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The Return

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Hello GameSpot. looks like we're going to be neighbors. wonder how much the ol neighborhood has changed?

I'm sold on Too Human

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So I have played through the demo of Too Human twice now. I'm impressed! The story seems really interesting and once you get the combat down it becomes of hell of a lot fun (almost god like). Though it would seem it's not a game for every buddy. I popped into the forums quick to see what other people thought. Most if not all the topics where negative at the time of writing this, which is sort of a shame. Overall I don't think the game is the end all be all RPG it was hyped to be, but vary solid and lots of fun. It is at it's heart a dungeon crawler through and through with much loot to be grabbed indeed. I can admire the level of detail in the armor set ups and weapons the demo really gives you a sense that if you spend hours with your charterer you're going to have something special. Over all head over to the market place and see for you're self.

War... War never changes

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Been kicking it old school as of late. Been playing a lot of fallout 2 and fallout tatics and with the whole diablo 3 buissness i think im going to have to go re buy Diablo 2 and play that. Classic games never age and Fallout is testement to that my friends. it's still a rich RPG full of wonder and excitment. I so need Fallout 3! also yes i know i said i start reading commenting on blogs again, but i have also been cought up in my writing. my story is shaping up nicly and so far im happy with it. well as for now im heading back to tatics i have to replay a mission i was doing so yeah that will be fun!

I'm Not Dead Yet!

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Wow... been gone for a long time. I guess I'm back... sort of. I had some personal problems didn't really feel like blogging too much, but i ready to start again. got a new computer... well newish. I Beat MGS4 today. Such a amazing game. I really almost cryed in a few spots. Such a great final chapter to one of the best games of all time. Hideo Kojima my hat is off to you! any ways i will start making my rounds soon and getting back to reading you're blogs again and try and even make some new friends. so just remeber, Eye.. Have.. You

Summer Movies

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Woo! Im still on my extended vacation in Liberty City and have not really blogged much so here is something quick. Before we get too far into it I just want to say GTA IV is awesome and it deserves all the 10's it has gotten! The main single player really was a Tour De Force into the world of crime. I love how they never glorified being a gangster. Any one who didn't die wishes they were dead by the end of the game. It is truly a fantastic story. Ok we are here to talk about movies though. For a long time now I felt the last few summer movie line up's have sucked big time! It all started with the chronicles of Riddik. Big disappointment! This summer tho I am pumped and the first 2 movies on my list did not disappoint. So lets get cracking.

Iron Man


Iron Man took a bit of the safe route. It was not quite for kids but not quite for adults either. They found a nice middle ground. But you can tell some of the events in the movie had the kiddies more in mind then the adults. Over all it was really good. Robert Downey Jr one of my favorite actors did a fantastic job as Tony Stark. It had plenty of fantastic action and enough witty dialog to keep me entertained. 8/10

Speed Racer


Here is a flick I thought looked just stupid. I don't really consider myself a Speed Racer fan. I did watch the Cartoon a bit when I was kid but not as much as say GI Joe or something. How ever, some times going to see a film you think will be stupid is the best when it surprises you. Speed Racer is just awesome! It has fantastic action and is just perfects for adults and kids alike. It was a great ****c tale for Hero rising up against all odds I had a lot fun with this one. 10/10

Next up are the movies im waiting for and I hope don't suck!

Indian Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull


I have been a long time Indy fan. Oh I remember being a little kid running around my house with a hat similar to the one Indy wears and a Whip in my hand (yeah it was a real whip too) good times! So I have high hopes for this one, It does look awesome though!

The Dark Knight


I wasn't completely sold when I found out Christian Bale was set to play Batman in Batman Begins. I am now! He does a fantastic job in leading the dubble life as Bruce Wayne/ Batman. Christopher Nolan is also a really fantastic Director. I have really enjoyed all his movies so far. Not to mention Heath Ledger as the Joker just seems like going to be awesome



Yeah ok it does look a bit stupid. But the prospect of Will Smith playing a drunk super hero is just too good to pass up. I also still enjoy Will Smith, I know a lot people hate him but I just shrug that off. Fresh prince = Awesome!

The X-Files: I Want To Believe


The trailer for the film just came out yesterday night and I still have no clue what it's about other then its not about aliens. I'm long time fan of the X-Files so I have high hopes for this one as well.

Well there you have it, My list of top summer movies. The first 2 where awesome so I hope the rest follow suit.


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I just want to say im sorry i have not read any buddys blogs for about a week or so im just wrapped up in GTA IV. and im taking my sweet @ss time! not rushing at all nice and slow. it is a amazing game a tour de force if you will. so i just wanted to say im not dead and i will be back at it in full swing soon! hope your all enjoying the game as must as i am!

Perfect 10!

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10 10 10 10 10 9.8 5/5 GTA IV is with out a shadow of a doubt one of the most highest rated video games ever! Hurry Mr UPS man Hurry!!!


one more thing Metal Gear Online is F-ing retarted! im sure the single player will be fantastic but the online is one of the all time worst shooters i have ever played!


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Ok so maybe this is going to sound a little stupid but im having a change of heart on GTA IV. I preordered it for the 360 but yes i have been watching some game play videos and reading peoples thoughts about the PS3 VS 360 versions of the game. over all from what i have read The PS3 Version blows the 360 out of the water. with a smooth frame rate and much sharper texturs. Sure 360 has the DLC but man oh man i dont kow what to do. I guess i could just rent the game for the DLC when it comes out. + we dont know if its really going to be even worth it. ugg! Thoughts?

Locked and Ready

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It's done and finished! Finally got my ID using Firefox's auto fill plug in. I also picked up a dual shock 3 yesterday so now I'm all set for Metal Gear Online! Other then having to jump through hoops just to play the game, it looks vary promising. If I had to take a stab at pre impression it looks like it's a mix of some of great tactical shooters of the last decade. Counter Strike, SOCOM and Rainbow Six. I'm excited and will post my thoughts once the game goes live on the 21st. I also picked up Grand Turismo 5 and Crisis Core final fantasy VII so I will post something about that as well.

If Japan stinks at one thing, It's this!

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The Wii friends code, at the time it's quite possibly the dumbest thing in online gaming history. only proving even tho the Japanese are light years ahead of us in terms of technology they can' nail user friendly worth a S***! Now, however comes something even worse from the land of the rising sun. Drum roll please. The Konami ID! You may have seen this on Kotaku or some where else on the internet. What is a Konami ID you ask? Well I will let the good folks at Konami PR fill you in on that one. What is a Konami ID you ask? It is Konami's service that has actually been around for a while in Japan, which basically allows for a unified account and access across various Konami products and services. Konami ID will be used for the first time in MGO for the US, and using the Konami ID allows for some of the really unique features we plan to offer the community with MGO.

Unique features like being a complete pain in the @ss! So you need to create 2 count em 2 ID's! One ID is for your ID, The other is the ID for your ID you use to play games online. Got it? I ask, Isn't that what my PSN gamer Tag is for? Guess not… Here is the best part tho. The good folks at Konami love making games so much they decided to turn the registration process into a mini game it self! Yes it's a thrilling game of tension and wits. Take too long filling out the registration form and you will be treated to an error page. The key is speed, you have a limited amount of time to fill in your information before the site crashes and you have to start all over again! The form is standard only asking every question from your name and address to your mothers madden name (no joke). Long and short of this, who ever came up with this fantastic idea needs to be shot! For the fun of it here is the link to the registration form. Go give it a shot and see if I'm blowing this out of proportion!



I still can't get the stupid site to work. I can't even get passed the Enter your Birthdate page with out a crash... I am giving up on the MGO beta. F-it i'll go play some COD4 on XBOX LIVE!

:Update: a litle off topic but the GTA feaver i had as cooled down a bit now that i have GT5! oh man that game is slick!