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which one to get...

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ok so ive been in depression for nearly a month, and to try keep me occupied during the times, ive started to play pokemon again. i just wanted to ask a question, which version should i get - Diamond, Pearl or Platinum? thx people. ciao

Apologies for my 'absence'...

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I haven't been on Gamespot for the past week or so, due to being capped. I promise everyone that as soon as I get un-capped again, I'll be back posting comments to your blogs and reading your written reviews. I get my internet usage back on Saturday and this time I'll be sure not to waste it all in a month because the consequences completely SUCK. So once again, I'm sorry, and I hope to get back in touch with most of you on Saturday.

What an awesome day it's been.,,

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I ranked upto level 22, bought Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit, and when tomorrow comes, school finishes for two weeks. Two weeks, in my opinion, just isn't enough out of the ten weeks we're at school. Anyway, school aside, Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit is fantastic. I strongly disagree with the rating it received. It's got everything you'd need in a DBZ game: transformations, ki blasts, kamehamehas, and a lot of fast paced action. Well I'll keep you guys updated when something else interesting comes up :)

Just got Battlefield Bad Company...

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And can I tell you it's awesome. I haven't quite finished the storyline, main reason is I've been playing multiplayer. It's sooo addictive and it'll keep you coming back for more. If you're considering getting this game, don't no more, get it.

Just completed MGS4 story...

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And can I say it was a thrilling ride. Everything was spectacular. The storytelling, the real-time cutscenes, the stealth and the action. This game well earned it's 10/10. Oh I also forgot... It took me 19 hours, 14 minutes to finish. Yeah, a bit slow, but I wanted to make sure I understood everything from the cutscenes, even the one's that didn't take long :P

It's a wonderful day...

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Mainly because I got my PS3 back :D When I got home, I just ripped open the box, plugged it back in, and before I could put a game in, I had to update :( Oh well, I just have to wait a little bit longer, but hopefully it's working properly and won't have any problems any more.

EDIT: Just played Haze, console seems fine, game is excellent and I'm glad to be a PS3 gamer again :)

Just got Haze but I feel something's missing...

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And that is... a system to play it on. Here I have GTA IV and Haze waiting to be played and I still have no PS3 back. There might be a chance it'll come next week, but the chances are small. I never knew life would be so boring without a console. All I've been doing is going on Gamespot and playing the Call of Duty 4 Demo on PC (I know... boooring playing the same level 20 times), but I suppose it just takes the time away.

Why PS3, Why?!

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I called up the Sony Repair Center and they told me the PS3 could arrive as late as next month. I sent it away on the 29th of April, and they received it on the 5th of May (like... wtf?). HAZE comes out this week, and I was really looking forward to playing it. Looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer then :(
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