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Yeah I really don't wanna mess with those settings, I'm with Bell for Fibetv and internet and I don't wanna fuck things up with this crap. I so regret buying a psp honestly, and not just for this issue.

Anywho, thx for the help Lh.

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I have an old psp that i dusted off and I tried to connect it to my wifi. When it detection my connection there was in grey something written "not secured" next to my connection and it wouldn't let me connect.

I tried to go check if there was a new firmupdate but I have the latest already (6.60) and that came out about 4 years ago or something.

So now I can't even connect my psp because it doesn't recognize new modems :/

So, what do I do here, I trash my psp or there is a way to update it so I can connect myself somehow ?

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Ok well it was indeed my avast online security thingy acting up. I didn't know how to turn it off tho so I just uninstalled avast and reinstalled it without activating web security thingy.

Thx guys.

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Oh yeah and the only protection I have besides from MS security suits is Avast.

I think Avast has an option to enable Safe Search on browsers.

Saying that, you shouldn't have two antiviruses running at the same time. They can clash with one another and makes matters worse.

I think he means the default Windows firewall and Defender thing that everyone has.

That is correct, I meant the firewall of windows.

I tried to look in avast for a browser safe thingy, couldn't find it, i'll look again.

But you might be right, I did click on something on the latest avast update that I usualy don't do.

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Oh yeah and the only protection I have besides from MS security suits is Avast.

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There used to be a more appropriate forum on gamespot for this kind of question but that got the shaft with the new design so i'm asking for help here.

Since today, I noticed that in google when I search something, an green circle with a check icon will appear next to the results, like this :


I have no idea wtf that is, I haven't installed any new programs or change any options in IE.

Now the problem I have with is, when I click the mouse wheel button to open the page in a new tab, it opens on the home page of google. Even when I right click and select open in new tab, it doesn't open the link but simply opens a new google home page in the tab.

I have no idea if those green checks are for anything, all I know is since today, and I even say a couple of hours ago, I didn't have those green shit and my IE used to work fine.

Can someone help me out with this please ?


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Only reasons I have this game is because I have no other shooter to play besides RO2 and because I only paid 39$ for it.

Besides that the game has many issues.

1st, for such a fast paced game, the performance should be flawless, and it isn't, even tho I have triple what it takes to run the game.

2nd, shitty hit detection and netcode. I often look at the killcam when I think I shouldn't of had died and kill the guy, I see him killing me even tho his crosshair is no where near close to me.

3th, what the fuck is up with the wait time between matches. A match lasts what, 10-12 mins and you have to wait 2mins with loading before getting in a new game ?

4th, why the fuck your character always cocks the gun everytime you switch weapon even tho it's already fucking ready to fire. Fucking devs watched too many movies...

5th, can't mute players once the match had started ? (if there is a way I haven't found out yet)

6th, no where near enough maps. And they want to make us pay 25$ for "new" maps that we probably should of got in the first palce now...

7th, female characters smaller and harder to hit.