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Good games without graphic cards

Does anyone know some good RTS/FPS games that don't need a graphic card??

 Here's what happened, I left my computer on overnight and it overheated. It didn't work, so I opened it and saw the graphic card was black. After I removed it, my computer worked again. I'm going to buy a new computer soon (or make one).

Meanwhile what do I play?????


GIMP help

Need gimp help desperately. I simply can't draw!!! the layer is not locked or anything. this is desparate!!!! is the files corupt??? do i need to reinstall. sorry about bad explaination!!!


I was cooking and i suck. i burnt most of it a had to chuck it. next time i'll takeaway or something. Can anyone gimme some recipes. (western food pls)

Computers: alienware


When ppl see the name they imdiately think of a very EXPENSIVE, new gaming computer.

Think again. My Alienware running Vista crash and i lost a huge amout of important files!!!

For the price, bycott Alienware