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All About This Years Music

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Guys I realize I kinda ditched you guys, I'd love to say I'm gonna be an everydayer again, but can't see it happening. I just don't feel the excitement of coming on here like I use to anymore. Hopefully it comes back, but if not, who cares I got the majority of the people I'd come on here to talk to on FB now.

Anyways on to the reason I decided to blog. Remeber last blog i did? I predicted this year would be this decades best for music. And I feel I was right already (this is just my opinion, I know many will disagree). Heres just a crazy list of a mix of albums that i've heard and loved and ones I'm excited for. Enjoy.

Lightning Dust- Infinite Light

Pink Mountaintops- Outide Love

Sparklehorse- Dark Night Of the Soul

(Various)- Dark Was The Night

Antlers- Hospice

Anthony and Johnsons- Crying Light

Bruce Springsteen- Working on a dream

Blac Lips- 200 Million Thousand

Beck- One Foot In the Grave

Dinasaur Jr- Farm

Sonic Youth- the Eternal

Metric- Fantasies

Grizzly Bear- Vecktamiest

Atlas Sound- Logos

Dead Weather- Horehound (facebook sent it to me complete album stream, cant find a download, and not on sale for a week :(

Bon Iver- Blood bank

Animal Collective- Merriweather Post Pavillion

The Sounds- Crossing the Republic

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- It's Blitz

Handsome Furs- Face Control

Sunset Rubdown- Dragonslayer

Modest Mouse- some ep ( sounds bad though, they changed waaaay to much)

Air- love 2

Burial/Four Tet

decembrists- hazrards of love

depeche Mode- Sounds Of The Universe

Jarvis Cocker- Further Complications

British Sea Power- Man Of Aran

Peter Bjorn and john- Living Thing

Islands- Vapours

Elvis Costello- secret, profane, sugarcane

Echo and The bunnymen- The Fountain

John Parish and pj Harvey- a women a man walked by

Iggy Pop- Preliminaires

Doves- Kingdom of rust

Faust- Cest Com...

Clipse- Till Casket Drops

Flaming Lips- Embyonic

Beastie Boys- hot Sauce Commitie one

Mount Erie- Winds poem

Massive Attack- weather underground

Weezer -Album Seven

Spoon- Me and Matty Pickles

Arcade fire- nothing confirmed, just rumors. i hope so much

Final Fantasy- heartland

Andrew bird- Noble Beast

M. Ward- hold Time

John Frusiante- The Empyrean

Wilco- Wilco the album

Jason Lytle- Yours Truly, the commuter

William Basinski- 92982

Mono- Hymn to the Immortal Wind

Yo La Tengo- Popular Songs

Tegan and Sara

Built To Spill- there is No enemy

Devo- Don't Shoot Me I'm A Man

Throwing muses- ??

Brendan Benson- My old Familiar Friend

They Mighr Be Giants- here Comes Science

Avalanches- TBA

Queens Of the Stone Age- Dessert orgy In the dark

Arctic Monkeys- Humbug

franz ferdinand- Tonight

Green day- 21rst Century Breakdown

Okay and theres probably more coming that we don't even know about yet. Look at those bands, anyone else feel same as me.

Three Movies I saw Over The Past Few Days

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I just watched three movies I've never seen before. They were The Wrestler, Little Miss Sunshine and Elephant. I'll start with Elephant, a friend told me that this was a great movie and used it to back himself up when I said Van Sant was a terrible director/writter and he claimed he was good. He told me the film was about a high school shoot-out and for some reason my interest was caught and I was forced to watching the film that night. Terrible movie Gus Van Sant you suck, although Good Will Hunting was OK and I have not yet watched Milk which could end up being good. Honestly though, this movie was so pointless, pretty much everything they show us in the first 1:15 minutes POINTLESS we don't need to know, nothing to do with the story. Terrible ending. And worst of all I found they set it up to make it look like video games were responsible, maybe they can influence some of the things we do but just can't see it happening, and I dont like them pointing fingers.

Darren Affronsky you are the man, first off you direct the drug cinema masterpiece Requiem For A Dream and the rest of your films were great to but nothing tops the Wrestler. I saw this movie friday with my mom and its still with me, whenever I hear The Wrestler by Springsteen all I can do is think about this movie and how much it would suck to just lose everything like he did. Rourke your one hell of an actor.

And for Little Miss Sunshine wow that was a surprise. I wasn't expecting to be attacted to the film the way I was, great film. Just go watch it.

Anyone hear the new Black Lips album yet? What about Handsome Furs?What were your thoughts.

"Feels So Good....

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Your Coming Home Soon" Amazing '60s pop song here, I wonder if any of you can guess it.

Wow. It has been it a bit since I last blogged, I actually has lots of time to blog just never felt like doing one up, and had nothing too interesting to bring up. KISS is comming to Halifax and this caused the school to go nuts and get all excited, I don't even like KISS. I find them to be overrated/same sound/gay kinda thing but because all my friends are going I have decided to go along. (I'm terrible with Peer Pressure) And HP if your reading this bro, sorry I don't mean to be dissing one of your favorites.

