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Cool, thx.

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I'm wondering, when I download the free game(s) of the month from the ps+ subscription, if I delete that said game, can I go redownload it later even tho it's not free anymore ? (keeping in mind that I still a ps+ member).


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When I click register after enter my psn id it doesn't do anything :s

Anybody else ?

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Aaaah, aight. Thx man.

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New to ps+, I just wanted to know if a game who was free with the subscription say 3 months ago, will it still be free if I subscribe to ps+ today ?


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Thx man.

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Hi, I need some help please.

So a LED from my keyboard busted out and i'm trying to find out which type it is to replace it. I tried contacting Razer but they wouldn't even tell me what type of LED it is so I can try to find some myself soemwhere, they wouldn't replace/send me spare parts, anything. So after I told them to go fk themself and searched myself on the internetz i'm still at an impass, so I'm asking here where I know people are actually willing to help out others.

If anyone know which type it is I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

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Yo, i need some help. Since 2 days, when i start the game, it just starts to bug/freeze at the respawn logo screen.

I tried to repair the game/check for updates on origins, reboot the game, etc.

Nothing is working, anyone have this problem ? Knows how to fix it ?


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PSN TITLES, not 59.99$ retail games.