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Thx man.

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Hi, I need some help please.

So a LED from my keyboard busted out and i'm trying to find out which type it is to replace it. I tried contacting Razer but they wouldn't even tell me what type of LED it is so I can try to find some myself soemwhere, they wouldn't replace/send me spare parts, anything. So after I told them to go fk themself and searched myself on the internetz i'm still at an impass, so I'm asking here where I know people are actually willing to help out others.

If anyone know which type it is I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

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Yo, i need some help. Since 2 days, when i start the game, it just starts to bug/freeze at the respawn logo screen.

I tried to repair the game/check for updates on origins, reboot the game, etc.

Nothing is working, anyone have this problem ? Knows how to fix it ?


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PSN TITLES, not 59.99$ retail games.

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Starting at 53:09 there is abunch of psn titles listed on screen but I can't read them all and I would very much like to have a peak at them. Someone knows where I can check out a complete list of them ?

Already checked the ones where you can see the name but some are unreadable. Some help please ? thx.

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Yeah I really don't wanna mess with those settings, I'm with Bell for Fibetv and internet and I don't wanna fuck things up with this crap. I so regret buying a psp honestly, and not just for this issue.

Anywho, thx for the help Lh.

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I have an old psp that i dusted off and I tried to connect it to my wifi. When it detection my connection there was in grey something written "not secured" next to my connection and it wouldn't let me connect.

I tried to go check if there was a new firmupdate but I have the latest already (6.60) and that came out about 4 years ago or something.

So now I can't even connect my psp because it doesn't recognize new modems :/

So, what do I do here, I trash my psp or there is a way to update it so I can connect myself somehow ?

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Ok well it was indeed my avast online security thingy acting up. I didn't know how to turn it off tho so I just uninstalled avast and reinstalled it without activating web security thingy.

Thx guys.

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@GTR12 said:

@FelipeInside said:

@jack00 said:

Oh yeah and the only protection I have besides from MS security suits is Avast.

I think Avast has an option to enable Safe Search on browsers.

Saying that, you shouldn't have two antiviruses running at the same time. They can clash with one another and makes matters worse.

I think he means the default Windows firewall and Defender thing that everyone has.

That is correct, I meant the firewall of windows.

I tried to look in avast for a browser safe thingy, couldn't find it, i'll look again.

But you might be right, I did click on something on the latest avast update that I usualy don't do.