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Hi there,

When I boot my PC, the screen goes to "power saving mode" and sleeps.

I have checked the DVI cable, when the cable is detatched is says "check signal" not "power saving mode."

The internal lights and fans turn on.

The keyboard and mouse do not light up.

The graphics cards' fans appear to be spinning and there is no red light error.

My laptop works fine with the same screen.

I have tried booting with one stick of ram but it did not work.

Is my mother board broken?

Asus P6T V2

First Gen Core i7 920

12 GB G-skill Ram

Gtx 460

9800 GT

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true...true. DirectX11 is not necessary now and the 285 is powerful enough to keep going for quite some more time. However,if have cash to burrn, get nice new Android phone, but if you must get a card get the 2X GTX460s as they are 25% faster than a 480 and about $100 usd less in total. Not like most people need it or many games use it but you also get 2gb of vram when you get the 2X 1gb version compared to 1.5gb of the 480.

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I used to use a ghetto solution by buying a quiet fan and use cable management ties to tie it to the stock headset. Grab a 12 or 14 cm fan and thread the screw holes through the 12 or 14 cm fan and the stock hsf's fan. Then turn down the rpm of the stock hsf.

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just thinking...do you really need a quad core laptop? even on a desktop quite a few games still use only 2 cores. With the extra cash and battery life, you could get a better card and the perfomance diff between a 4 threaded core and an 8 threaded core in games is not that much because games simply dont use them. Yes my post wasnt very specific and was generalizing but just keep this in mind. :D

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er...what? your post is very confusing and isnt specific enough. Please add some more detail and elaborate

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I updated your build with a better board, card, lowered the core and got a bargain open box Asus screen. $777

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Yay! RMAed GTX 295, shipping to Taiwan, coming back in 3 weeks.

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Alright, thanks

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Which should I get?? I currently have a 9800GT and a Nodescript Nokia...some Xpress Music. EDIT: Forgot to say GTX 295 died and am using backup 9800GT, rest of sig spec correct. And this is both PC and Audio/Hardware so I just stuck it here.

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which heatsink then? i was thinking about the v10