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Brazil... Lost... What?!

Brazil lost against France 0-1! How could this happen?! They have all the great players: Ronaldinho, Kaka, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, the list is endless. Maybe it's the coach fault? Anyway Brazil is out of the World Cup, and it's sad:( No more samba-football... I think Germany will be the new champions, but I'm probably wrong:P

New profile- and blog-banners!

After some photoshopping yesterday I've finished my first profile- and blog-banner! I used a font from Metal Gear Solid called "Espionage" that I thought looked cool. The two Snake pictures were from some wallpapers I already had in my collection:P Even tough I didn't use more than 15 minutes on each banner, I think I ended up with a quite nice result. Anyway, here's the banners: Profile-banner (right-click and click "open image" to se the whole banner)  Blog-banner  What do you think? Leave a comment, so I can improve the banners!:D