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Live Free...


Die Hard With A Vengeance was the first R-rated movie I ever saw. I watched it one day when I was Home Sick(tm) from school. I've since moved away from that house, that TV, that life, but I still like that movie. Basically, I've been waiting for Die Hard 4.0 since 1995.

This movie is a great summer blockbuster. The Underworld-cursed Len Weisman did really well with this group of actors, and the stop-jerk dialogue from Underworld was nowhere to be found. McClane is back, a little older, but no less a cowboy. Justin Long is no Sam L Jackson, but he does a really good job in his role as a sidekick / new-to-heroics computer geek. And allow me my male moment, but there are some gorgeous girls in Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays McClane's daughter Lucy, and first-time bad guy Maggie Q. One of the FBI agents, Christina Chang, was smokin' as well.

Some of the technobabble will make the sysadmins out there moan and whine, but the action sets are a beautiful mix of CG and reality, not over the top as was expected. (Though, the silly editing voiceover mistakes I saw may be related to budget cuts?)

If you liked any of the Die Hard movies, or action movies in general, I encourage you to check this movie out. Live free, or Die Hard. You won't be disappointed.

You know what really grinds my gears...

Just a quick bone to pick:

If you consult the Gamespot Knowledgebase on the subject of the level and emblems associated with our profiles, they say that "mum's the word" and no information will be provided to people about how to raise their level.

I say this is disappointing, and even disheartening. Xbox 360 Achievements are wildly motivational for no real reason, and I think gamespot levels would be better suited to have some sort of small, vague tagline associated with how to raise a member's level.

Sure, some of the 360's Achievements are quite specific, but for Gamespot, they don't really have to be, do they? I don't think so.

That's my 01.

Well, there goes my free time...

Just out this morning, Shacknwes brings us information about the new Trio of games from Valve.

On October 9th, 2007, I may disappear. I might be seen at the right angle, with the right lighting, but in a flash you may feel you've been fooled.

After 18 THOUSAND YEARS (read: 10, I'm going to play Team Fortress 2.

Oh, and Portal.

And another Half-Life Episode? I didn't know that... (Yes, I did.)

Help me.

I need to finish all of my projects so I can play more Final Fantasy 12. I'm having a great time with it, but I feel I am going to ignore the license trees until I figure out how to properly use Mist abilities. It's been explained to me by friends twice already, and I still don't know what's going on. Maybe I'll buy a guide...