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Killzone 3 + Move + Sharp Shooter= awesome for a bit

So I love the killzone franchise, I have a move and invested the 40 into the sharp shooter. Its pretty fun, at least for a bit. then it just gets a little weighty and makes me want to go back to the controller. my score for the sharp shooter is a 6. fun to play with, controls are great, only downfall is that its not something id use alot. and for $40. not really worth it, I regret my purchase due to that, could of been happier with 2 $20 used games

as of now

whew, just a vent... one of my last blogs was about my 80 gig BC getting the ylod. so I had a 250 gig for a backup. so someone stole both Playstations my 31 games 4 controllers my blue ray movies, my ps eye, the keypad on the conrtoller. they got me good. It was my sister in law, she also got my kids banks and some various other things from tools to anything she thought was valuable. ths has caused problems in my house due to the fact of my nephewes. we cant throw their mom in jail. ok im done, thats why I havent been on, now even seeing games gives me a bad feeling in my stomache. Ive never done drugs, Im a good dad, I played after my kids were in bed to help me get tired due to my extreme insomnia

How Leveling and scoring psn works. trophies

Bronze 15, Silver 30, gold 90, platinum 180

Level 1 - 0 pts

Level 2 - 200 pts

Level 3 - 600 pts

Level 4 - 1200 pts

Level 5 - 2400 pts

Level 6 - 4000 pts

Level 7 - 6000 pts

Level 8 - 8000 pts

Level 9 - 10000 pts

Level 10 - 12000 pts

Level 11 - 14000 pts

Level 12 - 16000 pts

Level 13 - 24000 pts

Level 14 - 32000 pts

Level 15 - 40000 pts

Level 16 - 48000 pts

Level 17 - 56000 pts

Level 18 -64000 pts

Level 19 -72000 pts

Level 20 - 80000 pts

It takes 8,000 points between levels after 20 also

Platinum GOW I

Finally, Platinum... well at least in GOW 1... Still have GOW 2 left. The challange of the gods was stinking hard, also whats up with the platinum trophy. Im not sure but I dont think it adds anything to your score anymore. I went from 1% to 3% with a gold and platinum trophy. I know for my lvl its 2% for a gold soooooo.

God of war, speed run.

ok just finished my speed run, 4 hr 8 min. Got the gold trophy, now all I need to do is challange of the gods... gold and also plat. trophy... this game is amazing

God of war never looked so good

Early next week, the world will end in chaos. Sony will be unleashing two of the greatest PS2 games of all-time next Tuesday when the God of War Collection is released for the PS3. Featuring updated graphics, trophies, and a perfect framerate, God of War and God of War II have never looked nor played better before this triumphant return.

Star Wars TFU

Just finished the Sith master, WOW! It was hard but now it is done. Finished finding all the JEDI holo, Plat. game is def worth playing, might buy DLC. after GOW collection