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Harry Potter, Watchmen, my birthday, etc.

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So yesterday I saw Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince with some friends, and today I saw Watchmen. To keep it short, sweet and spoiler-free, Harry Potter was pretty good despite what many say, and features quite a few comedic scenes. Watchmen on the other hand, isn't that good, but that's just my opinion. Maybe it's because I haven't read the comics, but it didn't suck me in whatsoever. I mean, I never read the Harry Potter series until after watching the first two movies, and that was because the films made me want to read the novels and explore the realm that Rowling created. Watchmen just didn't cut it for me, and I have no intention to contaminate my brain with knowledge of that universe (sorry Watchmen fans).

Not to mention that there must have been at least five scenes portraying sex in some way, whether it be rape, a three-way, etc. Now, I know that sex scenes can sometimes be vital in developing character(s), but still, I thought there were a tad too many.

In other news, my birthday is approaching, tomorrow actually :P , so the mood is in the happy position. As a present, I will be getting either the Blackberry Tour, or the Blackberry Storm 2 (which currently has no release date set). Thus if my present turns out to be the latter, then my dad told me not to be shocked if I don't get anything tomorrow. Seeing as how the Storm 2 will be good, I don't care too much if I get nothing on my birthday, as good things come to those who wait :)

So that's it from me for today, maybe I'll get on tomorrow and share what happened tomorrow on the momentous occasion. Thanks for reading!

Pokemon GS Remakes HeartGold & SoulSilver Announced!

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So to keep it brief, I'm pretty pumped for these games. GSC were/are my favourite games of the Pokemon series, and a remake made my dreams come true :P

I'm going to look into what one I like more once more details emerge, but either one will satisfy me :D

Easter, my life, and a mystery solved? :o

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Hey Gamespotters, how's it going? Hope that everyone's Easter went well, and for those who don't celebrate it like yours truly, hope you had a good day :)

So as for my life, it's gone downhill in a way. I received my report card last Thursday, and I didn't do as well as I expected, but I talked with my teachers, and I know what happened, so it's not too big of a deal, as I can make it up by June.

My laptop, which is the main computer I use (I use my desktop for gaming mostly) started to give me Blue Screens of Death Sunday afternoon, and that really got me upset. It's a relatively new Dell Inspiron 1525, which my dad purchased for me in September, and around 3pm Sunday, it started BSODing. Anyways, I was up until 2am that night trying to fix it, I figured out from the STOP codes on the BSOD that it was a problem with my memory stick(s), as I have one 2GB stick + one 1GB stick (total of 3GB of RAM). I then isolated it to the memory slot, and then switched the sticks, and found it was acutally the 2GB stick that went bad. I am currently writing from my laptop, and I'm down to running Vista on 1GB, which means I'm keeping Aero Glass off. My dad's going to be calling Dell tomorrow to see what is going to be done about this, hopefully all goes well :oops:

Well then, on a more positive/humourous note, I was reading an article yesterday on how some guy figured out how the old Nintendo Zapper works (you know, that gun you use in Duck Hunt). It's pretty good, and very innovative on Nintendo's part, so I think it would be good to read. Here it is for anyone who hasn't seen it yet:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A Great Mystery Solved

April 13, 2009 by Dave

If you're anything like me, you've spent many a sleepless night pondering the countless mysteries of the universe. Is there intelligent life on other planets? What actually happened to the dinosaurs? Was Kennedy really killed by a lone assassin or was it all part of a vast conspiracy that reached the highest levels of government? Just how in the hell did that Nintendo Zapper work? Well, ladies and gentleman, I'm pleased to say that, thanks to literally minutes of painstaking research on the internet, I now have the answer to one of these questions, and no, it's not the alien one. It's not the Kennedy one either, sadly. That's right, I now know the deadly secrets of the Nintendo Zapper.

Pew pew, take that ducks!

Before we get into how the Nintendo Zapper works, let's discuss just why the device was so confusing to begin with. Most light guns work a lot differently than the Zapper. Just by looking at them, the average bear should be able to figure out how they function. Most traditional light guns have some sort of sensor module that sits on top of or below the television, which tracks exactly where the gun is pointing when the infrared signal is sent upon trigger pull. It then determines whether the target was hit by triangulating the position of the beam. Frequently, one would be required to calibrate these devices by shooting the corners of the television so that the sensor module could detect the general size of the screen.

The Nintendo Zapper had none of these things and, thus, was a complete mystery. So just how did the damn thing work? By reversing the normal process, of course. In this case, the gun was the sensor. Confused? I'll explain.

If you remember, when you shot at one of the ducks in Duck Hunt, the screen would flash for a split second, and the duck would either plummet to Earth like a fallen angel, or continue flying around, oblivious to your vain attempts to destroy it. I always just assumed that the flash was for dramatic effect, but it turns out that it was the key to the Nintendo Zapper's closely guarded secrets.

Don't shoot, I is not communist. See? No red!

Instead of emitting an infrared blast every time the trigger is pulled, the Zapper housed a small sensor that could pick up the flashing screen. If you watched closely you would see that, every time the screen flashed, the duck(s) would be surrounded by a box that was a different color than the background. If the Zapper was pointed at one of the ducks when the trigger was pulled, it would register that the color was different, and thus score a hit. All of this would take place so quickly that, unless you knew what to look for, you would never notice.

