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something like a three-year hiatus

Today I decided to be productive and resurrect everything I have done on the internet since forever ago. Oh man, boy do I ever hope I increase my GameSpot level, on top of my trophies and achievements. Life is tough now that everything I do for leisure grades me.

hullo again, someone reading this.

Man, oh man.

Rock Band is amazing and I love it. I need more songs tho.

Super Mario Galaxy, as well, is awesome. I'm really glad I got it even when I can't truly afford it. I'm impulsive.

I think I'm gonna wait on Mass Effect, and I might even just borrow COD4 from my girlfriend.

Oh, and check out this.

I know that it's an ingame message and all but the concept is touching and I was blown away by this. Or mebbe I'm just some milk-fed, momma's boy sissy.

I really like the Orange Box.

It's amazing. Team Fortress, in my opinion, is better on the PC, with more people and more intelligent people, believe it or not. Their names might not speak that but they have tactics, and they exist. The people on Live so far are total muppets (I beat 2fort by myself, while a vicious team of engineers valiantly defended stupid and incorrect spots) And they are few and far in between. I haven't really had a big game, either, like I did on the Beta at my friends house, where they have working and high-powered computers. It prolly will bulk up soon.

Portal is amazing. I am on the last 'advanced' level and I am tearing my hair out as we speak. But it rules. I hope I get through this soon.

I always liked Half-Life and it's been forever since I played it so that's also a cool thing. This is an overall serious must-have.

Back to this puzzle.

Long Wait 2.0

But it's still there.  I don't have a good computer (at all!) but I'm over at my friends' house (aptly called the Epic House, after their street name and love for 4 chan (that was censored?) and they all have the TF2 beta.  It is so phenomenally rad.  It's like they decided that the best combination would be Team Fortress, the Incredibles, and Carmen Sandiego, and when you play this you will understand.  I haven't hung out with these guys in a while, and this is a good catch-up.  They have 4 computers in a row running TF2, two more in seperate rooms, my friend Steve on Bioshock (in Fort Frolic, the coolest place) and my friend Kevin on Phantom Hourglass.  We bluetoothed the MGS codec sound to my phone and I'm typing this on his Powerbook as we all scream at TF2 action (seriously, the 6 people playing here are at the top of the lists, their teammates aren't doing a damn thing.  Who needs 4 engineers?)  and talk about Everyday Shooter and halolz and nerd stuff.  It's amazing.      Oh, the wait.  Yea.  Folklore and the Orange Box.  Really can't wait.  And Zack & Wiki and COD4 and NiGHTS and Galaxy and all that. I heard good and bad about Folklore so I'm sketchy, and it doesn't help that there has yet to be a PS3 game that I've felt inclined to keep.  I also really want to get Eternal Sonata but I heard that it was short, so I don't know.  If anyone knows or has opinions let me know.  Oh, and listen to Jesu.

the Swap

I think that I will trade Metroid 3 in for Zack and Wiki, Halo 3 for the Orange Box, and Stranglehold for Folklore. I don't remember why I got Stranglehold. Prolly for free, I hope...

I have played Halo3 to death and I think I'm burned out. This is what happened with Halo 2 and the first Halo. I ended up just mooching a friends and playing social multiplayer. I'm cool with it. And Metroid was easier than I expected. The aiming in my opinion was spot-on and I hope to see more like that in the future. But I'm done with it.

I feel older for thinking this but I wish that Metroid 3 was more like Super Metroid, much like I wished Twilight Princess was more like Link to the Past.

Sin and Punishment? On MY Virtual Console!!? Excellent. I've liked Treasure since their ridiculously unpossible Gunstar Heroes and Dynamite Headdy (which wasn't as difficult but still awesome). I'll pick it up.

There's a job fair down with the devil, and I'm going.



Halo 3 is fun multiplayer and the ending was not the one that I wanted. I'm still getting used to the matchmaker/custom game controls (like what weapons and whatnot) and I have three film clips that are in my opinion awesome. One of them is an aerial sword battle with my girlfriends brother that belonged in Hero or something, another is an attempt at a cool battle that is disrupted by my friend with a Gravity Hammer, and the third is from the view of my friend and it seriously reminds me of Saving Private Ryan. Check them out.

