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Good Day visitors

I'll keep this one brief, but to inform you all that I've returned to the site to continue my contributions as I did in the good old days.

I needed a long break from the site, well in fact most sites excluding Facebook. I suddenly have the courage and determination to pick up my status from where I left off.

Although I may be exceedingly busy with University and assignments, time should always be on my side when it comes to posting here on TV.com. Even though I've had a huge dislike towards the current site design, I'm sure I'll move on past that.

Well, that's it for me now, and good luck everyone with your contributing. See you all soon for another blog.

Celebrating three years at TV.com

Well, where has all the time gone? Today marks the three year anniversary of my existence here on both TV.com and Gamespot (I have nothing to do with the other websites relating to CNet). Although it may seem like just another year of membership, I'm proud to still be here, posting in the forums of TV shows such as The Amazing Race, Lost and Two and a Half Men.

About a year ago I retired from all my editorships, courtesy of the latest TV.com designs, plus the amount of pressure I'd been receiving from school just took up all my time. I've not long been back and recently gained editorship of The Amazing Race Asia, unexpectedly. I might as well keep it due to the fact that the show was my second most desired of gaining the editor position, behind the U.S version of The Amazing Race. When I'm logged on I often find myself here for only one purpose, to keep up with the latest news and updates spread throughout the board of The Amazing Race. I've now declared TAR as being my favourite TV series. This time, I will continue to remain on TV.com until life concerns prevent me from logging on.

I finished my thirteen years of school education a while back and have plans of attending university in March to study a Tourism degree through Business (a diploma first as a case of my grades not being up to satisfaction), which I'm looking forward to. I've now been back in New Zealand for two years, coming up, which has been a blessing. Living in Australia was out of my league, but also, countless family difficulties became the worst of the experience. Onto future events, it is now 2010, a new decade, and I've felt as if I'm leaving all my troubled anxiety behind. School's over, it's currently summer over here, weather's been brilliant and I know my life will drastically change this year. This is mainly because of what I have coming up in the way of tertiary education and to finally pick up the happy life which was lost at end of 2006, the day before we left New Zealand. I've got a lot to look forward to I guess, I just can't see it yet, based on living a depressing and unhappy life for the past three years. My outlook is positive, and can't wait to see what the future has in store for me.

Back to TV.com; I've recently discovered my year and a half being level 50 here... I guess I should consider doing something about that. I've made 2495 contributions, 4908 forum posts, written countless reviews, and have gained many people & show editorships in my time as a member. Well, I won't go on and on, but just to say, I still thoroughly enjoy spending time on TV.com and I'm anxiously excited about the Lost Season 6 premiere which be airing sometime in February, hopefully. It is going to be an "explosive final season" as the producer's state, and based on Season 5 ending with two timelines while the 1977 tenants destroyed the hydrogen bomb... What will happen next? Just how will the final season begin, and conclude?

The Final Season

I'd just like to thank you for reading which just indicates an interest on my three year membership. Comment if you wish and I will most certainly respond. Happy new decade!

And hello...

Yes, well it's been a while since my last post, and I actually havethe time to do one.

I recently turned 18 and received well over $100 in the one day, and a lot of cards and kind words. It feels good, I feel extremely close to adult-hood.

Life's been pretty busy and full on lately, mostly because of school. I'm getting assignment after assignment and it really does add on to the things you'd dislike about school. It is my final year before I continue on with my life off to university to become something of a Tourism career. My objective is to gain what I need in regards to qualifications this year so I have the requirements for university.

On to TV, I'm not really into anything with the exception of the exclusive Lost finale scheduled to arrive later this week along with the Survivor: Tocantins finale. Both shows have only been at around above average so I do have high expectations. The Two and a half Men series finale is scheduled to arrivenext week while I am currently viewing the twenty-third episode, and unlike Lost and Survivor, Two and a half Men has actually been a great season this year.However, having decided to quit watching The Amazing Race after Christie & Jodi's elimination during season 14, something lured me into believing that the deranged series would actually contain a decent finale - But I was wrong, again! I don't know why I even bothered, but after 14 seasons, The Amazing Racehas officiallydied. If you ask me, I reckon All-Stars was the last true season of TAR.

As for my gaming life, I've only found myself interested in the old Need For Speed series mostly, but I spend more of the time re-thinking about my past life and why things turned out the way they did - I don't know, I guess there comes a time in your book of events where you turn back and honour decisions you made in the past.

Anyways, as I continue to work veryhard in my studies, I'm thinking of what I might do in regards to my career - Tourism is the very thing I've always wanted to do since I was ten years of age. I know where I want to go, and where I would to spend my life, but I have a few ideas in mind regarding my future job. For what I think of this year so far, it's been "meh", but I just can't stop thinking 2010. I reckon it'll be awesome, and a huge step up from 2007, 2008 and this year.

