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Every time I finish a level on Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins (haven't beat the game though I have 24 rings)
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I'm alternating between Daxter, Ultimate Ghosts N Goblins and Madden 07
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I love the namco battle museum. It has original versions and some remakes
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Media Coder
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thanks, I just checked out the "tales" series , looks promising. Except are those japanese language only?


Tales of Eternia is an import, you can find it in english

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It's very easy to put music, just format the MS so that it has all the folders, and copy the MP3 to any MUSIC folder.
If you want to add movies, there's a lot of MP4 converters out there (I use MediaCoder). If you want to try the Sony format Atrac3Plus for music (Which I use) then try Sonic Stage. That format saves a lot of space and the quality is good. I have like 1500 songs and they only are like 2.6GB Lot of space left for movies.
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This is what I've been using for over two years now:

My Psp case

Psp airfoam case

Its called an airfoam case. Got it by accident when the store I ordered from sent it to me by mistake (I ordered a case for my UMD's and got this instead). It has a rubbery outer shell and a padded interior and zips open/closed. It also has a separate zippered compartment at the top inside for games and accessories. It provides excellent protection for the Psp (like I said, I've used it for over two years). I'm glad I decided to keep it and not return it.


I'm using the same, or at least something that looks very alike. Mine's from gamers.

Besides I use a screen protector and a wrist band.

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Knights of the Old Republic. Civilization. Starcraft.
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Check your UMDs as well... I have one cracked (I've bought a case but haven't replaced it) that sometimes the PSP doesn't read. What I do in that case is level the transparent plastic and problem solved, at least momentarily.
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I think almost every game that becomes portable will be a smaller version of the original. There are some games I'd like to play like Civilization, but because of lack of time to play the PC. It's something you should be aware of... Handhelds are less powerful than any current console-PC.

I'd love to play WOW, but it's very unlikely. Why? Because of the PSP limitations.