Pretty cool, huh?

So what will I do with this esoteric knowledge that was so cutting edge back in 1984 when Duck Hunt was released? If I was a smarter man, I would no doubt apply this secret to some sort of overly complex and ultimately unsuccessful doomsday device, but, alas, I'm not qualified for such endeavors. Since that's out of the question, I suppose I'll just wait until I get drunk and try to explain the whole operation to uninterested waitresses.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Anyways, that's all from me for today. I shall be getting back to my Champions League game, Liverpool leads Chelsea 2-0 at halftime, they need one more to have any chance of advancing from the aggregate.

Thanks for reading, peace out :D

- Ish

MapleStory Private Servers, and MS suggestions towards Nexon

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Hey guys, how's it going? This is my first 'real' blog post in a while (I'm not promoting one of my videos like in my previous two :P ). Anyways, this is regarding MapleStory private servers, and how many have been shutting down in the past couple of weeks. I started playing PS (private servers) a few weeks ago, when I saw a video on Xfire of a party of people fighting the Horned Tail, with hacks on.

I got curious as to how they were doing so much damage, and found that they were on a PS, where all rates (EXP/drop/meso) where increased by a very significant amount (many were using x500/x200/x200, respectively).

I told my friends about this, intrigued them, and we started playing on the most popular one, FinalStory. A few days later, we were informed that Nexon was shutting it down, so we moved to another one, DesuMS, which then suffered the same fate. I then heard rumors about how one of the not-so-popular servers teamed up with Nexon to help shut down the top 20+ PS so they could move up in the rankings (can't confirm if this is true or not). Anyways, my friends and I have now gone back to normal/legit/slow leveling/Nexon/whatever MS, and it is very slow.

So this brings me to my suggestions towards Nexon. Everyone who has played MS knows that the leveling process is ridiculously slow, almost not-worth-playing slow. I know Nexon has their x2 EXP cash cards, but even with that, it is still too slow. One thing I would say is to increase EXP rates to at least x5 what they are now, as that may help a bit. Then on weekends, for one hour chosen at random (between 10am - 10pm, a message appears on the screen that double EXP hour is now ongoing) the EXP rate is doubled (so it is x10 the current rate).

The main reason I switched to PS was to fight bosses, as my main is only level 51 on MS (and I've been playing for about 6 months), however on PS, I had characters get to level 160 in a day, and I could boss with friends and enjoy looking at my amazing attacks. MapleStory is a very good game, but it needs to fix many aspects, as there are a large number of people who also quit MS just because it gets too slow and boring :(

English Project - Shakespeare's Othello Trailer

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So a group of friends and I got together for an English assignment in which we made a trailer for Shakespeare's play Othello. We were judged not on our acting (which you'll obviously see), but by our effort, and staying true to the script. Have a look, and post any comments here. For those wondering, I play Othello (I'm Indian, and wearing sunglasses for some scenes). Also, JebranRush is featured in the trailer playing Brabantio and Desdemona. N-joy! :D

Please Watch and Rate this Video than I made!!

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OK, so for an English project on the novel Dracula, a few of my friends and I decided to do a short film adaptation of a scene from the novel, which turned out to be a comedic representation. I've uploaded it on YouTube, and decided to share it with the members of GameSpot to see what they thought of it. The first link is the video, and the second is a link to our bloopers.
The descriptions to the videos contains pretty much all you need to know about them, so read them and also be sure to watch the videos to the end as that's where some of the comedy is as well.  Please watch and rate them!

Dracula: The Comedy
Dracula: The Comedy - Bloopers

Bought a new iPod Nano!

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I bought a new 8GB black iPod Nano recently.  It's really good, I like the games, as well as the video playback support.  I also bought a case for it, called the Gear4 IceBox.  It looks really nice, as it as clear, hard plastic, however, there is one big hitch: I don't know how to open it!  There are some dust particles inside the case, and there is NO way to open it without breaking it from what I see.  My friend also has the same case, and he has the same problem.  If anybody knows how to fix it, please let me know ASAP!  Anyways, until then, later days! :D

NBA 2K9 Impressions (or lack of them)

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Well, I purchased NBA 2K9 for the 360 last Tuesday when it came out and played offline for a few days. Being a "convert", as I played EA's Live series for the past six years, I was amazed at the improvements and saw that I received my money's worth. However, this weekend I took it online and I saw that I was sadly mistaken.

When I went online, the first thing I noticed was the lack of (functioning) lobbies. They would appear occasionally, but most times I would just get an error telling me the lobbies were unavailable. So I said, fine, at least there's still a quick join feature, but once again, my hopes were about to be crushed. 90% of the time, the game cannot be connected to for whatever reason.

This is really a very terrible job on the part of 2K Sports. The online is terrible, and I have yet to figure out how to play my friends from around Canada and America. I have read that 2K is working around the clock to fix this, and I sincerely hope that this is true, as 99% of my gaming is done online.

Got my license, time to drive on my own!

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So yeah, I got my license on Monday after passing the road test with a score of 100%! We got the insurance settled yesterday, and I started driving on my own today. My friend and I went to the gym to play some basketball, and now I'm about to go to work. Driving is pretty sweet :D
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