Oh yea! And I quit my job. Now I need to

1) Look for another, and

2) Join the ranks of millions and pay an extra 9$ for my games.

I won't miss my discount but I will miss the people I befriended from my job. Peace, if you're reading this. You probably aren't.

I wish I had a good computer

Because Hellgate: London is looking amazing.

I'm used to not having a good computer because I have never had a good computer. Ever since I was a kid. So it's cool. I just marvel at these kind of awesome PC-only games when they emerge every year-and-a-half or so.

I borrowed Resistance and this game is way cooler than Heavenly Sword was. I've been playing it pretty much all of my day off. And I found my old gigantic sketchpad. And... I found Thin Mints. Today has been a good day.


I recently was reading someone complain about Game Informer because they gave a bad review to Rune Factory: a Fantasy Harvest Moon.

Now I'm not biased on my magazines, because I don't buy any of them. I work in a place where there is nothing to do and all of these magazines. Granted, I don't like Harvest Moon at all. Animal Crossing is where I draw the line as far as doing menial labor in games. But I think I will make a list that breaks down magazines, because in my opinion, my opinion is right.


1) Electronic Gaming Monthly

It has three people reviewing the games, so you are almost always entitled to several pros and cons. Interesting material usually, good layout, good amount of screenshots, and Hsu and Chan at the end of every issue. That's awesome. I think I'd recommend this the most, as long as you all remember that on April fools, sometimes jokes happen. We had a bunch of people at work get all stupid and mad over the Wind Waker prank (wiki it if you need)

2) PSM/OXM/Nintendo Power

These magazines are what you read if you only have a particular system. They are all actually pretty good as far as not being biased (OXM particularly) and they offer sound reviews and coming-soons. Nintendo Power I have to give credit because when I used to get it, it was stupid kiddy, and they have actually moved forward (though not as much as I would like). PSM also has a swimsuit issue, which is awesome if you like girls that aren't real.

3) Game Informer

This has two people reviewing it, which in my opinion is one short. It has good reading and at least once (Borderlands) it has brought an awesome game to my attention before I found out on my own. That means something to me. However, they populate the magazine with top-tens and quizzes so at times the magazine feels like a David Letterman rip-off. If you were going to rip someones ideas off, David Letterman is not the person. The ratings you should only pay attention to if they are less than 4, or if they are the game of the month. Other than that they are usually wrong. I'm not sure that a magazine with guidelines as to what to read and what to ignore is a good magazine, but hey. $15 a year. Can't complain.

4) Play

Ah, Play magazine.

I think that this is the magazine that I dislike the most. I used to love it, too. It's upbeat, I think. That's why I liked it. This magazine reviews almost anything with the 'every cloud silver lining' thing. This means that no matter how bad the game turns out to be (Musashi: Samurai Legend), they will make it sound awesome, and you will buy it (if you're me) and summarily hate yourself and hold a funeral service for your $35 (tragically taken from you). They don't have a lot of pictures, which is annoying because they often talk about how beautiful games are and these guys seem to value graphics more than you should. Thanks to Play magazine, I was able to play Musashi: Samurai Legend, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and Lair! Throw up the horns!

Six 1/2 hours

Ok. I think I will trade in Heavenly Sword for Folklore.

If you want a good review then listen to Penny Arcade. And though everyone should play this game I just don't think it's to own. I bought it because I needed to justify this Ps3 and because I was really looking forward to it. It's fun but there are issues.

There are a few things about this game.

1)Playing as Kai sucks for the first few minutes and eventually becomes the coolest part of the game.

2)The last boss is the biggest bytch in the world. I hope that some day you see why for yourself. One hour of this game was the last boss.

3)The enemy dialogue is something that I could do without.

4)If any of the puzzles takes you longer than one minute to figure out, then you have a minor learning disability and medication can assist you in that.

5)Make sure that you remember which combos are block-breakers, because the last half of the game is like fighting your little sibling in Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter.

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