Like my mates always said, look ahead, not backwards.

Well, got to go. I will blog again soon

I have to post something

Hello readers.

The title of this blog indicates that I have to post something, yes. But what about? A lot of things, and a lot of events that have occured since the start of this year.

Firstly, it's great to see you old friends from 2007 and 2008 still here. I'm surprised, but glad. This gives me a reason to blog. I've been extremely busy with all my set work from school. It has been a frustrating time because of the load, but not only that, this is the last year of the routine because school is offically over at the end of the year. There are still great times, great TV shows that have returned such as the two I can usually count on to produce good quality - Lost and The Amazing Race.

School is ok, but I am feeling over it in ways. Still, I always hang in there. I just spend my weekends chilling out or out doing things. However, these days we've had pretty wild weather full of wind, rain and strangely enough, the prevailing winds have been heading in two different directions making it seem tough to go out in.

Wel, summer is officially over now as we head into an autumn full of un predictable weather, and apparently no further word has been heard about the bush fires in Melbourne, Austalia or the flooding in Queensland. Honestly, we're quite safe here in New Zealand, but the cold always get's to us in winter.

As for gaming and electronics, I've been heavily focussing on the Need For Speed series which I have been addicted to since 2002. I love the free roaming driving on the earlier games, but please don't comment and start going on about any of the following: Underground, Underground 2, Most Wanted, Carbon, Pro Street or Undercover. I dislike those games as they're all urban, too different, too rappy and hip hop-py but before you readers, it's as though EA games turned to drugs after finishing Hot Pursuit 2 as Underground arrived in 2003. So, granted, I don't mind anyone discussing any of the first six NFS games as they're fine (with the exception of Porsche Unleashed). But before I proceed, Need For Speed IV: High Stakes on the Playstation is the best in the series, always has been, always will be. Hot Pursuit and Hot Pursuit 2 are next in line. If you even think EA just might present us with another pleasant NFS game, think again. We've been through six crappy games since the fantastic Hot Pursuit 2 which was in my opinion, the last in the series. So, if there are any of you here who are into racing and are not familiar with NFS3: Hot Pursuit, High Stakes or Hot Pursuit 2, you must give them a shot, and all three of these were way better on Playstation than on PC, but this is just my own opinion.

Now I move onto Lost, the highly impressive new season is now up to it's ninth episode of it's fifth season but now it is on a two week break. Honest to god, this season is way superior to Season 4 as it has re-discovered the power of the first couple of seasons. But although I wasn't particularly keen on the second episode and "This Place Is Home", all this was just a startup to whats expected to happen once those survivors are all up and back together on the island. It's always exciting, just like it should be.

The Amazing Race is doing alright, so far the season is a massive improvement over the last as most of the teams are lovable, rather than idoits who needed to go back into secondary school and learn some common sense.

In this present day, life is quite good. I'm now only two months from turning 18 where things do start to change. I'll promise to comment on you guys blogs when I have time, as well as make more of my own. For now, I'll continue to post short blogs so I don't bore you with those long blogs from others that may turn into a deadly bore. Thanks for reading...

I'm officially back for good

Hello Gamespotters and TV fans. :)

Excuse the fact that I haven't posted a blog for at least three months and know that that is only due to the fact that I hardly use TV.com anymore. I don't like the new design and the site was turning rather dull, and besides, I only use it to check and see if anyone has submitted any TAR Asia information since I recently became the new editor (Please submit if you like), and to post on show forums of course.

As for Gamespot, well, that's a different story. The website itself is still aceeptable, even with the changes to the rating system and the design. From now on, I will continue to do the usual, play games I enjoy (which are Racing, Platformer or Adventure only) and then review the game here. My most recent review which was for The Need For Speed which was a tough one to plan out. The game is so old and old-school that there are just some things you can and can't criticise an old game for.

As for my life, well, the school holidays are still on at present and I have officially returned home after having been away three times all in one 9 week vacation period. Christmas was alright, and so was new years. Life is doing fairly well at this time and I have just one week remaining of school holidays before I enter my thirteenth and final year of high school. I'm going on eighteen this May, and have carefully planned out what I'm thinking of doing as a career. I know it'll be Computing, but for what course I'm still not sure on that one.

Living in New Zealand my whole life (with the exception of one year) has been great, and I'm just looking forward to getting school finished so I can apply for university down in Auckland (the city where I spent the first 15 years of my life).


As for TV, I've seen the first two episodes of Lost season 5 and thoroughly enjoyed the first episode, but the second, it was rather disappointing. Before watching, I was not expecting much from this season, seeing as how the last series was a let down. But now after having seen a glimpse, I have high hopes about this new series.

