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Resident Evil 6



The trailer for Resident Evil 6 is out and from the look of things it appears CAPCOM has ramped up the game. There were scenes in the trailer where it look like Chris and Leon had the ability to duck into cover and the fighting engine has been altered too. They have brought back characters from the previious games, exactly who, I cannot say at this moment, but if you view the trailer you will see for yourself. The game is slated from a November release and from the looks of thing I will be anxiously awainting this game. Below is the link to the trailer:

Hurricane Irene

hurricane irene

Goodnight Irene

I wish I was back in Hawaii about now. I am stuck on the east coast getting ready for graduate ****s next week. Yes, that's right, I am going for a master's degree in computer science and I still love to play games. It is a great stress reliever and I truly enjoy the thrill of playing a good game.

Hurricane Irene is about to hit and I got all my essentials: flashlight, food, water, beer, snacks, games, and girlfriend. I have my PSP full charged just in case power goes out. If the power does go out I'll have to monitor my game playing time on the PSP. I have APC battery back- up, hopefully that will get me through a blackout if that happens. There is a stray cat I feed from time to time outside; I hope it can find shelter from the storm. Yesterday, it was crying to me like it know a storm is coming, just like the earlier in the week before the earth-quake hit. It's funny how animals can sense these things before it happens and they don't need the seismic graphs, news, or weather reports.

I'll be very happy when this episode has passed on in history and we can move on to the next event (school). I hope everyone in the path of the storm seek shelter if they have to and get all the supplies you need especially water. You'll need a minimum of 5 days water supply, and fresh batteries for you flashlight. So batten down the hatches mates there is a storm brewing.

Playing as Kratos Bother in God Of War III

Kratos fighting

I know you can downloads skins for the PLaystation Store to play in GOWIII. Those skins are: Apollo, warrior, Morpheus and Phantom of Chaos skins. THere is another skin that is a little more difficult to obtain. It is Kratos brother, Deimos which is available on the PSP. The other is Dominus, which used to only be available via the Ultimate Edition, but now can be nabbed on the PlayStation Network by PlayStation Plus members.

More God of War III Videos

This is just the reason we need to put GOWIII back in rotation. I pull it oput when friends who haven't played it come over. With the addition of the new skins, will probably make my console more popular during the coming holiday season. So, if someone out there is generous and has some disposable income, could you please hook me up with a PLaystation Plus account. A year subscription is all I'm asking...LOL.

I guess I have to start gathering those aluminum cans again.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Ezio killing guards

Well its November 1st., and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood will be available to the gamers the U.S. Let's just say the wait, though short in comparison to most games, still has many gamers waiting in blissful anticipation. Many Americans have laid down the cold cash deposit for pre-purchase order to get the bonus "Harlequin" character. I have pre-ordered the Collector's Edition. I have to make preparation

Brotherhood Collector's Edition

Now let me go through my check list of items I need to do in order to enjoy this game on the first day it comes out:

1. Call my friends, tell them (guys/gals) I got the game.

2. Change voicemail greeting on cell phone and landline.

a."I am not available leave a number Thanks" quick and simple

3.Make sure the both control pads are fully charged

a.Last time the pad died on me in the middle of the level of RE5 and I had to start it again.

4. Do not drink to many fluids

a. Trying to end the level quickly while doing the pee-pee dance is no fun. RE 5 timer still ticks on pause.

5. This is due to the previous item - take a break between mission and/or levels

i) Do a bladder check, minimal fluid intake

6. Hide my Harlequin Jack-In-The-Box from my friends

7. Remove/Change outer apparel (shirt and pants) leave on sneakers with shorts

a.need to wear long shorts on just in case I get a knock on the door

8. Set alarm clock to stop from playing after a certain amount of time

9. Stop playing after alarm sounds

10. Go to sleep and dream I am running through Rome looking for someone to kill

DString's Return

I'm Back

Yes, I am back. I was tied up with an extreme amount of work. I was literally busting my butt trying to get good grades. I made the Dean's List eacj semester. sI have two more semesters left (I graduate in May 2011), I am doing 5 subjects this semester, In the spring my workload will diminish. I konw I wasn't missed, but thats ok, we all have stuff to do. I am going to get into the forum thing once I establish what assignments need to be done over the next couple of weeks. Till then I will try and stay in touch more. So lock your doors and hide your daughters, I'm back.....LMAO

Assassin's Creed II Release Date Nearing

My ACII Banner

I am counting down the days until its release (5 days and a wake up at the time of this post). I have to work over-time that week, so I may only get to play it for two hours before I have to go to work and do a double and get to ****the next morning, then work again that night. I realize I should get some sleep in there, so I won't truly enjoy the game until about Friday morning.

I pre-ordered my game back in August, yes August. I ordered the Master Assassin's Edition, which by the way is sold-out online now, or at least at GameStop it's sold-out. I would love that Assassin's Creed Bloodlines PSP Bundle too (finger's crossed)

Back To School Blues

back to school blues

School books and term papers
are back again
My first day of school
the professor wasn't in.
He emailed an assignment
twenty pages of mess
and the very next day
he gave a pop quiz test.

I got the back to school blues
uptight teachers and their too tight rules.
I got the back to school blues
man I can't wait till this semester through.

Four subjects in the day
Two more in the evening
I could have sworn, I saw myself leaving
Three want term papers 10 pages they say
and to top it off they are due the same damn day.

I got the back to school blues
uptight teachers and their too tight rules.
I got the back to school blues
man I can't wait till this semester through.


More Games, Few Funds

Last year this time PS3 gamers were complaining there wasn't enough titles out to satisfy their gaming needs. Well, this year the story is a little different. There are a massive amount of games coming out over the next several weeks/months, that will put a hefty dent in your budget.

Now that the games are flowing, the money to buy them is in a trickling state. I guess many like myself will have to wait until they can easily afford the game you want, or save up for it. I am going to be more selective about the choices I make, I don't want any poor games anymore. Thank goodness, they give a release date, so now I can plan a saving scheme in order to purchase the game I want on the release date.


I got the Term Paper Blues

Term paper funny

Yes, it is that time again. The semester is winding down and every teacher thinks they are the only folks you take courses with, so they pile on the work. I have two term papers due, both 10 pages each, one onoe is single spaced, yep, single spaced 10 page research paper. I also have coding projects to write for programming. Will the bleeding ever end!?! :lol:

Wish me luck , because finals are coming too, and oh what a joy those are too.

GameStop has RE5 NOW!!!!

Sheva reloading

Sheva I need You!

I went into GameStop today just to check on the RE5 console skins. I found out they have them, and they were checking in the back for them. Right aabout that same time I ask the store clerk if they would be getting the game early and he replied "We have the game already, for two days now, but we can't sell them until Friday". WTF. SO those S.O.Bs are in the back probably playing the game and I have to suffer for another day and a half., not fair at all.

I told him I reserved the Collector's Edition, I'll give you cash for the game and its UPC symbol, you give me the game and Friday just scan it in, he wouldn't go for it. I think he was looking for some sort of economic stimilus from me - I saw it in his eyes, but I didn't have it in my pockets and I wasn't paying no more for the game than what is actually cost. In fact I am trading in two games to get a discount. But that's ok, they will be open 7AM Friday morning and I'll be in queue waiting anxiously for my copy of the game. Man, he could have sold me the game, I would have made all you gamers jealous. :lol: