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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

it is great for a demo it may only have 6 tracks but it is a demo for a good price, the thing iswhen u crash nuthin happens thats dum but i like everythink else it's just awesome.

cya dudes

hhhm wat 2 choose

can any1 help me i want to buy mario galaxy or mario and sonic at the olympics i dont no which 1 2 choose can any1 help me

du edeeee

i got call of duty 4 on ps3 it is soooo good online is just crazy u cant say anthing bad about dude cyaaaa

the Simpson

i downloaded the simpsons game on my ps3 it is so funny and it was great but very hard at the start so when it comes out i am going to get it rock


marioi love mario in all my life i played it all the time it was sick and now galaxy is out i am going 2 love say something if u like mario cya dude

wi fi why

my wi fi brock but it didn't have good connection so i could not go online but i have now a new 1 so i can go on my ps3 online again yhhh send me a comment of your ps3 id so i can be your friend cya dude

ps3 was so goood

when i got the ps3 i was so happy,i first got resistence which was great and then i was playing it forever then i got more games for the ps3 and it was much better so i always bring my freinds round and then it is more fun. i think that it is great i got it the first day it came out and now i use the psp to put my southpark vidios rock.the thing is it is too expensive the 360 is getting a bit boring for me, but the best game for the ps3 has got 2 be GHOST RECON ADVANCED WARTHIGHTER 2 send me a message if u like the ps3 dude