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Wow, it's been a while

Well it's been quite some time since I have been on this site, but I recently discovered emulators on my phone making playing my classic favorites on the go easy. Now that I have started though the nostoligia keeps flowing so I've decided to use this as place to update what games I have replayed. So far the list is as follows

  1. Earthbound - SNES
  2. Shinning in the Darkness - Genesis

As I complete games I will be updating the list.

Real quick, but too good not to blog

Well guys I have to say it, I have the best wife ever. Not only is she beautiful (and no she is not watching me type this) but she buys me the coolest gifts. For Valentines day this year she bought me my NINTENDO Wii!!! Complete with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful person, but she is it. OK that's that I need to hook this up.

Look I'm ALIVE!

Well then... it has been quiet some time since I have given an update blog so here goes. Well life in general is good, recently moved to a house that is much cheaper than I was living in so money saved is always nice. Just finished paying off a couple of my large bills so again money saved is nice. My wife and I plan to start saving so that we can buy our own house within the next year. So enough about the family

I recently started adding to my game collection again and picking up games that I missed due to other things, I also got a new gold Zelda DS. Here is a quick list of game additions

PSP - Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX - Sega Genesis Collection

PSOne - Final Fantasy VII

PS2 - Final Fantasy XII Collectors Edition

DS - Orcs & Elves - Nanostray - Sim City DS - Puzzle Quest - Etrians Odyssey - Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

and last but not least my greatest additions

SNES - Actraiser - Breath of Fire - Illusion of Gaia - Final Fantasy II - Inindo - Lagoon - Legend of Zelda Link to the Past - Ultima The False Prophet - Super Metroid - Star Fox - Romance 3 Kingdoms III - Secret of Evermore ALL COMPLETE WITH GAME, CARTRIDGE, INSTRUCTIONS, AND INSERTS. Ah I do love eBay.

Well I guess that is about it for now. Will blog again soon

Just a quick one

Just posting a quick blog for all those that care to say...... I FINALLY GOT A PSP!!! My wife bought me one with Aedis Eclipse for fathers day and I am loving it, I had never even heard of the game until I opened it up, but I have to say its pretty addicting. I now have a long wish list of games to start looking out for. Man she doesn't know what she has started here :D Luckily she is still addicted to her DS and The New Super Mario Brothers, but I need to go pick up a couple new games for her. Well thats all for now

A little late and some new additions

A little late on posting this blog, but better late than never I guess. So mothers day passed a few weeks back and I decided to try my luck at getting my wife back into gaming (which in turn will give me more time for it :D ) so I bought her a pink DS with Mario Kart and what do you know she loves it! She thought it was the greatest gift ever, and loved that it was pink considering that is her favorite color although she would prefer a bit darker shade of pink. She was really into Mario Kart in the N64 era and jumped right back into it with her DS. She plays hers even more than I do my own, it's great to see that gamer in her being rekindled again. I just picked up The New Super Mario Brothers for her a couple of days ago and she can't get enough of that one either.

Now onto my new additions. I was browsing around a couple local record stores this past week and saw a few games that I had lagged on adding to my collection when they were first released so I had to buy them, now if I can only find time to play them all. I picked up Valkyrie Profile 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Final Fantasy VI Advance. I'll probably pick up on VP2 after I finish KH2 then head onto MGS3. FF VI however can be played anywhere any time, so I'll probably start that one has soon as I finish here. Well I guess that's all for now

Good deals make everyone happy

So I was browsing around a Game Exchange the other day and saw a new copy of Kingdom Hearts 2 (GH Version) for $20 and almost thought about picking it up, but I don't like my games to be GH versions so I decided not too. 2 minutes later I see a used copy of the game for $14.99 non-GH which was very tempting except that the case was cracked and I'm too peticular about the quality of my games so once again I had to pass on it. That has been eating at me for the last few days now, I have wanted that game since it's release day, but never picked it up for various reasons and passing up on it was kind of driving me crazy so I decided I was going to go back tomorrow on my lunch hour to pick it up. Anyone want to guess what happen? My wife and I went to Target today to get a game for my step sons birthday on Saturday so I figured what the hell lets look at their discounted games..... and guess what gem I found? Thats right ladies and gentlemen KINGDOM HEARTS 2!!! NON-GREATEST HITS VERSION..... FOR $9.99!!!! I just about wet myself with excitement and the best part is my wife didn't even question me buying a game for myself when we were there for our son. Ah the simple joy that games can bring.