Now I move on to The Amazing Race. I watched the last season and could have not have been any more disappointed. It was most definitely the worst season due to it's weakness. I don't want to go into it really, because so many things were wrong with it. I was not happy with who won and liked hardly any of the teams. How could the producers screw up so badly? This is now a show that fits the line of: "Going downhill fast". Lastly, Two and a half Men is on to it's sixth season and it seems to be a great season so far, perhaps even greater than the third, fourth and fifth seasons. The real comedy is back, and those real memorable storylines that were remembered throughout the first two seasons are there again. It's just a matter of time before Men turns into the #1 comedy again. Quite simply, these aren't just the only shows I watch, but are just well known to me.


Finally, onto my gaming. I've recently returned to the Gran Turismo series which I am a die hard fan for. I'm also a champion and have hardly lost a race against anyone in my entire reign, but as much as a champion as I am on the first three games, I'm not so flash good on Gran Turismo 4. I only allow myself to keep concept cars, race cars or cars by Polyphony Digital so my home garage doesn't get infested with sloppy road cars mixed with ultra-fast vehicles.

I've also been concentrating on Need For Speed once again, but let me get this clear: I HATE all Need For Speed games from Underground onwards :evil:, I do not like them, they suck and I will not talk about them. I have only ever followed the series during the first six games, which are actual NFS games. So that means the series was alive between 1994-2002. Hot Pursuit 2 is the last game in my opinion, and then we are given the true crap from EA. I have always found the PC versions slightly greater than the PS editions, due to the extra's. High Stakes, is the best in the series, just an awesome game. The two Hot Pursuit editions are second and third place as they were also fantastic. But I often play NFSII SE and NFSIII on my laptop as often as I can, for fun and practice.


This is all I really need to review on for now, but it is great to be blogging once again, and I shall do it more often if I see reasons to do so. Thanks to you readers, please comment if you wish, and I will get back to you.

Bye for now...


Healed, and a little happier

Hey TV fans, Gamespotters and Movietomers. :)

My sickness of the cough-virus has indeed been healed, and I did return to school today. Exam results were not good at all (from what I have received so far). I mean come on, I started at this school in June so I missed all of the important stuff, and besides - The system over here in New Zealand is really screwed up and needs to be changed. It's a problem everywhere. Teachers, the government, students and parents agree that Levels 1 and 2 are simply too hard in some area's. Specifically in English, Commerce and Practical work. Good thing though, as these exams did not count for any credits - but were just rotten revision tests.

In final news, In English (this is optional), the cl*ss has to present a Monologue for a certain number of credits. "Yeah right, after all that has been on my plate, it's a simple answer: NOT doing it". Yup, I'd rather give up the 3 credits than for me to be filmed in cla*s for 2-3 minutes. Doing a speech is bad enough, even though it was one of the only things I got "Excellence" for. This is way over the top, and I'm not doing it. I cannot stand pressure and stress like that anymore, and plus, you'll never know when you'll become the laughing victim.

Nope, I'm enjoying just going to school and thinking towards my Career as I'm doing my subjects, despite the fact that most of them su*k. Life is going alright I guess, getting better slowly, but 2008 has been another mediocre type of year with sadness, and there have been times where I have wanted to go back in time and change my life so it would be better now...

So yeah, this is the third to last week of school with a two-week holiday following on. Once I return to school in term 4, I've decided that I'm going to study for about an hour + every night for at least 6 weeks before the Externals (Year 12 - NCEA Level 2 examinations), as all the subjects of mine that contain these credits add up to 50+ if I pass all sections. I am more determined than ever to pass.

Well, that's my blog for today, and I'll try and get around to more later this week. I just hope my English teacher, despite the fact that the Monologue is optional, doesn't make a big deal out of it and start asking me questions. Thanks for reading, and I'll always reply to comments. :P


I feel like crap

Dear goodness...

This has been a major trying week. I've been off school all week because of a horrible passing VIRUS. I've been sick since Friday but this whole virus began on Monday. Here is what it consists of:

- The urgent need to cough all the time, except while sleeping.

- Dry cough with a bit of Phlegm, nothing too serious. Not a chest cough, I'll make that clear now.

- My throat is raw, red, sore as hell and burny

- Again, the urgent coughing, all the time - it doesn't really stop - sometimes it lightens up a bit, but not for long.

Have any of you had this? Because I have never faced such a horrible cough in my life. This is just all the time. I know I have healed a bit, but I am mighty crook and the constant throat itch and a slight tickle is causing coughing. When I try to talk to someone it comes, and I don't want to pass it on. I know by a 90% chance I picked this up from some crook at school. Horrible... *Take this away already*

Thanks for reading, please reply if you want to or have had the virus as well. :(


Jay's monthly blog - August 2008

This was the month of revelation, this was the month of succession and this was the month of sickness

As time goes on, no matter what happens, we have to get on with our lives and push on to keep as we are as ourselves and being strong no matter who might take that away in the short-run. People develop more confidence with faith and hope, and as we live out lives, we're facing a long journey while bad/old doors close, and new/good doors open - if it is mean't to happen. Life can be a spiritual journey, and a good one if you allow it.

