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as it is right now..

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Hm lets see here.. the psp has been seeing some action. mostly of Final Fantasy Tactics The Lion War. I think i'm 12 hours into the game. Not bad, considering i couldn't beat the 5th mission when i first played it back in 1997. Great game might I add. Gameplay is still addictive in 2008! I really like the new cutscene additions. They really spruce up this old gem. Yeah though, the playstation portable is definatley picking up use for me.

After i beat Tactics i think i'll move on to crisis core and finish that up. I'm already on chapter six in that game so i figure i shouldn't be too far off from the end. Thats a decent game as well. Not quite what i expected but yeah, defintley like it. The other game i hope to get around to is Final Fantasy X. I'm about 3 hours into that game, for some reason i felt like playing that the other day and started it up. Apprentley i had no idea what i had got myself into hahah.

Xenogears... Man i really want to beat that game but i just can't seem to get past a huuuuge wall in the way. I'm on a really hard part of the game so i don't even bother. Sad i know.... one day though. So many games i want to play before i head off for college but just not enough time ; ;

Oh yeah i'm going to college here soon. Ohio University to be exact. Should be a good time. I move in September.

I really want to buy Okage shadow king but i just can't seem to find a reasonable price for it online. Possibly zone of the enders as well. Mannn like i said so many games i want. DS is starting to look appealing. Chrono trigger, FFIV and FFTA Grimore of the Rift. Dragon Quest IX, mannn so many games.. IDK i should kinda slow down on games, i gotta concentrate on school here soon.

I definatley want some PS3 games though, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Home, Resident Evil 5, Final Fantasy XIII. Yeahhup.

Lifes pretty good right now. Just got my tonsils out and i'm finally starting to feel better. Prepare for hell if you ever have to do that. Not a great experience at all. Stay in health kids.

Until later Peace.

MGS4, new laptop, lv 30

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Well i bought MGS4 at the midnight release, and it is everything i hoped it would be. MGO is awesome and i'm gonna play the single player a couple more times through. Possibly on boss extreme, we'll see.. i hear its very hard. Also i bought a new laptop. its a beast. 512 mb of graphics. 250 hdd. 4 gb of ram. 64 bit os .. ehhhh. its good i like it, its a hp laptop. I want to get some pc games but i don't see any that catch my eye, i guess i'll have to wait for SC2.

ohhh yeah, i'm lvl 30 now too.

Metal Gear Online.

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finally got to play metal gear online. hmm i already have 10 hours logged in. excelent game. havn't played dmc4 in a while. gonna play that for a while. can't wait for mgs4 though. june can't come sooner. gta 4 is looking good as wel. we swill see whats up soon.

Update time

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OK, lets see here, didn't really get much for christmas, thats ok i got money. I bought tekken 5 for like 20 bucks and i'm loving it hahah. I play it on my ps3 on the HD it looks amAzing. I don't know if i want to buy that Sony ericsson phone anymore but i am going to buy MGS4 when it comes out. I have about 350-400 dollars, depending on what i buy. I'll buy tekken 6 too. Hmm, i really need an mp3 player. Ipods suck don't ever buy one. Itunes is garbage too.

I just got upgraded on gamespot to a level 28, bionic commando. I was a bionic commando already but i lost 2 levels for multiple offense on the boards in 1 day hahaha, it was the week of the wii launch SUE ME~!! or something like that... i also upgraded my tagger icon so i'm trying to get to king on that.

Schools alright, just finished first semester, i got a 3.8-4.0 this semester. I can't say the same for exams (i wish i studied for them) oh well. Feeling a little sick. Don't know whats up, might have to go see the doctor. My surgery went well, I had my ACL reconstructed. I'm walking again, but i'm nowhere near running:? I won't be able to play sport for 7-9 months depending on my rehab. Rugby's out of the question this year, but i might make it for snowboarding next winter. It was depressing when i found out i couldn't my favorite sport.

Thats what's currently going on HERE. PEACE.

New Phone... Sony Ericsson?

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Been looking for a christmas gift and i really need a new phone so i've been checking out Sony Ericsson after finding out that you have to pay $60 a month for the iPhones service (No thanks). Anyways the phone i've been looking at is the w880i. Does anyone know if thats a good phone? I've noticed that Sony Ericsson is comming out with a new w800 model. The w890i. The are essentially the same, except the 890 looks a little shorter, but they are about the same width. A big difference thats making me even consider the 890 is the 3.0 megapixel camera. 890 will proably cost $100 more than the 880. Suggestions welcome, i'm really stretched on which to choose.



Copied from inbox

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First of all, if you live under a rock then I'll let you know what this is about.Second, I'm going to show my support for Jeff and game journalism as a whole by passing on the same message that everybody else is passing on. If you're a union leader then feel free to telegram your union members also. Post it in your blog, put it in your sig, etc...

"Please do not go on GameSpot, GameFAQs, CNET, Download.com, TV.com, et cetera... do not go on ANY CNET site. Logout and DO NOT GO ON AT ALL from 12am EST on Monday (that's midnight tonight) until 12am EST on Tuesday. Don't come on the site, don't Google the site, don't click on a link to the site - don't do ANYTHING that generates a page view, search engine hit, or *anything*

A lot of Gamespotter's more prominant posters will be taking this action to show solidarity with the staff (and Jeff) who have to fear their jobs being lost if they speak their mind. So for their inability to speak on this issue *we'll show CNET our silence*.

This issue is bigger than you, it's bigger than me - it's bigger than GameSpot. This is about big business being able to use *buy* public opinion. Rather than live in a world where the media is controlled entirely by those with the most money, I want to live in a world where gamers who are living for their hobby (these guys truly work because of their passion for gaming, not the paycheck) can say what they truly feel about a game.

So let's do the right thing and show solidarity with Jeff Gerstmann - if he can't go to work on Monday at GameSpot then neither will we."

gotta represent my dawg Jeff G. seroiusly gamespot, ur going down the Sh!*** as of late.


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my 5 free bd movies came can't wait to check them out...i got

kiss of the dragon

the italian job


corpse bride

pearl harbor

i've seen 2/5 movies and i bareley remember one of those 2 so yeah pretty happy its been about 3 months!!

Hurry up PS3

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This is probably the last year i'll be able to play video games hardcore. This is because i'm starting college next year with a hard major, so i'll be studying alot more than i do in high school. Usually i can beat a game that holds my attention in 3-4 weeks time. I really hope PS3 launches my favorite games soon so i can play them before i ship off to college. Games i'm anticipating are MGS4, FF13, GTA4 and GT4 (not prolouge).

ps3 son

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just got a 80 gig ps3 with motorstorm, yeah son

Some new stuff.

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Lol well i havn't posted in a while, lets see here. What i've recentley done that has to do with video games meh. not much. I've been trying to beat xenogears but i havn't gotten around to it. I'm almost to disc 2. i also put a bunch of my old ps1 games on my psp and its currently running 3.03 oe-c firmware.

On another note, my b-day is comming up i think i'm going to ask my parents for a ps3.. i'll probably get lair and stranglehold along with the system. Should be pretty cool. i can't wait for the 08 lineup, mgs4, gt5, ff13, warhawk, little big planet caught my interest as well, there are a ton of games i'm really looking forward too, should be a good year.

Well i've been browsing the forums more then usual and i guess i got caught up in stupid system wars. I posted a few messages that got harshly moderated lol. Uh i went down a complete level hahaha. i was level 25 defias brotherhood about halfway through. Now i'm level 24 at like 15 percent hahahahahahah. I don't really care though. I have like 815 karma on gfaqs. Gspot mods ugh

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