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it looks like this whole entire forum is now being run by 6 year old fan boys, that have nothing better to do the to spam, and troll, all the articles no matter what you say it ends up getting thumbs up or down. but faboys favorite things are comments like these.

'Xbox 360 sucks, Ps3 is so much better'


'Gears of war will blow Metal Gear Solid 4 out of the water'

you probably out of get your comment deleted, or with about 10+ thumbs.

what i have also noticed fanboys doing is giving games low scores just to make it look worse then how it really is, for example halo 3, metal gear solid 4, but if they were both so crap why did they both get high scores? and don't just review it if you haven't seen, or played it, play it to the end then review it, before you say anything about it, like graphics or anything what so ever.

so get a life, and leave people alone that want to post comments revelent to an article, what also made me laugh is on one article about graphics comparison they ened up arguing about whats better XBL or PSN, don't argue back with these fanboys, they are dunno like from another planet, they will always try and win your argument, unless they are more intelligent and has a more intulectual arguement not lame comments like 'ps3 sucks'.