Last month (August) was pretty good, I'm not the type of person who'll have a lot to say about the month these days because all I'm doing is basically High School with long hours of study. But for August, I'll outline the events in weeks.

August 1-7

It was during this time where I was thinking to myself "What the hell am I still doing at TV.com.. Like, why am I even here?" besides all of you who comment on my blogs, and show editors or those who have high status's, 75% if the people left here are either small yanky children who use their older brother or sister's account or complete nerdy jerks who get picked on at school, or of course - angry people who gain pleasure from insulting other users, particularly those who post in the forums. Sorry guys, this is a reality, almost everyone still standing here (TV.com) are idoits = EPIC FAIL!!! I miss the people who were either cool, or those who were here last year and welcomed you with open arms if you were a new user.

Also, the moderators are lazier than ever... I don't bother submitting to a show/person that has no editor because the person takes 5-7 days to get through a single damn submission of mine. Have they lost interest or something??? Bad... The site was also incredibly "boring" around this time. So overall, the first 7 days of August was the TV Tome rip off.

August 8-14

Nothing... Just pretty much studying through the two AA books so I walk into the centre with confidence and get my learners licence.

August 15-21

- I was told I may not have to buy my own car when I get my restricted licence, and that I'd get the money from a family member to buy one myself, I hope it stays this way... Please let it do.

- On the 18th, I gained my LEARNERS licence, Yay... lol :D

August 22-28

- I got my licence card delivered to my address so I officially have my learners licence.

- This is probably irrelevant but I made myself clear that I would save my money each week in order to buy a PS3 next year when I have enough, even though I am no longer a high gamer - I love two specified genre of games: Racing and Platform (Adventure)

- Damn school trial exams, there were four, and because I started in June, I'll probably fail most of them in every section, unless some miracle occurs. These exams didn't count for anything though, so I don't have much to worry about.

August 29-31

-Finished off exams.

-I caught the damn flu on Friday, and the dreadful thing lasted all weekend but I'm actually a lot better now.

- The 30th was the day I reviewed the highest number of episodes in one day here - 16, and I still didn't bl***y well gain much percentage, as I am still on Level 49. It sucks, but yeah, this site is getting worse by the week so I just can't be bothered reviewing or contributing like crazy anymore.

1. What's to be expected in September?

  • That's my monthly description finished, as for other facts about the upcoming months - I'll hopefully (during the September (holidays) be going down to Auckland to stay with my mate for a third time in a row, it all depends on how things work out though - so I'm not going to expect anything in due course.
  • This month will also be the premiere of The Amazing Race 13, so I am indeed excited about that. But everytime I think of the new season, I often worry and wonder if TAR fans are okay about the shocking disappearance of my great friend amazing_race who has now been absent for exactly 3 months and 27 days. WHERE THE HELL HAS HE GOT TO? Hasn't been here since the 5th of May.
  • Shocking amounts of school homework and assignments
  • Life to continue on getting better (I'm hope it happens)

Well, this is the end, I hope this has been a bit exciting, and may I recommend you guys to start monthly blogging yourself soon - the more the merrior. :D

I am now going to leave and continue on watching/swapping between Family Guy, Lost, and Two and a half men. Later all...


Got the flu, resting...

Can't write a long blog because honestly, I have the flu, all weekend and I can't truthfully be bothered with this. But, yeah, this is horrible and I hope it goes away soon. I'll be taking the day off school tomorrow to try to recover best I can. Anyway, I'll be doing my monthly blog tomorrow morning so I'll look forward to explaining to everyone what I've done in August lol.

For now, bon voyage friends.

Exams are over, but I'm exhausted

Hello all. Good day I suppose. :D

Well, it is for me. I just completed my last exam this morning; for Economics, which is my least favorite subject of the bunch, nothing interesting to learn this year, it's just boring. Every lesson is just as lame as the one before...

Well, I suspected I did considerably well in Geography and Mathematics. These were only practice exams anyway, they didn't count for any credits towards my NCEA Level 2. So yeah, it's Friday evening and I'm just going to kick back and relax tonight.

School returns to normal for the remaining four or five weeks (I forgot how many weeks are left, one of those) and yeah, I'm glad about it. Lastly, I'll be reviewing more episodes, responding to more blogs and tracking down more people - but I dare not submit any information to a show/person without an editor, as they take a damn week to moderate it. Now, I must say goodbye for now, and no, I haven't left, but am not as interested in this site than I used to be...

Well, catch you all later in my monthly blog (August) in a few days.