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I think it has incredible potential to be a masterpiece, but so I thought about GTA5 so I admit I am concerned that the trend of dumbing down games gets to this game.

Hopefully not, but since witnessing what Rockstar did with GAT5 driving and other mechanics to please the casual market, I can expect anything. The fact that Kojima is focusing the fox engine as a strong point is a good sign.

Developers no longer stress how good their engine is anymore, or how great the physics are, that has passed, now it's all about graphics and cinematic pieces.

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Absolutely dumbed down driving for wimps that can't drive if there's some thinking involved.

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Well, intimidation is not something I support, so it really makes no difference who I'm talking to. All that matters is that what many call "whiners" are just people who are more demanding and not easily satisfied by the industry's gimmicks, trends and promotional tricks. I agree there have been some great new IPs but that doesn't justify turning great existing IP to scrap metal, that's mediocrity. That's not growing, that's getting stuck. Also, better graphics has come in trade-off for worse experiences, ( bugs, uninspiring gameplay, poor level design, shorter games, less variety, etc, etc ). You can say last gen made the industry grow, current gen got the industry stuck, and by the latest events and decisions, I would say the industry will not be growing anymore, but it will start a slow but steady decline, sinking further into the hole it got stuck in. That's sad because gaming has been my favorite form of entertainment for over 20 years now, and I would hate it if gaming sinks because of bad decision making, and that is what I have been seeing for the last couple of years.
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Yeah, you are totally not a hipster for saying most gamers are whiny hipsters :roll:


He is being almost the exact opposite of a hipster, that label has become so common and mainstream that no self respecting hipster would be caught dead using it. That's also a good example of 'irony', another one that get's mis-used quite a bit around here. :P

*head explodes*

There will always be someone to call out "whiny" to anyone who dares to speak out, but I tell you, we the ones who speak out just aren't as easily satisfied as you.
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Can you refute that too many great masterpieces, classic gems and high potential IPs have been sent to hell by current gen mediocrity? I don't think so.
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Developers are still struggling with the hardware.
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I hear a lot of talk about next gen consoles coming. Apparently, XBOX360 and PS3 are in the downslide, acording to many. To me they never hit peak, or if they did I didn't notice. If current gen consoles are past their peak that's bad news, because so far they have done close to nothing grounbreaking. Even worse, current gen has been plagued by poor development, low review scoring, lack of innovation, bugs and glitches and other undesirable elements.

And yet worse, current gen has seen some of the best past gen games and high potential IPs get turned into rubbish. As a matter of fact, too many past gen games are considered "BETTER" than their current gen sequels. Examples of this trend are: MERCENARIES, a gemstone of past gen, vs MERCENARIES 2, a horrible example of current gen failure, GTA san andreas, a masterpiece, vs GTA 4, a huge backstep that can't touch GTA SA.

More examples of Past gen glory vs Current gen failure: ACE COMBAT 4 is still the best in the series, TOMB RAIDER dissappeared, FINAL FANTASY dissappeared, SOCOM turned into trash, RESIDENT EVIL turned into trash, Etc..., and I can just go on with the list. All has been replaced by pretty graphics, but all we get are games full of bugs, shorter experiences, cinematic, scripted events, timed rubbish with non challenging or immerssive gameplay.

I just hate how current gen has turned gaming into a DLC and Multyplayer fest. When I have to say that the best gaming experiences I have played, mostly were in the PS2 and XBOX gen, that speaks volumes about how poor current gen has performed. I really have to say that if current gen is coming to an end, and what I have seen so far is the best it offers, then I won't hesitate to call it a failure, and name past generation consoles superior.

Just improving graphics is not enough to be called superior, it's the games that make a console gen what it is, and considering hardware limitations, PS2 and XBOX gen did a lot more with a lot less. If developers couldn't simply handle current gen power and ended up delivering sub-par products, I can't imagine how bad and poor will games for the next genertion of consoles will be.

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It's officially been cancelled. The guys who are supposed to be developing the console port wiped every trace of the console ports off of their webiste.MetroidPrimePwn

Very bad news, They had me fooled so long and then....''cancelled'' not good at all, thanks for the heads up.

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RTS games are better played on PC any day. Upgrade the gfx card and play it. Guess what? Expansion of WiC, Soviet Assault will be released soon. You can get two games pack in cheap. Probable release date for PC expansion is March 2009.arijit_2404

I think ill take your advice and upgrade my nvidia.

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