Anyone ever see or even hear of the movie Snow Angels? I always wanted to see it a bit, so a while back I rented it. It was defiantly depressing, but I still loved it and went out and bought it. It's kinda crazy movie all it does is open up with crazy teen killing another teen, then for the next 90 minutes its just showing you show crazy the killer was, and how much of a nice, good, great life kid was. The movie taught me that even if your the nicest/best person around. God won't always help you out. Then about a week ago I was talking about the film with a friend and he brought up how it was filmed half an hour away. I didn't beliveve him but he was right. It's cool though because David Gordan Green (Pineapple Express) directed it.

Now onto some music. HANDSOME FURS are defiantly rocking out '09 for me so far with their new album "Face Control". Not sure if it's as good as '07's Plague Park which was also genius. All I can say is if your a fan of Wolf Parade go for this album. Its sooo worth it. Might be better then At Mount Zoomer, excluding Kissing The Beehive of course ;P

Not excited for end of Prison Break one bit, altough I only watched 1 episode this season XD. I'm just gonna wait for the DVD then watch it all at once. I actually like it better this way, only problem is I usually avoid life while watching the show. Like when I first borrowed Season 1 from a friend, I didn't wanna do anything else but watch it, till it was over. Just if you havn't watched the show yet do yourself a favor and watch it.

South Parks comming back soon excited guys ;)

Best Movies Of The Year.

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Here they are...atleast my favorite ones.

1. Slumdog Millionaire

2. 21

3. The Dark Knight

4. Boy A

5. Snow Angels

6. Iron Man

7. Wall-E

8. Zack and Miri Make A Porno

9. 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

10. Wanted

There thats my list. Please leave some of your favorite movies you saw this year in with your comment. Thanks/.

Top 15 Albums Of The Year.

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Here we are, the years almost over and I doubt anything is gonna be released in the next few days that'll beat these. So heres 15 albums that I found to be the most outstanding this year.

15. Terminal Romance by Matt mays

14. You & Me by The Walkmen

13. The Hawk Is Howling by Mogwai

12. In Ghost Colours by Cut Copy

12. S/T by Fleet Foxes

11. S/T by Glasvegas

10. For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver

9. Do You Like Rock Music by British Sea Power

8. S/T by God Is An Astronaut

7. Third by Portishead

6. Chinese Democracy by Guns N' Roses

5. Dear Science by TV On The Radio

4. Antidotes by Foals

3. Skeletal Lamping by Of Montreal

2. In The Future by Black Mountain

1. At Mount Zoomer by Wolf Parade

And that's it. Pretty good year indeed, although I gotta say '07 beat it by a bit movies and music. I'll do a movie list sometime soon.

So I Bought Zeppelin BBC Sessions..

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...and let's just say it was for sure worth the 40 bucks I spent on it. Go get it or even download it cos they sound amazing. I also have the new Killers, franz ferdinand and Animal Collective cd's downloading. With my luck they'll end up being fake though.

That's all. Only 13 days till Christmas. :D :D :D :D

A Message To All GY!BE Fans.

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I finally listend to my first Godspeed You Black Emperor album it was F#A# Infinity and guys really outta clean out your ears. Stupid, weird, boring, noise, garbage, cannot successfully make a 20 minute track. It was a 3 tracked album and was over an hour long. Just awful , just awful. Please try and get all the stuff stuck in your ears out. Thank You.

I watched Slumdog Millionaire the other night and it was fantastic, I think TDK would still be my number one though. (for '08 that is) Any fans of this film defiantly owe it to thereselves to go and watch "City Of God" it's not in English but has subtitles but it's so good I don't even care.

WOW, Christmas is coming up really soon, I really doesn't feel like a year since last Christmas.

Alright thats all I got for yas, see ya's later.

"Soul Of A Women...

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was created below YEAH!" right now this would most likley be my favorite song by this band @ the moment.

Hello everybody, just thought I'd inform you that I'm finally back into this site, cos of the new layout and all. Thank god. Anyways heres a list of the top 10 Rock Albums and Top 10 Rock Songs. remeber guys THESE ARE NOT MY PERSONNAL FAVS!


1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonley Heart Club Band- The Beatles

2. Pet Sounds- Beach Boys

3. Highway 61 Revisited- Bob Dylan

4. IV- Led Zeppelin

5. Velvet Underground & Nico- Velvet Underground & Nico

6. London Calling- the Clash

7. Born To Run- Bruce Springsteen

8. Hotel California- The Eagles

9. Exile On Main Street- Rolling Stones ( Might be being a bit biased, but I think it needs to be here)

10. Dark Side Of The Moon- Pink Floyd


1. Stairway To Heaven- Led Zeppelin

2. Like A Rolling Stone- Bob Dylan

3. Satisfaction- Rolling Stones

4. Purple Haze- Jimmi Hendrix

5. hey Jude- beatles

6. Johnny B Goode- Chuck Berry (I get him mixed up with the crappy musician Buck Cherry so much :lol:)

7. Good Vibrations- Beach Boy (Best song ever by them)

8. Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana

9. Light My Fire- The Doors

10. Layla- Derek and The Dominos

There this outta start some sort of a fight.