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VITA or 3DS?

Which one do you prefer or recommend? I was planing on getting one but I'm not sure yet.

For the record I've never had or played a DS before, so if I get a 3DS I can play all the DS games too.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas guys!! (Or whatever holiday you celebrate :P )

Hope you had a good one :)

Spent time with family, exchanged gifts, etc. :P

What did you guys get and/or give? ^^

Video Game related I got Skyrim and Rage for the PC. I also gave my friends some games.

So, how was your Christmases?

Switched to PC

A long time ago (in a galaxy far far away;)) I was a Nintendo fan kid. When I was a kid the SNES and the N64 were my life. Then I became a Playstation fanboy I admit, but still remained a Nintendo customer with the Gamecube. Since the PSOne, PS2 and now to the PS3 I never needed any other consoles and became a total Sony fanboy, and I was ok with that.

Well, where does the PC come in you might ask...

I've never really been a PC gamer. Well, thats a lie. But the PC has never been the focus of my attention. Never really took it seriously and only played a few games that I knew I couldn't play somewhere else.

A while back, the end of last year to be more precise. I was ok with relying on my PS3 for all my gaming. This year I grew to dislike it. The first thing I noticed was I had become a trophy addict. I wasn't buying games just for the achievements, but they influenced my decisions and I then played mediocre games simply to collect these meaningless awards. The next thing that bothered me is the price of video games where I live. PS3 games cost 80 dollars brand new and the price doesn't go down more than 20 bucks after its released. Stores don't sell used copies and DON'T RENT games in my country. The best option is to buy a game used at the local ebay website (itsnot ebay here). But games still cost around 50 when used.

Why didn't I switch to PC sooner? Well, becuase there are NO stores or websiteslike amazon that sell PC games here. Why? Because it's not exactly illegal to download pirate PC games. Even better you might think! Why aren't you playing everyPC game you can get your hands on? When I was younger I used todo that. I downloaded or bought the pirate copies of games for a fraction of the price at the local mall, yes on the mall! But because the game was free I didn't play it for very long before going to the next one, and the next one. Never really apreciating the act of "PC gaming". So I simply stopped doing it little by little and switched to consoles completely.

During that period of free PC games, I did buy 1 original PC game which ironically was the first game I ever bought (with my own money, not asking my parents). Guess what that game was... its one of the most famous PC games ever! (from 10 years ago)Also what were you guys first game you ever bought?

Recently an online friend of mine recommended I joined Steam so we could play some games together. I was seriously blown away by the deals and prices the site offers. It also made me realize that the PC can be like any other console so I just bought from the US amazon store The Witcher 2 and Fable 3 which should be arriving tomorrow :D

I think I'm sticking to PC for now and just use my PS3 for the exclusives like Uncharted 3 and so on.

I would also really appreciate it if you guys add me onSteam :) Don't really have many friends there. Anyways, thanks for reading!!!

Gaming Hiatus

Yes, I'm tired of video games. Wasting time and money on something I supposedly like. But I'm tired of this. I'm tired of everything. I'm not picking up a controller till at least June. The last game I played was Dragon Age II back in March, and Vanquish which I only played cuz my brother got it and I finished in like a weekend. I also bought DragonAge: Origins like a month ago and haven't even opened it.

No, I haven't nor will play Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat. There are a lot of games I do want to play this year. Like Hunted: The Demon's Forge and Dungeon Siege 3 but I know I will cut back on a lot of my wishlist. I'm kinda mad at video games right now... I waste too much time playing them or doing something related to them. :evil:

The Current Video Game Generation

I love video games. I've always loved video games. But in this new (or current) generation a feel somewhat disappointed. The video game industry has changed and I don't always like what I see. Game developers all try to make their games look badass and try to overwhelm us with the flash of the product they try to sell, or try to make a game or divided it into many so they can cover all areas of the market. Its always been this way, I know, its a business! But games now seem to always be in a rush and try to release games as soon as possible to start a new project. I don't really know this stuff, its just what it looks like to me.

My point is, I don't enjoy video games as much as I used to. I'm not talking about way back to the 2D era of games or even before that with the first generations of consoles. My first console was a Super Nintendo. I'm talking about the time the PSOne was around, or the N64. What has happened?

When did games become so competitive and brutal with Oh-Snap! moments, and stopped being what I liked about them: being fun. I'm not trying to say that violence or gore in games is something i hate. As long as the game is fun and I enjoy it I'll play it. I'm also not saying that games shouldn't be jaw-dropping in visuals or have amazing storylines, but the game itself needs to have substance. A lot of games accomplish all this and are rewarded they way the should. But most times I find myself playing a game just cause of the way it drew me in by the action, or the hype and realize that it was good (sometimes just decent) but it meant nothing, it felt like a one night stand and won't be remembered for very long. I don't live in a country where games can be traded in or even rented so this brings complications when choosing a game. I have a collection of over 40 PS3 games, almost all bought brand new directly from a store. From my entire collection there must just a few that are worth remembering and the ones I'd play again can be counted with one hand. Games used to mean something to me more than a distraction from real life. But now its all it feels like. I miss games like FFVII, VIII, IX and X (which is the last good FF game I've played), games like Zelda Oot, MM, and even wind waker. Another thing I completely detest but is a whole other subject is portable gaming. Ask me why if you want, but I just hate it!

I don't even know if people read these things... if you do, let me know what you think. What do games mean to you? If they mean anything at all....

Gamespot Achievements

For the second time a got awarded with the PS3 Aficionado Achievment and then it got deleted. WHY??How can you lose an achievment.Is it because I added other console games to my collection recently? F*ck it!!! That doesn't change the fact I have a huge PS3 collection, and it is still the console which I got most games for. So WTF???