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E3,08 Good or bad year?

So this was a truley great E3 year in my opinion. I mean Animal Corssing for Wii, Wii Sports Resort... Both great games. Anyways I want your opinion. What are you most looking forward for later this year/ next year?

Wii Fit Progress June 8th 2008

Well I actually got up at 7:00am (I'm crazy like that) Well here is the results for the morning (including Body Test)

Body Test - Stillness test (is that what its called?) 36% stable (Wow Im off today)

Basic Balance Test -

Round 1- 3.42

Round 2 - 4.45

Round 3 -5.48

Round 4 - 6.69

Round 5 - 4.48

Hey! I actually got them all for once!

Wii Fit Age - 22

BMI - 36.80

(Oh I forgot My center of balance ^^)

COB- Left - 53.4 Right - 46.6

Training! ( trained so far for 15 minutes I plan for that to accumulate to 30)

Table Tilt- 93 points, 3 stars

Penguin Slide- 62 Points, 2 Stars

Rowing Squat - 30 reps, 100 pts, 4 stars (Perfect ^^)

Warrior Yoga Pose - L- 39 R- 42 3 stars

Well thats it so far, again thanks for reading!

Wii Fit Progress June 7th, 2008

Sorry about not posting on the 4th, 5th and 6th, but I was very busy At the time (^^) I'm just about to start some Wii Fit, so I will post the results soon!

EDIT: Ok! I just put in about 10 minutes of Wii fit in + Test, thought I forgot my notes so sadly I can on supply the test results, Sorry for this, tomorrow I will actually take notes -.- Ok! off we go.

Left/Right Balance: Left: 55.1 Right: 44.9 (Not too shabby eh?)

BMI: Current: 36.45 previous: 36.60 (Yes I am very fat for a 14 year old)

Wii Fit age: Current 26, Previous: 14

There Will be alot more tomorrow, I Will take notes. My Session overall should be much longer. So yeah hope your partly satisfied as I said, it will be much more detailed tomorrow. Also, this was the 10th day of my Wii fit, I started at 36.80 now im at 36.45, its a great way to burn off some fat (which I really need)

Wii Fit Progress!

So six days ago I got wii fit, everyone was eyeing me because that was the last one in the mall of two weeks (thank god for pre-order!) I brought it home set it up and all, then took the first bodys test, My wii fit age was 37, im 14. My whole family ( and some friends) got in on the Wii fit too. To this day, six days later my age is now 14 exact (dont know BMI ^^) Basically im starting a blog for me trakcing my Wii Fit progress I hope you all read each blof up coming, Thanks. The first of many.