite some time. I have modified four PSP's and I recently made the psp slim 2000 god of war edition and psp 3000 edition into one black and red piece of good looking software. I am needing help with one game right now and it is oersona two. I can't seem to get this kid at the police tepartment his item. If you have any advice please e-mail me back at jairowolf03@yahoo.com:question:


I had masterd this game when the Mike Tysons version hit the 8 bit system. And can know try the wii version at Target in downtown minneapolis.:lol:

Having my first ever Mp3 Device.

I can finaly say I enjoy my life A little better because I have Finaly got music to listen to. My trust in people has gotten my playstaion portable lost but will soon be able to get another.

Playstation portable


I,ve been playing P.S.P. for about A year and am wanting to get this thing on the big screen.:cry:. I have just bought the game Frantix and am having A great time playing it. I am going to be buying a slim with the game daxter and family guy movie.:! soon to come from the jairowolf man.:! What happend to my second purchase of the p.s.p..:question I have finally upgraded to psvita. I had played the psp for about five years and yes was able to play on the big Hd Tv. Some games made it so that I had to turn my tv to its side to play the long way. Still very interesting.