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I think it has incredible potential to be a masterpiece, but so I thought about GTA5 so I admit I am concerned that the trend of dumbing down games gets to this game.

Hopefully not, but since witnessing what Rockstar did with GAT5 driving and other mechanics to please the casual market, I can expect anything. The fact that Kojima is focusing the fox engine as a strong point is a good sign.

Developers no longer stress how good their engine is anymore, or how great the physics are, that has passed, now it's all about graphics and cinematic pieces.

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Absolutely dumbed down driving for wimps that can't drive if there's some thinking involved.

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It's officially been cancelled. The guys who are supposed to be developing the console port wiped every trace of the console ports off of their webiste.MetroidPrimePwn

Very bad news, They had me fooled so long and then....''cancelled'' not good at all, thanks for the heads up.

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RTS games are better played on PC any day. Upgrade the gfx card and play it. Guess what? Expansion of WiC, Soviet Assault will be released soon. You can get two games pack in cheap. Probable release date for PC expansion is March 2009.arijit_2404

I think ill take your advice and upgrade my nvidia.

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Its time to demand some answers here. Whats with the delays on ''World in Conflict'' for console. It has been rescheduled too many times since the PC version was relesed. The last I read was it would release on Q1 2009, now I see its gone from the Q1 release list. Seriously, will this game ever be released at all? Ive been expecting this one for close to 2 years and Im starting to loose interest on it. I didnt play on PC because I needed new Graphics card and I wasnt willing to spend more money on my rig so as it was advertised it would be available for consoles soon after PC release I decided to wait. Ive waited too long now and not even an official release date is out yet. Whats the catch? If anyone can shed some light on this issue itll be aprecciated highly.

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That is bad news for me, as I stoped playing PC games 3 years ago due to the onerous cost of constant upgrading. I only play console now. WIC is an old game but my Nvidia card is low for it and I have no plans of upgrading. Guess Ill pass this one if its not on console.
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WIC was announced as a multiplatform game but ive only seen the PC version in stores. Was a console version ever released? because i would like to play it on xbox 360. Can anyone shed some light on this matter for me? Thanks.