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Do games cause people to do things? Can it be stoped?

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Yes and no. The whole reason people follow in game foot steps are because 1) Most people do something in a game because they think it's cool. 2)The other reason is because they are mentally unstable. First I want to discus the problem. You know Grand Theft Auto? Well believe it or not people actually commit Grand Theft Auto because they play the game and want to be like the charters. When they get to trail they say that they played GTA one day and thought it was really cool so they wanted to try stealing cars in real life. Giving the game industry a bad rap sheet. Because of this game developers put in tiny print a little disclaimer. The problems with that are that people don't care about it. To make a cushion for the game industry they should have disclaimers about the game and trying anything in the game it's not the developers fault. The other problem is that people who used to be mentally un-stable play these games and become un-stable again. My recommendation is to have a server which has every person who has a mental problem and restrict them from certain games and recommend a game which is like it but will keep them mentally sound.

Games in 3D on the PC need to change

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Have you ever been playing a 3D games on your Pc. It takes up alot of your harddrive. And when you play it theres alot of lag. Then when you really start playing you run into all these glitchs and bugs. Game develpers need to advance 3D game for Pc's and bring them to a new level with little to no bugs or glitchs. Or else one day some one is going to be playing a 3D PC game and their's going to be so much lag the're going to stop bying Pc games with3D Graphics. And another problem is that alot of games are going 3D. Soon people are going to get so sick of 3D graphics on PC games that their's going to be a boycot. so untill they game develpers change this I'm not going to buy any Pc games in 3D untill they make these changes.

Starcraft 2

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Have you noticed that every day a new rumor about starcraft 2 is coming out? I have! I'm getting sick with it. People admit it. Your all fooling yourself! It's been about 7-8 years since they made startcraft:brood war. If they were making it then they would have made it by now. I bet you "Starcraft 2" will come out. But it won't be made by Blizzard. It will be made by a Starcraft lover. People Why do you find it so hard to except that Starcraft 2 won't come out let alone even read anything about it coming out?

Fanily! I can blog about some thing good!

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I just became the leader at The RPG, GTA and Kingdom Hearts union!!!



Tricked you theres bad news. Well I was at the yankee red socks gamesunday. The yanks lost:cry: So I exit the stauium and theres a drunk bosten fan. He has a beer bottle sees all my yankee items and he hits me in the heaf with a bottle and puts it in my hood. Lucky for him a cop saw it. If he didn't I bet that guy would be injured badly by me. So the cop comes up to him and arestes him for asult and ileagly transporting litter.

*groan* v2

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Well I was playing soccer on saturday with one of my freinds and some of the other people at his apartment. This guy from out of town scores a goal and I say there was no goal. He gets really mad and punchs me in the mouth. I tase blood and a fake fall back. He comes tward me and I wrap my legs around his and roll over and he trips. I would have gone harder on him but since he's out of town I didn't want him to get too scared. I get up spit up some blood and punch him. He runs away. So i went to a hose and began to drink it and then spit it out. A little bit after I'm done he comes back... with a gun. Go listen to this song before you read any more. It will kind of explaine what's going on




-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Done with the song? Continue!

So I get really freaked out. It looked like a pistil. His arm is shaking. And thanks to standoff on fox I negotiated with him and when he's not expecting it I take take to gun out of my hands. I unload it and it turns out it's a Airsoft BB gun! So I reload it and fire at him 'till it's out of BB's. By then he ran away. I put down the gun and bike home before he could try to attack me again.


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Well i was eating and m freind was fooling around. Got in big truble. Comes back and sits next to me and starts banging his head on the table. Hard! You would think the table was going to break. So i try to restrain his head so he won't hurt himself. Out of no where he jams his elbow in to me stomach. Lucky for me i didn't barf. It just hurts and it still hurts. I woun't be suprised if it doesn't stop hurting for the next week. And sometimes I fell like runing into my bathroom and vomiting. I even have the tast of vomit in my mouth. Also on a lighter note I got socom:fireteam bravo 2. It rules.


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Fanily! Just to think when I thught I was goign to leave gamespot. Because of all the glitchs they added images. Look at my sims 2 pet alubum. I'm going to updat it with funny photos. also I'm mad. I had a dream I had 40 emblems. Then I came back to reality.

I'm a metal slime!

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Yes people I'm a meatal slime! For all of you users you need to know this., This leavel is teribly glitchy. You can level up only 2% a day. So do the math and I'm stuck on this level for 50 days. :cry::evil: But when I get to level 25 I'm going to take over OT in gamespot because there's no flood rules aplying!:twisted: Bow down right now and you get a cookie! :P

Just got attacked!

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Well remember when I almost got mugged. The same people came back for revenge. I was coming out of school. Then the people who mugged me and there freinds jumped me. The next thing I know something hits me on the head. They start punching me then one yells "Put him on the bike rack!". So they picked me up and put my legs betwen my legs and pushed my gut agenst it! They let go and I tembel to the snow. They start kicking snow at me. The snow braught me back to my senses and I fought back with adreniline pumping through me veines. Instead of homework this time I used a bike rack. I got one of them and hit there head on the rack. Then others were in shock. I began to act like I was running away. They chased me. When the got to me I had found a big snowball. Chucked it hit 3 people down. The other got scared and ran. But they triped. I kicked them for good messure. When I in a safe place I lied down for a while. Now I'm here. In a house with a alarm. Well I hope they learned there lesson. That I'm can win over them anytime.
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