A new entry for my DS collection

Well I was wasting some time in a Gamestop this past week and saw an item that caught my attention, something I had been looking for months ago, but I had given up on finding. I was not in there to buy anything, but when I saw it I had too. Deep Labyrinth.... now I know what you're all thinking, what the hell could have possessed me to pick up this game given it's reviews and even the talk about it on most forums, but anyone who knows me knows I am not one to listen to any of that. Not to mention 98.9% of the time they are completely wrong *cough*Gamespot scores*cough* Well Damn them all I was right again this game is simple, but man is it fun and addicting. I will admit it is an acquired taste, but for those of you who love that first person dungeon crawl style  really should give it a try. If anyone has played it I would really like to hear your opinions since all I've heard is negative, but I love it.

Returned from the void...

My my my, so it has been quite a while since I've really browsed this site; work, family and such, you understand I'm sure... and if not oh well, what's a guy to do. Sadly after all this time there really isn't much to say. My wife gave me a DS back in December for my birthday and I'm loving it. So far I've picked up (and finished) Castlevania Dawn of Sorrows, Portrait of Ruin, Final Fantasy III, Lunar Dragon Song, and Megaman ZX. I have to say Lunar and Megaman really disappointed me, but the others are great. I put in way too many hours trying to get 100% and 1000% on the maps in the Castlevania's and 100% on items, souls, quests, etc. For some reason, that makes me want to stab someone in the eye, I can't get my map to more than 99.9 on Dawn of Sorrow.

I also picked up Final Fantasy IV Advance and I'm 2 entries away from completeing my Bestiary which is all I really have left to do in the game. (I have way more time for postable systems now than anything else) Sooo... my next goal is to pick up Final Fantasy V and VI Advance as well as Puzzel Quest for my DS. That should keep me busy for another month or 2. I've become some what of a completionist since I really got into portable games, being able to play them at work, in the car, or anywhere else really.

On a side note I've had the last 2 days off of work and paid for it, I work for the government you see and the building I'm in was in danger of dropping the roof on our heads, so they can't let us come back to work until it is safe and they have to pay us for it. I guess there is a silver lining in any job. Well thats about all for now, I'll try and be a little more active in the months to come, but my wife and I are trying for another baby so we'll see what happens. Later all, for now

My first modded post

WOW I mean WOW I got modded today for saying damn on one of my union boards :lol:. I don't know if I was reported (in which case said reporter should be shot for being offended by such a word as damn) or if a mod just saw it and decided that was too harsh of a word to use in the forums (in which case said mod should be shot for being an idiot).

I've seen people say way worse things than damn without being modded before and I wasn't even talking bad about anyone. I said "Damn those look great injust" referring to a new banner and tag he made for the union. Well I'll probably be suspended now for this blog, but whatever.

On a brighter note I hit level 10 today, yea I'm a Phoenix Down, maybe it can help bring me back after they suspend me :P

Couple things to talk about today...

Well I finally got out of level 7, and damn that seemed to take forever, also finally got a banner for my profile. One of the guys from the design union (Scorpion Designs) I'm in made it for me. I would post his name, but not sure if he would want the attention, but you can check our request board if you really want to know. I think he did an excellent job and I am just now starting out with graphic art so hopefully I'll be able to make my own soon. I downloaded GIMP and some tutorials last night and plan to get a trial of Photoshop tonight so I can test it out as well. The guys in my union do some awesome work with it, and if I can start making things half as good I'll be please with myself. I'll make sure to post some samples as I learn.

On another note I received my next game from my sold collection today, Medievil 1, and if that wasn't enough to make my day the game is in better condition than the other ones I recieved. I try not to be exceptionally picky with scuffs and such on the cases since I'm buying them used, but I still try and hold a standard to all the games in my collection (that aren't 15 years old) and this one doesn't have hardly any. More updates to follow and let me know what you think of the banner.

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