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Has any progress been made? I just noticed my 200 odd ratings had disappeared.

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@Vidpci: @Vidpci: I feel bad for laughing. Although it did momentarily distract me from the reason I came here. Comments, comments nowhere.

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@kmarko: I also encountered this issue and it hasn't been resolved. I'm using a tablet, btw, so this site is finicky as it is.

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Being quizzed on what you do or wear isn't the domain only of black people.

Does not compute.

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It didn't even cross my mind as I didn't see a need to remove them. Knowing why they have done so would be better than nothing.

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i'm at the start of sequence 9 and i have the blacksmith. hopefully the artisan missions don't unlock too late, as i don't the rewards to only be usuable for 4 minutes before the credits. i hate when that happens.

wow, i'm a badass!!!

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mine returned by itself.

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If you guys just use instead of GS servers for yo avys then there would be less complaining tbhanihimz
but we shouldn't need to weave around and be mildly inconvenienced. if my car breaks down, i can also walk to my destination, but i'd rather the situation be fixed.
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Seriously, how hard is it for a site of this scale to fix avatars...


Or maintain some decent servers... this has gone beyond ridiculous.

the youtube app on xbox 360 is also down and had been messing up for a couple weeks. that is also ridiculous, but off topic.
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My avatar is also missing, I miss my seahorses. [/extremely helpful comment]Aquat1cF1sh
wow, that was really inspiring, mate. lol